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Real life in chastity belt stories 2




I have quite a bit of experience with this and would like to share. My wife and I have been together for over 20 years and are best frineds and very happy. We have been Mistress/slave for about a 6 months, I have been in chastity for about the same length of time and I have been cuckolded for about a year. It is always my duty to find her a lover and the best way is to use the internet. My favorite choice is Craigslist simply because you find people who are local. I dont know how well used Craigslist is where you live. It seems to vary from city to city but in Northern California it is very popular. You simply place an ad and wait for the responses. We usually get several dozen replies but sometimes do not find anyone we like.


Its all about chemistry with us. There is always a willing hard cock but finding someone who understands their role as the Bull and your lover while still respecting your relationship is not always easy. Depending on how often you want to play might make it so that you want to have multiple lovers based on their availability etc. In the last year we have found about 5 or 6 men who we like that my wife sees but some of them are simply her lovers who she sees infrequently like one man who lives halfway across the country. She sees him once every 3-4 months. Then there are a couple of other men who she goes out on dates with and they are more like a Bull. In fact we just met a new man who is great and very much the Bull. He has been over 6 or 7 times since we met him. My wife loves his cock and how good he is in bed.


So take your time to find the right guy. Dont rush into it. You will usually be disapointed if you do. Another idea is to simply search the word "Cuckold" or "Hotwife" on the internet. There are hundreds of web sites devoted to the lifestyle. Make sure you look for people who have similar desires as you. Do you want a straight or bi guy? Dominant or not? Older or younger? Remember that you as the superior woman is in charge not only of your husband but the situation. Good luck and I wish you as much happiness as it has brought my Mistress and I.






Ritual to dispose his cum:


 1. to deny him penetration, 2. have him masturbate, under your supervision, into the toilet, 3. asking YOU to pee on his worthless sperm and 4. then flushing the toilet expressing joy that your sperm is on the way to the sewer where it belongs. Add dialogue and facial expression to each part of the ritual to reinforce the premise and build to the future.



another perfect way for you to dispose of his worthless cum... you make a cumsicle out of it, and then you can give it him to suck on while YOU and Bull fuck . Its a perfect way to dispose of hisworthless cum, it is completely degrading, and it also trains him to think of eating cum as a treat.





I'll never forget the first time I was made to suck cock. I was playing with a Domme friend and her bi/sissy hubby. She was going down on him and I was watching (locked up in chastity)...She held his cock towards me and asked me if Id like to try it..."But if you have to swallow." I did....he did...she loved it..we all loved it really. Waiting for the cock to "go off" has to be one of the hottest things...But mainly because my chastity Mistress was talking me though it and I was pleasing her.



i really love it when Mistress unlocks and removes the chastity (except for the CB3K ring) and then 'works' on me for a while... having me stand at attention while touching me, rubbing my little clitty with a stiff brush, pinching my nipples, and having me curtsey and speaking politely. Mistress loves the little moans and whimpers, and i love taking Her direction not to move a muscle especially during really intense stimulation. it even gets me more excited when She decides that it's time for Her (or Her Sister's or other Lady's) used panties are brought out. Panties are my favorite play thing! when Mistress calculates i've had enough of Panties then i'm bent over a stool for a good milking!


of course, immediately afterwards i'm curtseying and thanking Her, and looking at the CB3K beinh lcoked-on again. and getting Mistress something on the serving tray...





It was my idea to eat creampies made by my wife's lover.


The first time I was allowed this privledge I got an ass beating because I tried to do it a wrong way. Yes, there is a right and wrong way as far as my wife is concerned


I learned that after a night of my wife's lovemaking with her boyfriend, my duty, if allowed is to only clean up all remains of that lovemaking. I was to first concentrate on licking her pussy clean and the surrounding area. I was not allowed to try and pleasure her orally. After a night of fucking, my wife was too tired to want any more pleasure, especially from me.


After cleaning her pussy and surrounding area, I then focused my attention to licking her asshole clean of any cum that might have dripped onto her asshole. Once that was finished that was the END.


Remember-Pussy first-then surrounding area next- and lastly ass hole.

It is cleanup duty only. The pleasure a cockold gets is only from cleaning up.



I am often made to clean her pussy after I am permitted to cum inside of it. This is of course after a true orgasm on my part and my sexual desire has subsided. She squeezed her pussy tightly to hold my seed in and then squats over my face, pinning my wrists with her knees and pinching my nose shut. She prefers this as I tend to cum a lot, and this way she can prevent a trip to the bathroom to drain Smile. I'm quite happy to oblige!



i am about to embark on creampies myself. My Mistres/wife informed last night she will start taking creampies from her boyfriend and i will be cleanining them both up everytime. i am in a cb3000 24/7 and being led into a cuckold liefstyle as well so i look forward to any time i can serve and be used.i have no orgasms at all, just milkings if i am lucky.








I was locked up at the end of February. Over tow months locked up now pretty much 24/7 with releases or milkings allowed once a week. Before my mistress assembled her stud collection she had only one lover so I still got to be inside of her about once a week. Her goal was to find 5 lovers. It sounds like a lot but because of their availability it really isnt. Now she has about 3-4 of them a week and between them and my oral duties she is totally satisfied every day. She has told me recently that my enslavement is almost complete due to the studs that she now has at her beck and call.


She told me I better get used to this because this is the rest of my life. I am truly happy and I guess my point in my post was that it has happened pretty quickly and it does take time to get used to. This is what I always secretly hoped for and desired. It is just so different in reality...better but way more intense.





Although my Wife thouroughly enjoys teasing and denying me (while She enjoys her lovers) i am happy to say that She also enjoys giving me the relief i need on occasion. what is most important to me is that She decides when and if i am allowed to have an erection or an Orgasm.


We entered this "lifestyle" with my Wife establishing control of my orgasms. This was originally to accommodate her health issues. As Her health improved, so did Her sexual appetite. Rather than use Her improved health for my benefit, She decided it would be more fun to take a lover. for several years She has decided when i was allowed to cum. At first it was once or twice a week, but as She only had enough energy for so much sex, She decided Her boyfriend should be the one to benefit. Thus i found myself tied to our bed and being told about Her encounters. So actually i went from sex once or twice a week to once or twice a month. i would love to be allowed more sexual contact but Her health and comfort are most important. my main sexual relief is to receive a handjob while She tells me about Her dates as i am tied to the bed. Actual sex is rare indeed.


A while back She added the cb-3000 to my training regime. She loves controlling my orgasms but controlling my ability to have an erection makes Her giddy. Recently after one of Her dates She said to me "Gee, my boyfriend didn't have any trouble getting an erection." She has incresed the use of the cb-3000 but uses it differently than many of those i read about. She prefers to use it to show my willingness to obey Her. She has me put it on on Her whim. If She thinks i am getting frisky, She will have me put it on. Just when i think i will be made to wear it overnight or for days, She may remove it. She has also started using a combination lock so that i cannot use the emergency key to get free.


It is true that before you realize what is happening, things change and you have a new life....


For example, today my wife has an afternoon date with Her friend. She will leave Her office early to go and spend the evening with him. As She was leaving today She said to me, "oh yeah, my bathroom needs to be cleaned." i cringed with the thought that later i will be on my knees, in my cb3K, cleaning Her toilet, while She is having sex with Her boyfriend. Only to be followed later with me on my knees removing Her wet panties. Does it get any better than this?





To explain why a Woman would want a man if He was no use to Her, there are many more uses for a Woman than just sex and masculinity. If a Woman can have it both ways, having a man who can take care of Her sexual needs and can be a real man to Her as well as pamper Her and treat Her like the Queen that She is, that would be the ideal husband. Unfortunately, men like that are very few and far between. In fact, i'd say that nine times out of ten, men are either good for sex only or service only, but not both.


At this point in my marriage, my Wife does think i can be everything to Her. And i do try my hardest. But She has chosen first and foremost that i stay in chastity and am subservient to Her in every way. The problem with this is that She also wants to be taken sexually in an agressive way by me, which cannot happen when i'm in my submissive state that is magnified by my chastity. For this, i've offered that She is allowed with my knowledge to meet someone with whom She would be sexually satisfied. i think this is an advantage that cuckolding brings to a marriage.


The previous posts have explained what we as husbands like about cuckoldry quite well.



My mistress gave me 25mg of Viagra for punishment. I must say the swelling is most painful at night when you become aroused. As my penis became hard the swelling pushed the metal cage away from my body and caused the scrotum skin to slowly slip through the ring and tighten around my balls painfully squeezing them. The pain aroused me and the engorgement continues until my penis filled the cage. The metal encasement stops the swelling and I waited with balls aching until my hardness subsided. This continues many times during the night and in the morning awoke with extremely sore balls to start the day. Loved it.









My first wife cuckolded me and I miss it. I walked in on her and she was on her knees sucking a guys cock. My response was to get very hard, totally submissive and naked. We all went to our bedroom, I handed my wife a length of rope, turned around and she tied my hands behind my back. I laid down on the far edge of the bed and watched them the rest of the night.


She turned to him and he undressed her. She stepped into his arms and started kissing him. His remaining clothes fell away and she turned to the bed holding his hand, she laid down, spread her legs wide apart and drew him down to her. On his knees between her legs, he pointed his cock at her swollen pussy and I watched as he positioned it and sank into her. I watched it start fucking her and I watched her fucking back. I watched his butt cheeks flinch and him driving deep into her to dump his sperm in her. They lay in each others arms, kissing, her gently playing with his soft cock. They fell asleep.


In the middle of the night, he entered her again, this time from behind. He fucked her again and filled her with more of his sperm. When daylight finally happened, he got on his knees above her face and she sucked his cock. I got up on my knees and shuffled over between her legs and fell forward to her pussy. I started sucking his cum out of her. She held my head to her.


She would come home and go to our toy drawer and get the length of rope. I would put my hands behind my back and she would tie them. She would lay back and I would suck cum out of her pussy while she told me what happened yet again.



I have been in relationships where I was required to perform an "oral laundering" of my Mistresses panties. I would have to put them on my head, crotch to my face (particularly nose and mouth), usually held into my mouth with either a ball-gag or bit. They were pinched together with a safety pin at the bridge of my nose so that I could easily see as I went about my chores.


I would have to lick and suck them thoroughly before putting them into the clothes basket for later hand-laundering. After they are dried is best as it takes more sucking and slurping to initially get them wet before they're sucked clean. Occasionally, she would wear a pair (at different times) for a week before ordering me to clean them.


Often, the juices were not only hers, but her lover's as well. This combination of female and male musk taste and smell is extremely, hugely arousing to me.


At times, she would pee through her panties and allow this to dry as well before I cleaned them.


At other times, she would make me do the same with my own panties, a similar huge turn-on.




Prancy Ann





When I was being cockolded in the early 90's my wife would make it a point

that I saw her panties after a night of making love to her boyfriend.

Usually they were black bikini panties. They would always be laying on top of the laundry, or on the floor. I could see the cum stains in the crotch area. She made a point one time telling me that after they made love she would put her panties back on and not clean her pussy with a wet washcloth as she does when we make love.

I must say I jerked off many times sniffing her panties and the results of their lovemaking. I remember once, keeping one pair of her panties several weeks hidden, so that I could jerk off while she was at his house making love.