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Masturbation control - Chastity belt story - Masturbation control story


Finding the Groove




The relationship between Alexis and me had been unsatisfying and tentative for quite awhile and we were just about at the end. She is stunning in a petite, bitch-goddess sort of way. Sleek perfect legs, full round breasts and a delicious ass. My attraction to her was never in question, but we had so much difficulty communicating and connecting we had just about given up in frustration.


Then she saw the Curve chastity device while browsing through a catalogue and she ordered me to get it. We shared a passion for the dark side of sex so I gladly complied. One evening at dinner after it arrived, her voice took on a confident, commanding tone.


"I've been thinking lately, and I think I have discovered our problem," she announced. "You're upset with me because I don't want sex in the way you have experienced it. There's a good reason for this. I have been used by too many men for sex and I'm tired of being used. I'm ready to be the user." She continued: "Besides, I really prefer the company of women over men for intimacy."


"So why are you with me?" I asked.


"Because I enjoy the security of a relationship with a man. I love being spoiled and living a comfortable life. I especially love being treated like a goddess by a man. But I do not want to feel pressure to be affectionate, make love, have babies. That part of being a woman is of no interest to me."


"So where are you going with this?" I asked.


"You have the potential to make me happy, but too often you ruin it by trying to take control. Then you remind me of the assholes I've been with and I pull away. So I asked you to obtain the chastity device because I have decided to take control of you for good. Most women manipulate their men by being loud or bossy or emotional. I will manipulate you by controlling the only means you will have of achieving sexual satisfaction. When we get home I am going to lock you into chastity and keep you locked there for the duration of our relationship. You will be released for sexual pleasure only as I see fit."


"But I think we need to have more sex, not less," I protested.


"That's what you think, but you're wrong. Look at it this way. If you could survive on just one gourmet meal every week or two, would you rather have that or junk food every day?"


"The gourmet meal," I answered.


"Of course you would. The same goes for sex. Just think of this as starving you a bit to prepare you for gourmet sex."


"But how do I know you will not just lose interest in sex with me completely?" I asked.


"Why would I do that? Number one, I like the lifestyle we have and there's nothing keeping you in this relationship beyond my ability to keep you sexually spellbound. Number two, I love the kind of sex with a man that makes me feel like I have the power. I just want to be able to decide when to have it."


It was starting to make sense to me.


"Trust me," she said. "We will both be happier this way. You will be happier because you will have mind-blowing sex without having to guess if I want it. I will be happier because I can do to you what I want how I want and when I want without you pestering me all of the time. Now pay the check and let's go."


When we arrived home, Alexis ordered me to shave my genitals clean and then lie down naked on the floor. I did so, and she stood over me, giving me an incredible view of her legs in her stilletto heels and very short skirt.


"This is the last chance you will ever have to masturbate," she said, "So make it good." I brought myself to a shuddering orgasm as I gazed at the muscle tone in her thighs. "All right, go shower and when you're done, put on the Curve, but don't lock it."




I showered and put on the device. It was not exactly uncomfortable but it felt a bit bulky, and I hesitated a moment when I realized that I would likely be wearing it for a very long time. I walked into the other room and knelt before Alexis. She reached down to finger the lock and asked, "Are you willing to surrender your entire sexuality to me now?"


"I am," I replied.


"Good boy," she said, as the lock snapped shut and she removed the keys. "Welcome to our new sex life. You now exist for my pleasure. Sometimes I will allow your talented tongue to pleasure me orally, other times I will have pleasure just knowing that you are in an extreme state of frustration and completely dependent on me for release." She continued: "I will decide whether and when to give you a release, and I will decide what form of release to give you. I know how to rock your world and make you come like you've never come before, but you must earn it. You must never take it for granted."


"I understand," I said.


"Do you? We'll see. Now let's start with your giving me a slow, sensual massage, and then put that tongue of yours to work."


I could feel myself getting aroused within the confines of the Curve. It would probably be awhile before I would get relief.

After about a week of being locked into the Curve, I was adjusting well but getting extremely horny. I made the mistake of suggesting to Alexis that a release after one week might be appropriate. She did not react well.


"You just don't seem to understand, Little Boy. I decide when to give you a release and I do not need your advice on the matter." She made me wait 24 days (I counted them) before the first release. She knew she was driving me crazy and seemed to relish it. She loved to dress in short skirts with schoolgirl socks or knee-high leather boots when we went out, making me crave her that much more. Several times she directed me to service her orally, but when we were finished she would just roll over and fall asleep, leaving me lying awake and frustrated in the dark.


One night I returned from work to find a note instructing me to shower, put on my leather hood, and wait on my knees. I did so, excited at the prospect of finally getting a release. About a half hour later she arrived but she was not alone. She apparently had one of her friends with her, whom I could not see. She laced the hood tight and buckled the straps to cut off all light and sound. She and her friend were talking in the background, but I could hear her only if she was close to me and speaking directly at me.


She told me to get up and lie down on the bed. She fastened bondage cuffs on my wrists and ankles and tied me spread-eagled to the bed. I could hear her tell her friend: "It's important that he never be allowed to touch himself. That's why his hands must always be restrained before he is released from the device."


I then felt two pairs of hands with long nails running up and down my sides, my arms, my legs. I could hear Alexis tell her friend, "You must get one of these for your guy. They are SO much better behaved when you have them locked up like this." I was becoming so excited that my cock had reached the limits of the confines of the Curve and it was beginning to hurt like hell. After more teasing of this sort, Alexis unlocked the lock and slowly removed the device. For the first time in nearly a month I was free, but still totally under her control. She (or her friend) continued teasing me, bringing me to the brink and then stopping several times until I finally reached a climax, screaming under the thick leather hood along the way. I had previously thought hand jobs to be mostly boring, but this experience gave me a new appreciation of them.


After leaving me alone for a few minutes, Alexis returned with something creamy and rubbed it all over my cock and balls. It turned out to be shaving cream. "You need a shave," she said, as she ran the razor over every inch of my private parts until they were smooth and clean. She then rubbed my cock with a slippery, soap-like substance, and re-attached the Curve and locked it. "Time for us to go have some girl fun," she said, and she and her friend disappeared as I lay there still bound.


Over the next weeks, the routine varied. Sometimes she would provide a release after less than a week had passed, but more often she made me wait a week or two. She liked to push my limits of endurance occasionally, too. Four weeks, then five, then more than six without a release. She loved getting me as frustrated as possible in the meantime. She dressed up hot almost every night, whether we were together or she was with her girlfriends. She directed me to review hundreds of sexy model sites online to collect ideas for her own website. She took me to strip clubs. She even allowed me to watch as she and her girlfriends made out in bed, in the pool, with her strap-on, etc.


Alexis seemed much more content, too, focusing her intimacy on women. Some nights, she left me at home locked in the device and wondering what she was doing with the new sexy woman in her life. Other nights she left me restained in the guest bedroom while she and her girlfriend played at home. She later had me measured for a custom leather bodybag and she would seal me securely in the bag to spend the night immobilized in dark silence while she and her sexy friends did the town -- and each other.


So too, did the releases vary. When she felt I had done well by being especially attentive or buying her a gift she liked, she would give me an incredible blow job. Other times, when she was feeling sadistic, she would wire up my cock and balls with electrodes and administer electric shocks until I came. Other times she would use her strap-on. When she felt I needed a release but had not been particularly worthy, she administered a hand job that seemed more an act of maintenance than of pleasure. Every time, however, my hands were restrained so that I was never, ever allowed to touch my cock.


All in all, we seemed much happier as a couple after all of the ambiguity and miscommunications about sex had been removed from our relationship. She was correct that I would crave the releases as a starving man would crave food, rather than take sex for granted as I had in the past. I was more productive at work, her fetish modeling career flourished, and we enjoyed both vanilla pastimes and kinkier forms of fun. After about a year, I could not imagine ever going back to the old form of sexual interaction with a woman. Alexis had me locked not only into a chastity device, but into a lifestyle that I could likely never escape.