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New chastity life



It was Saturday and things were progressing as planned. Increasingly his mind bright and aware at work slipped into the groove of total submission and focus as soon as he returned home. There was still work to be done, but soon he would be a total servant, slave, valet, waiter, vassal, chattel. How perfect. She purred. His wit, his strength, his success and ability all attracted her, and soon she would have remoulded him. A totally submissive man, whose sole purpose in life is her happiness and her sexual pleasure, even if he must bleed and cry to achieve it. Both men existing, and her constant choice as to which one would be visible. Mmmmmmmmmm.


She was dressed in her new leather knee high boots with the 4 inch spiked heels, a smart simple black dress and elegant kid leather gloves.


Time for today's work. She smiled as she slapped his face twice, very hard. Her traditional greeting. Recoiling from the slap, he fell to his knees, and began grovelling at her heels, she smiled and stepped back, forcing him to scrabble and crawl to keep up with her. She laughed; "Pathetic!"


She sat on the Chaise and purred again: "Cigarette!" He scrambled off to the sideboard bringing back the pack of YSL menthol and the gold Dunhill lighter. She took the cigarette in her elegant gloved hands, placed it in her dark burgundy lips and awaited the click of the lighter. She could sense him holding his breath as she deep-inhaled. Sense his cock start to seep and chafe inside the Tollyboy. She toyed with him for a while, smoking seductively, arousing him, flicking ash into his mouth, caressing his nipples, increasing the pain of the Tollyboy on a cock desperate to grow and throb.


"Fetch the Box, boy!" He gulped, but did not pause or hesitate, he had learned that the pain for hesitation was not worth even contemplating. He picked up the mahogany box and brought it to lay at Madame Elizabeth's feet. He opened it and then paused to accept the last of the ash. She put out the cigarette on his shoulder unthinkingly. He did not flinch, also unthinking, this was automatic, a part of life. The marks that defined him as Hers.


The box was velvet lined. Inside was a double-ended dildo, with a separate harness and a bottle of expensive oil. He lifted it out and presented it to her like an equerry presenting a sword to the queen to perform a Knighthood. She nodded: "Oil it!" Lovingly he oiled the smaller of the two ends. This was 8 inches of hard erotic black latex. She stood up and turned. He unzipped her dress and she stepped out of it as it fell to the floor. She turned back and parted her pussy lips with her gloved fingers. He eased in the tip of the dildo and she shuddered and sighed, accepting more and more until all 8-inches was deep inside her. The pad defining the difference between the two dildos nestled against her clit, where a special nodule was placed to stimulate her. "The harness boy!" Ritually he removed the finely tooled and stitched leather from the box, and kissed every inch of it before sliding it over the still exposed end of the dildo. He then passed the leather thong through her legs and attached it to the belt he passed round her hips. He knelt with his eyes cast down as he had been trained. "Look slave!" He raised his eyes and she stood there, Rubenesque, statuesque. The exposed dildo was 14 inches long and thick., unlike the 8 inches inside Mistress, this end had not been oiled. No man could look upon it knowing its purpose without his stomach turning to milk. "Bend over the horse.!" The "Fucking Horse" had been custom built, he lay over it and she swiftly fastened the straps that pinned his hands and wrists in place. Its height was designed so that his height was perfectly comfortable for Mistress Elizabeth to stand and fuck him without inconvenience. He concentrated hard on the image of her smoking; he needed the arousal, for it produced fluid in his arse that helped lubricate him as the monster penetrator began its work. Mistress was in a rough mood and the sudden thrust forced a scream from his lips. She bent over him "24 lashes for that you noisy little wanker!" Within moments his mind had drifted off. He was being mercilessly raped by the Goddess, the creature of power that owned him body, mind and soul. If he had any freedom of movement he would have pushed back obediently, like the slut she had trained him to be.


Her orgasm when it came was a true screamer. She found that the stimulation provided by raping him with the massive penetrator was colossal and addictive. But even after her orgasm she was not finished with her fun and pleasure. She attached the pads of the tens machine to his genitals and gave him a quick spurt of power. He screamed and spasmed. She smiled.


"Michael, I want you to know, this will last a long, long time. There is no point holding back total surrender, you will just prolong your pain! This process can only have one winner. I will break you, of that there is no question."


She turned up the machine to maximum, suddenly and for just a second. His scream was awesome and erotic, but she decided the ball gag would be a good idea at this stage. The time for enjoying his screams and begging and pleading would come later.


She left the machine on an unthinkable high level and wandered out of the room. She left him for a further hour or so. She listened to the radio and read. For him every second was agony. He starved, he ached, he spasmed.


When she returned he was desperate for release, but knew from her look that she was in no mood to release him. He was panicking, but brought himself under control he knew he needed to take it all. He must.


She lit a cigarette and paused, she pondered the next stage.


"Are you ready for the solicitor now boy?"