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Virgin husband tease - Virgin husband story - Tease story




Melissa's Virgin Husband

By: lovz2bteased


I was eighteen when the relationship with Melissa began. She was the older sister of one of my high school friends, at that time she was twenty-four. Melissa was and is extremely beautiful. She is very tall for a woman at six-two. Her hair is long, wavy and blond. Her legs are long and muscular, with a firm and heart shaped ass at the top. A slim waist and large breast top this. Last but not least is the face of an angel. Put the whole package together and you have a Goddess.


You can't believe how flattered I was when she took notice of me. At the time I was only five foot four inches tall and weighed about one hundred and twenty pounds. I had gone over to my friend's house but he was not home. She answered the door and invited me in to wait. She was there to do her laundry and told me I could help while I waited. It was obvious to her by my shy manner that I was attracted to her, especially when she had me sort her panties, bras, and hosiery. I became hard while she had me wash them by hand in the sink. Melissa teased me about the hard-on and started talking to me about sex. She asked me if I were virgin, and I lied and told her no. I was so embarrassed by her standing over me, and the shorts I wore did little to conceal my erection. She could see through my deceit and after a minute or two had me confess my innocence. I don't know why but I was so embarrassed by this. It turned out to be just what she wanted to hear. She nonchalantly walked over to me and jerked down my shorts and underwear and grabbed my penis. I melted in her knowing hands. She manipulated me until I was weak in the knees with lust, but she refused to allow me to orgasm. I was like a deer in headlights; I just stood there red faced while she toyed with me.


She invited me to come over to her apartment that night to continue our play and discussion. I could not believe my good luck and readily accepted her invitation. When I arrived she stripped me naked and played with my penis until I was hard and wild with desire. She kept me naked while she remained fully clothed during drinks, which I served. I was terribly embarrassed and Melissa kept slapping my hand away as I tried to cover my erection. She guided the conversation towards sex and my lack of experience. Melissa told me straight out that she would not have intercourse with me, especially with my being virgin, but she would allow me to worship her body if I agreed to her terms. She said that I would be her little boyfriend, but I couldn't tell anyone about it. Of course I agreed to all her demands without giving it a second thought. Being allowed to kiss and worship the body of such a beautiful woman was a dream come true for a young boy like myself. I felt so privileged just to be in the same room with her.


The rules were quite simple. I was to strip naked whenever in her presence. I was allowed to become hard, but never to orgasm without her express permission. All my orgasms were to be supervised by her. If she suspected that I masturbated she told me she would refuse to see me again. I was never to see any other girls, but Melissa would be free to date other men as she pleased. My primary function would be to lovingly kiss and lick her pussy, anus, armpits, feet, and legs anytime and for as long as ordered. The only thing that puzzled me was that she told me that I must keep my school grades at an �A� average if I wanted to continue seeing her. I had never tasted a woman's pussy before, but I was dieing to taste hers. It seemed a little gross to have to kiss her armpits, and I wondered what it would be like to push my tongue into her anus. Any price was worth being with her, but there was more.


For the privilege of worshiping her I would also obey all orders given to me by her. She told me straight out that I would be expected to do all her housework, cooking whenever I was at her apartment at mealtime. I was to keep her car washed and waxed. My servitude started this way and she kept me wild with lust at all times. She only allowed me to orgasm on the average about once every two to three weeks. I know now that she got a special thrill by denying a young virgin boy and having him give her orgasm after orgasm via licking her asshole and cunt. She had sex with other men that she dated and often she locked me in her closet while another man fucked her. I would always be required to lick the sperm from her cunt after her dates ended. I was completely humiliated and debased by this, but the idea of refusing her never crossed my mind.


As time passed she dominated me more and more. I became completely addicted to her charms and would do anything she asked to be allowed push my tongue into her anus. There were times that I cried and begged her to let me have intercourse with her, or just to let me cum. She would laugh and tell me that there was no shortage of young virgin males more than willing to do her bidding. Deep down in my soul I knew she was right. She held all the cards in our relationship, and more than that she knew how to play them.


During the next year we continued to see each other and her dominance progressed at a steady rate. My nineteenth birthday passed but still no one knew we were lovers, or that we had any kind of relationship with each other. She had always told me I would have to attend and excel at college and when the time came she told me to enroll at the local university, so I could continue to serve her. She forced me to wear a chastity devise when I started college to ensure that I stay virgin and loyal to her. Melissa had toilet trained me by this time and took great pleasure in making me drink her piss. Not that she had to make me do it. As a matter of a fact, the first time I drank it I had begged her to piss in my mouth for several weeks.


I had become very accustomed to spankings and whippings. If I stayed on �best behavior� I was spanked every Thursday night. If I displeased Melissa in any way I would be whipped instead. The difference being the implement she used on my ass. Spanking was with a paddle or hairbrush; whippings were administered with a crop or cane. If you have never been spanked or whipped the difference is vast. The spanking, when given by a beautiful woman like Melissa can be very pleasurable to a submissive man. But a whipping is pure hell even to a masochist, which I am not.


Whenever she became truly unhappy with me she would make me stand naked before her with my legs spread. She would take hold of my shoulders and order me to close my eyes. Melissa would then berate me for my shortcoming, and then she would ram her knee into my nuts, blinding me with pain. I would collapse to the floor at her feet, curled in pain.


By this time she had also started taking me with a strap on dildo. She used a vary large black one. It was nine inches long and nearly as thick as my wrist. At first my anus was stretched so severely and there was so much pain that I hated it when she did this to me. But like everything else we did, I became accustomed to it and soon would beg to be fucked, especially when denied orgasms for several weeks in a row.


Melissa decided that I should go to law school to complete my studies. I attended school only thirty miles away and could still be of service to her. When I graduated law school and opened my law office Melissa asked me to marry her. I could not believe my good fortune. I never thought a woman so beautiful would consider marrying me. I was twenty-six and Melissa was thirty-four. When I got down on my knees and answered yes I thought I would finally loose my virginity. Melissa told me that there would be certain stipulations I would have to accept if we were to marry. First, she would still be free to date other men and have sex as she pleased with them. Second, all our combined assets and future assets would be placed in her name only, including my law practice. Third and most important, our sexual relationship would remain the same or even more severe on me. I would have to continue to wear my chastity devise plus I would have to remain a virgin, even after we were married. My wedding vows would be to love, honor, and obey. I was naked and on my knees crying when I accepted her proposal.


I turned thirty-six years old today. Melissa is now forty-two. She is the most beautiful woman in the world and it is the highlight of my life to be her slave/husband. I asked her if on our tenth anniversary could we consummate our marriage. She understands that I would love to know what it feels like to put my penis into a woman's pussy, but a large part of my appeal to her is the fact that I am her denied, slave, and virgin husband. She loves fucking other men knowing that she has a virgin at home waiting to lick out her well fucked cunt. The power dynamic for her is in large part why she cums so violently when my tongue is up her ass or in her vagina. She has explained to me that a part of her would love to fuck me, but once my penis has felt the inside of a woman's vagina I can never go back to being virgin again. It seems that it's not enough for her to have a husband who is her slave. One who uses his mouth on her anus and willingly drinks her urine. One who not only concedes to her regular affairs with numerous men, but also remains a virgin slut to her needs.


While she does love me, she also loves what she has made me into. She loves the fact that a virgin has sacrificed himself to her, and that I will die a virgin. She loves the fact that my submission to her is so great that I remain �un-soiled� while she is fucking as many different men as she pleases, many times while I watch or listen from the closet. She loves the fact that while my penis has never been used for sex, my mouth is used not only for her pleasure, but for her toilet as well.


Melissa loves the fact that I work ten to twelve hours a day to provide her with a comfortable lifestyle. She owns all the property solely plus my business and all bank accounts and stocks. She plays golf, tennis, and shops with her girlfriends during the day. Sometimes she will have a lover over to the house for a session of fucking while I am at work. She always gives me the details of her extramarital affairs and loves to see the jealousy and humiliation on my face as she describes her lover's cock, and how much she loves to have it in her cunt and mouth. These are pleasures I have never enjoyed, and never will. At night I clean house, cook, and cater to her personal needs. Melissa lives the life of a Goddess, and rightfully so.


Rather than consummate our marriage in the usual way Melissa is planning to take me to a tattoo parlor. She has set up an appointment for me to have her name branded into the flesh of my ass. It will read �Melissa's virgin husband�. She is having the branding iron cast and it will be available by the week of our anniversary. I will also have both nipples pierced. The head of my penis and the area in back of my ball sack will also be pierced for use with a leash. She will also use the piercing to lock the head of my penis to the ring behind my balls for permanent chastity.


Now that she has explained the appeal my virginity holds for her I have agreed to remain a virgin for her for the rest of my life. We both feel that there is too much of our life and our lifestyle at risk if I were to loose my virginity. It may seem like a large price to pay, but I wouldn't dare risk her loosing even an ounce of interest in me for all the fucking in the world.