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my GF and i just got back from a week's vacation. The night before we left, She locked me in a cb3k. We used one of the plastic locks to get thru airport security, but once thru we used a family restroom to swap over to the real padlock. One night, She unlocked me and let me remove the cage but i had to leave the ring on. This way i could get all cleaned up in the shower that night. The next morning, She used HER cock for several climaxes. Good sex, except i wasn't allowed to climax. After Her cock shrank, whick took awhile, i put the cage back on and She relocked it. We repeated the unlocking again that night and the sex again the next moring. Again, She had several climaxes and i had none and was relocked.


i've been locked up for over a week now. Her balls are aching all the time and i'm so horny! Her cock wakes me up several times every night with a hardon. Hopefully She'll unlock me tonight so i don't have to wear it to work tomorrow ... we haven't ventured into that ... yet.





I have been locked in chastity (cb3k) without orgasm for 4 weeks. My wife tells me that since I am a sissy I should never have married her and, instead, I should be with men. She never has orgasms with me any more, so she hardly ever wants sex with me at all, and when she does, she wants me to cum very quickly to get it over with.


Today, I had plans to milk myself, which is pleasant but very sexually frustrating. Ever since I found the technique that works for me where I milk my prostate and it flows out in streams from my flaccid clitty cock, I have become obsessed with licking and eating it. I look forward to the taste and I agree completely with my wife that I should be denied orgasms for being unable to give her one.


Before my wife left for work this morning, she asked me if I had milked myself recently. I told her no, but that I had plans to milk myself today if that was all right. She said that since I had been a good servant the past few weeks, she would be interested in sex tonight when she got home and she knew that if I had just milked myself that I would probably last much longer than she wished. I knew from past times, that she would want very short penetration and was offering sex because she felt sorry for me, not so much because she really wanted me to fuck her. At least I thought that.


I hesitated briefly and she quickly picked up on my feelings. She said it looked to her that I would rather milk myself and lick my own cum, like the sissy she knew I really was, rather than being a man and fucking her. She wasn't mad, maybe she was even a bit relieved.


Of course, I did, in fact, milk myself for over 30 minutes onto a plate and licked it all up today.





I have been totally trained by my mistress to be addicted to panties. Ever since she caught me sniffing her panties. She enlisted the help of her friend and they put me in a CB3000 threw out all my male underwear and keep me in panties 24/7. Her g/f would constantly make fun of my clit in my panties and would usually rub her hand on my clit to make me leak. Sometimes my mistress would get so mad at me for wetting my panties she would spank me in front of her g/f. To make matters worse they would purposely leave there used panties around so that I would see them. I am so addicted that even though I know my clit will get painfully hard in my cage I can't help but put that we gusset to my mouth and nose.


They have been working on me for about six months with no relief the mear site of a womans pantied crouch make me leak. Recently they were going out and the tied me to the bed and both placed there used wet panties over my nose and mouth and left me there while they went out. They told me that if they get lucky I they will replace there panties when they return wtih one's that have a real man's cum on them. Well at 2:00 am in the morning that's exactly what I got. They took off the first pair of panties and replaced them with the cum soaked one's. I was so horny I suched on them hard. Needless to say I leaked so much the fron of my pink satin panties were soaked.


They now tell me that when they feel I am completely trained and addicted they are going to invite some of there co workers over and put me on display in front of them. They said they are going have about four sexy females from work dressed in very short skirts and sheer black panties, then there are going to to tie my hands behind me put me in sheer stockings and sheer panties so they can see my pink CB3000 through them. The my mistress and g/f are going to spank me in front of all these females until my ass is bright red. Then they are going to pull my panties down and place a large butt plugg in me in pussy ass, and pull my panties back up. They then are going to ask each lady to remove there panties which I am sure will be wet from all the action and the are going to place on at time over my mouth and nose to show the ladys how addicted I have become by showing them how wet my panties.




I finaly found my Mistress after beeing too long alone ...


She will cuck me, fuck me with her strap, make me serve her girlfriends dressed as a maid, make me lick sniff suck her beatiful feet, make me fluff her lovers and clean them both up,piss in my mouth and of course spank me regularly for beeing such a tinny dicked sissy slut ..... everything I've ever dreamed of ....



... update 1:


I was twice with my new beloved Mistress now. Both times inside a car so we had to restrain ouselves. The first time She just wanted to test me so She just spanked my sissy ass with her flogger while grabbing my balls hard. She said She wanted me to carry her marks, which I did for a couple of days.

The second time was much more intense. I offered Her a crop as a symbol of my devotion and She really used it on me: on my tiny cock, balls, legs, ass .. She even made me stick my tongue out and hit me with the crop. The best was yet to come .. She then slap me hard a couple of times and spat on my mouth and face while calling me all sort of names: She told me I was a no good sissy slut and my only use would be to open the door to her bull lovers (wow .. I almost came at that time). Then She made me lick her boots and thank her. She also told me the next time She'd fuck my ass merciless with Her new strap and make me scream and moan like a true slut.


So the next time will be this weekend in my place ... I'm counting the seconds!





I had the best weekend last week. My wife has had me in chastity for almost two weeks with out release. Jeanne also has ben out of town for travel and because of my unautherized masturbation she made me pay with a whole lot of talk, teasing, and humiliation this past weekend. I was told that we would be driving 300 miles to visit friends, and I was told I would be in my CB-2000 all weekend.


Well I was in it all day saturday driving down and all day at our friends also through dinner with more friends and finally allowed to come out for a while sunday for the trip home.


 Jeanne and I talk alot on the road she was very onest with me telling me how she has grown to love me in ways more like a best friend then any other way. Jeanne also told me that because of my sissy side I do not turn her on sexually and my cock doesnt do it for her anymore. Also she thinks I am gay. I can accept all this and still love her as I worship everything about her and everythig she is. I do not think I am 100% gay I believe I am bi even if the only woman that I desire of het turned on by is My wife Jeanne.


I have accepted her needing to love a real man and want her to have emotional feelings for her BF's. I would not want to see her with a man she had no feelings with I need to see her be with a man and love him the way she used to love me. To me her sharing love and emotions with a man is much more erotic then just fucking. I love seing her love another man, drives me crazy both sexually and emotionally.


Jeanne has a boyfriend who we saw on monday. It was great Jeanne and Johnathan looked so good exploring each others mouth with their tongues. I love seeing her kiss a man, Jeanne also loves kissing. Jeanne and Johnathan have been talking for some time and it was their first of manny.


Jeanne started by making out and heavy petting, then off came the clothes and she stradled him on the couch.


 I was sitting across the room with purple panties, matching purple cami and my CB-2000. I could see his cock sliding through her wet outter lips and I thought I would cum. she and Johnathan did this for some time. Jeanne then sucked him off with quick percision , taking every drop of his white thick load and swallowed every drop before kissing him again deeply, I wanted that first load from her hot mouth but was denied.


Jeanne then fucked him to another big cum and she herself enjoyed the ride. I was then allowed to clean his seed from Jeannes pussy which I did eagerly. Oh it tasted so good I love her pussy full of cum. It was beautiful to see my hot wife riding his cock. They laid and kissed while caressing while relaxing. Johnathan then ate jeanne till she orgasmed.


After an hour of loving Jeanne again rode Johnathans cock to a few orgasms for herself and a huge load from Johnathan.As Jeanne rose off him the hot thick white cum started to run from her freshly fucked pussy and I believed I was in for a real nice treat when Jeanne walked right by and said I have been spoiled enough and went into the bathroom to clean up.


 I was denied eating 2 loads from her Lover. The rest of the day Jeanne got her nails done and we both had our eye brows waxed and she bought me a new lingerie for being so good.


Later that night Jeanne unlocked my sissy cock and I recieved a smokey blow job and then I was told to masturbate onto her fucked pussy. She did let me penetrate her some but was denied cumming inside her. I shot my load all over her pussy and cleaned every drop. I loved the taste of another mans cock and cum all over her pussy mixed with my cum. I will never forget the taste. I will always be a willing sissy cuckold for Jeanne and her lovers. I will always do as I am told and will always love her more with each passing hour of our lives. I have a wonderful relationship and couldn't be more happy. Thank you Jeanne and Johnathan for allowing me the pleasure to serve such a loving couple.