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Wife Mistress, chastity belts and sexual denial

Chastity and sexual denial





We have been married for more than 12 years .. and initially we had normal sex. But before marriage, I had a tendency to be submissive and visit Mistresses to learn from and to submit. I was very much involved in this lifestyle before I got married and at that time I only could imagine to marry a Mistress and live out my submissive tendencies. When my now wife and I married we had no idea of what we would discover.


After several months of regular sex, I tried to introduce new ideas into our sex life. I have to admit that even before marriage, I liked the idea of being controlled by a Lady and fantasized about being a cuckold. This fantasy turned out to having me masturbate all the time ... and because of my frequent masturbating, my wife was getting less sexual satisfaction.


We got more involved in oral satisfaction. We introduced kinky role games with light bondage and soon, I was using dildo's and my tongue to satisfy her. I also purchased specific x-rated videos depicting ladies having more than one sex partner. It took a while to get my wife into the mood for a threesome but oftentimes we talked during sex about our fantasies. I knew my wife was attracted to a gentleman from the bank, so during our sex, I mentioned this gentleman having sex with her while I was watching it. She immediately climaxed hard.


After a while we discussed this and I encouraged her to see him and maybe have an affair. She was somewhat surprised, but I told her not to worry and that I would like to see this very much. I told her it would turn me on. Well, Bill, the gentleman from the bank, was invited over on a Friday night and the bulge in his pants showed my wife that he was as attracted to her as she was to him. He all had some drinks and after we all loosened up, I suggested that we watch some x-rated videos. The action on the videos got us all excited and before I knew it, my wife went over to Bill, undid his pants and began her sucking his dick in front of me. We got all naked and naturally I had a hard-on. My wife Mistress just smiled to me and continued her oral lubrication of the huge black shaft of this man. His dick was enormous. I cannot compare in size and once I reached my limit of orgasms from masturbating at watching them, I encouraged them to go upstairs and continue the sex in the bedroom  Throughout the night I heard them moaning and instead of joining them in the bedroom, I preferred to listen and masturbate some more.


It may sound strange but I loved this situation. In the morning, I awoke and when I entered the bedroom, Bill was gone. My wife Mistress Cindy was watching another x-rated video was using a dildo on her shaved pussy. I have to mention that shaving became one of our fetishes too and we both clean our body hair regularly. Without any hesitation, I started licking her pussy and sucking the dildo covered with her cum. I enjoyed the taste and was horny like hell again. My wife Mistress opened her legs to allow me intercourse but she was stretched too much by her lover's huge cock. My cock did not affect her much and soon I took it out again. This was the start of my cuckoldry.


Cindy mentioned to me that from now on, she would like to be fucking Bill and that I could watch them and masturbate. I smiled to her and mentioned that this was what I also wanted. She gave me a passionate kiss while stroking my shaved cock. Well, the next weekend Bill was back. My wife Mistress had the biggest smile on her face. Cindy mentioned to Bill how good I was at cleaning her orally and how good I was sucking the her dildo the other day. She smiled and made the suggestion that since I was good at sucking the dildo, why could I not suck a real cock for her? She ordered me to crawl over to Bill. With a little hesitation, I started to suck Bill's cock. My wife Mistress saw my erection and called me a cock-sucker. After I was done warming Bill up, he fucked my wife right in front of me. Bill fucked my wife often the rest of the weekend and Mistress had me clean her out several times. My wife was forever sold on this new life.


I love her very much and at that time I made the suggestion to her that I would like to get a chastity belt. I was reading websites on this topic and it turned me on to be locked up and to have her holding the only key. We talked about it and she agreed to try it out. But how would I do without orgasms? I had to try it. It took about 4 weeks until the chastity belt arrived, it was the chastity tube. It measured well and it fit almost perfectly. When I presented it to my wife Mistress and gave her the key, she took it with a nice smile and a big kiss. From then on, I have been denied sexual intercourse.


My time periods between masturbation increased from once a week to once a month. Naturally, I changed and I became more submissive to her. My wife has agreed to allowing me monthly orgasms but it must be done her way. I am cuffed spread eagle on the bed and she climbs on me offering me her pussy lips. She knows how to tease me with slow strokes, and once I feel ready to explode, she stops. She enjoys these hour long torture teases. I lick her to many orgasms while she is teasing me. Finally, she masturbates me into a glass, which she empties into my mouth. She likes this recycle idea and I am now used to drinking my own cum. My cock then returns to its container and I have to thank her for giving me sexual release.


We have slowly moved to a D/S relationship and we both love it. I have to address her as Mistress and she now calls me her slave or her cock-sucker. She came up with the idea of creating a contract for our relationship mentioning all of my obligations. At home I do not wear much clothing but a neck collar with the name "slave of Mistress Cindy" as well as the chastity belt on my shaved body.


I did read online that cuckolded husbands were transformed into a more feminine way and I mentioned this to my wife Mistress. She loved that idea and it did not take too long for me to be wearing body stockings and a french maid dress with high heels. If I am not an obedient husband, as a punishment I am not allowed an orgasm for 2 months. I know that I am enslaved and denied while she is having plenty of orgasms between her lover and my oral servitude. Actually, she has more than one lover as she likes to go out and find other men to bring home to fuck.


Over time we created our own little play space in a room behind the garage. There is a cage, cross, but also hooks in the ceiling and in the floor to tighten me and stretch me. We now have plenty of toys, hoods and bondage equipment. Sometimes my wife will restrain me and whip me before she leaves on a date. I am left alone in the dark, restrained. Then later on my wife Mistress returns with some handsome lover and has sex with him, while I am left to listen to her moans of ecstasy. The bedroom is now my wife Mistress' territory and I do not penetrate it much except when ordered to enter. The cage has become my nightly location. It is pleasantly warm and all the interesting toys keep my fantasies in suspicion. What will be next? I am glad to have taken this route.