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Wife Swap - Cuckold chastity story - Wife swap story




The Wife Swap Club

By WimpHub





Chapter 1


We were at the huge house of my wife Jill's rich friend Sally. Jill had

persuaded me to go along to one of Sally's wife swapping parties, which she

held once a week.


Jill and I were both 30, having been married for 5 years. She is a gorgeous

redhead, 5' 6" very pretty, with a great figure. I only agreed to go to the

party because I thought a little variety might do us good.


When we arrived, I noticed five other couples there, including Sally and her

husband. I knew some of the faces vaguely, and I could not help noticing that

all the men looked bigger than my 5' 2". There was also a huge black man who

did not seem to have any one with him.


Sally stood up and announced the arrangements for the evening. She said that to

add spice to the swap, she had invited an extra man along. The idea was that

each of the girls would draw a number from one to six from a hat, which would

decide in which order they chose their man. If the extra man left over was one

of the husbands, they would have to wear a chastity belt for one week while the

man chosen by his wife would have exclusive access to her for that week.


I was arrogant enough to think I could hold my own with the other men, so it

was agreed by all. The girls drew their numbers, and Jill got number one giving

her first choice. She immediately picked the black guy, who turned out to be

called Lance.


The second girl, Jane was about to pick when my wife said in a loud voice:


"I should warn you that my husband has a very tiny cock!"


This caused great laughter to all the others, and great embarrassment to me. It

also meant that my chances of being chosen were nil., and so it turned out. I

was made to go over to Sally, who told me to drop my trousers and underwear, so

she could fit the belt I did as I was told.


"Oh dear" laughed Sally when she saw my cock, "how could you hope to satisfy

anyone with that? I have seen thicker pencils!" More derisive laughter from the



Sally then explained that each couple would take one of her 6 bedrooms for

their pleasure. She turned to me and said I would have to go home and wait for

Jill to return.


I went home feeling very unhappy that I would have no sex for a week while

Lance could have her when he wanted.





Chapter 2


Jill did not arrive home until about seven next morning. I could see from the

look of her that she had probably spent most of the night being fucked by her

black stud.


"Boy, can he fuck" she said happily "and he has a baseball bat down his

trousers!" I was beginning not to like this arrangement.


"I feel a bit sorry for you being locked up John" she went on, "but I am

delighted to have Lance all week." Taking off her clothes, she took great

delight in opening up her cunt and showing me the large wad of cum Lance had

given her about ten minutes ago.


When I got home from work that night, Jill was already dressed up to go out.


"You are not seeing him again tonight are you?" I protested.


"Oh yes I am" she snapped. "I have him for a week, and I will be taking that

monster cock every night. You had better get used to it".


She came home at about eleven that night, and got into bed naked with me.

Taking my hand, she put it to her pussy to show me that he had given her

another large dose of cum.


"Can you feel that John?" she purred. "You know it really turns me on knowing

that you can't cum, while Lance is pumping three loads of cum up me every

night. No man has ever made me so happy in bed." This made the frustration I

was feeling even worse.


Next night I got home, and Lance was sitting in the lounge with Jill. There was

also a young black girl in the room. Jill explained:


"John, this is Sarah, Lance's sister. We didn't think it fair for you to be

without a woman, so you can have fun with Sarah tonight." I protested that I

was locked up, and Jill said it was OK I could use my tongue. She then informed

me that Lance would be fucking her in our bed, while Sarah and I played in the





19 year old Sarah was beautiful, and she knew it She took off her clothes and

flaunted her body at me, knowing it was causing me acute frustration. Though

she was a lot younger, she insisted on calling me boy to humiliate me. She had

me on my knees, giving her feet a tongue bath, followed by licking and sucking

her tits. Then I had to lick her young arse for about half an hour, and as a

finale, sucking on her pussy for a full two hours.


As if this were not frustrating enough, I had to listen to the cries of my wife

upstairs, telling Lance that she loved him, and that he could fuck her

whenever he wanted.


When the brother and sister had left, I protested to Jill that this was not

working out as I had expected.


"That's too bad", she spat, "you lost at the party because of your tiny dick,

so you have to suffer the consequences. I will tell you something else", she

went on, "If you lose at the next party, you will have to keep the lock on for

another month!" I said then I would not go, but she informed me that in that

case I would never get the lock off.





Chapter 3


Jill carried on going to Lance's place, and on the night before the next party

she came home at eleven as usual, She had been in bed for twenty minutes when I

heard the door open downstairs, followed by footsteps coming up the stairs.

Lance walked into the room, and began to undress.


"I haven't had enough of you tonight yet bitch" he said, and got on top of her

right next to me!


"Oh look at that cock, John" she said to me,"he's going to fuck me with it in

front of you, you are going to see your wife cum on another man's cock." Then

turning to Lance, she said:


"Come on you big bastard, show little dick how it's done, show him how you will

be fucking his slut wife for the next month!" I could not believe my ears, and

was beginning to suspect something was not right about the whole business.


Lance fucked her for a long time, with her again telling that she loved him,

and begging him for her fourth load of black cum that night, and for him to

give her a baby.


Sure enough, the next night I was not picked out, and once again Jill picked

number one. I was now sure I had been set up. I begged Sally to remove the cock

lock, and she in turn asked Jill.


"No" said my wife "If I had my way it would never come off. His little dick is

no good to anyone."


"Very well" replied Sally, if you want the lock removed at some time John, you

will have to agree to my terms" Having no choice, I said I would agree.


"For the next three months starting tonight, you will attend all my parties.

You will be naked except for your restrainer. When the couples go up to bed,

you will go in each bedroom and prepare each lady with your tongue. You will

also perform any other service they may require. When you have completed that,

you will go to the landing where Sarah will be waiting for you. You will

service her with your tongue as required, until you hear the call for a clean

up boy from any of the bedrooms. When called you will suck each lady's cunt

clean of cum, and any of the gentlemen who require this service."


This caused much mirth from everyone present, and Jill cut in with her own



"Lance will be fucking me permanently from now in your place, and you will suck

every drop of his cum out of me, not just at the parties, Also while you are

wearing the restrainer, you will constantly be cock teased by me, and also the

other ladies in the club". They all clapped at the thought of keeping me in

total misery.


That was two years ago, and my cock is still locked up. Lance has moved in, and

the two of them taunt me unmercifully about my frustrated state..Jill spends a

lot of time teasing me and having me on my knees giving tongue service.


Sarah is also a regular visitor, and she takes particular delight in

frustrating me until I am sobbing uncontrollably, She does it in front of Jill

and Lance while they are cuddled up, and they both delight in my tears.


Why oh why did I agree to that swap party?