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Husband in CB2000 - Husband chastity story - CB2000 story


Me, My Husband, and CB2000 chastity belt


Since I was a teenager, I've always been a cock tease. I became interested in bondage and discipline in my twenties. A couple years into my marriage, I started to notice that my husband was becoming increasingly selfish (in everything from sex to household chores). Like many women, I tried to 'punish' my husband by withholding sex from him. But, this had only a limited effect, as I knew that he was simply masturbating. I suspect he also may have been having an affair, although I could never prove it.

I was having a casual conversation about the problem with one of my girlfriends. Kelly mentioned that she had the same problem with her husband, and that she solved it through chastity and controlling her husband's orgasms.

Even through Rich could be a prick, I also knew he had a very submissive side (like most men do). We had played some D/S games in the past, usually with me as the top. That day, I ordered a CB2000. A few nights after the CB2000 arrived, while lying in bed, I started teasing Rich's cock by lightly stroking and rubbing it, getting him very hard. He always becomes very submissive and revealing when I do this. I told him that I wanted him to start wearing a chastity control device. Initially he was a little taken-aback, but he went for the idea. I told him to wait for me in bed, while I went downstairs to get an ice back and the CB2000. When I returned, I proceeded to collar him, and cuff his hands together and link his cuffed hands to a D-ring in his collar with a short chain (my favorite bondage position). The ice pack quickly took care of his hardon, and I was able to easily fit the CB2000 over his flaccid cock in a matter of about a minute. With the click of the padlock I knew that his cock was now imprisoned in its new home.

I made rich service me orally, and I enjoyed seeing his manhood straining inside the very constraining CB2000. I teased him about this as he brought me to orgasm, and then I made him go to sleep with his cuffed hands still chained to his collar, and his manhood still locked inside its new cage. I attached the key to the CB2000 to a chain that I wear around my neck, and my mind raced that night as I knew that I now had total control over Rich's cock. No longer could he masturbate whenever he wanted. He could not even get hard!

The next day, he put his work clothes on over the CB2000, and went to work. That afternoon, I sent him an email explaining the new rules of our marriage. It was very simple. I now control his cock, and hence I determine if he cums, when he cums, and how he cums. If he wants to cum, I explained, he had to earn it.

That night, he came home with a bouquet of flowers. Interesting, I thought, although not nearly enough to have any influence. Dinner was uneventful. We each had some wine, then, as we were finishing, I said "You do the dishes tonight, then come upstairs and service me." He had a surprised look on his face, but he didn't say a word. I went upstairs to our bedroom and waited for him. He came up, and proceeded to service me orally, although this time was different than ever before. He did not rush, and he diligently tongued me and licked me for over an hour as I climaxed again and again. Finally, after I had enough, I told him he could stop. He had a pleading look in his eye when he asked I would please (he never said 'please') unlock him and let him cum. I loved the newfound politeness and hearing him beg. I told him no, but that if he was a 'good boy' and didn't disappoint me, I would let him out on Saturday night (I think it was a Monday or Tuesday night that night), and maybe even sooner if he was extra sweet. He had the look of a sad puppy when I said this, and I gave him a devilish smile as I told him to go to bed. I knew he was thinking I was a total bitch,, but he wouldn't dare say it. I loved it. Just for kicks, I rubbed his balls for the next 20 minutes (which are conveniently left open by the CB2000) just to frustrate him.

The next day we had a minor spat (I forget now what it was about) and during the course of the argument he made a disrespectful remark. I responded by saying 'one more day... '. He knew exactly what I meant, and turned around and walked away without saying another word.

As the week went on, I noticed how Rich was becoming more and more accommodating. Kelly was right. Now that I controlled Rich's cock, I now controlled him. Such a simple concept. Rich was now cleaning up every night after dinner without me even having to ask him. He was doing other chores that he had never done in the past (such as folding the laundry) without hesitation. I loved letting him see the key to his prison dangle in my cleavage from the chain around my neck, and I started wearing low-cut tops just to tease him like this. I started asking him to massage my feet each night, which he of course would agree to do without hesitation, and his nightly oral service was now routine. Rich was truly becoming a model husband.

Saturday I was in the mood for something extra naughty. Something to really make him feel his servitude. That afternoon, I went to an adult novelty store and bought a large double ended dildo, like the kind that lesbian lovers use. That night, I told Rich to get naked and collar and cuff himself (the usual position - hands cuffed to his collar), and kneel on the bedroom floor. You should have seen the look on Rich's face when I took out the huge double-ended phallic and told him to open his mouth. The look in his eyes said it all. I could just see the conflicts going on in his mind - the distaste of knowing what was about to come, but the anguish of knowing that if he did not comply, I would simply prolong his release from the CB2000. His mouth opened slowly. I inserted one end of the lewd object in his mouth and smiled devilishly as I forced it deep down his throat. I made fun of how he looked with a big cock protruding from his wide-stretched mouth. Then, I told him that it's been a while since I've had a nice big cock fill me, and with that I got undressed, sat on the edge of the bed, and told him to fuck me nice and slow. The puzzled look on his face was priceless, but without hesitation he complied. He was fucking me not with his own cock, but with the big plastic cock obscenely protruding from his face. And, he was doing it so sweetly, nice and slow, just the way I liked it. As I got closer to climax, I was able to control his tempo by grabbing him by the hair and forcing him forward and back, faster and slower, at my whim, while I humped his face. He made a gagging sound as I pulled his head towards me and I humped his face as this forced the intruding member deep down his throat each time. It was the best fuck I had ever had. I climaxed again and again.

Sunday rolled around. I was true to my word. I told Rich to go upstairs and get naked, collar himself, cuff his hands to his collar, kneel on the floor and wait for me. I took my sweet time, and eventually went upstairs where he was waiting for me as instructed - naked except for the cruel device between his legs. I told him that I would give him a chance to cum, but first he had to be punished for his earlier transgression that week (during our spat). I ordered him to stand up and walk over to the back of a big, plush chair that we have in our bedroom. I instructed him to stand behind the chair and bend over the back and spread his legs. Once I was comfortable with his position - his ass now raised high and vulnerable in the air, I walked over to our toy box and got out my whip. It's a short riding crop - about 2 feet long, with a short, nasty flap of leather on the end that really stings. I promptly administered 10 stokes for his mishap earlier in the week. He took them without making a sound, and I relished the red streaks that now criss-crossed his ass.

Then I told him it was now time for him to cum. Whilst still cuffed and collared, I told him to kneel on the floor. I removed the key from around my neck and unlocked his cock from its prison. His cock instantly sprang to life. I slowly massaged his cock with my hand, making him very hard. I always know when Rich is about to cum, and I purposely stopped when I knew he was close, just to tease him. I would let him cool off, then start over again. I did this over and over, at least 10 times, just to frustrate him. He was helpless with his hands cuffed and chained to his collar in front of him. He was so horny he started humping the air! I loved seeing the drops of precum oozing from his hard cock. I wiped the precum from his cock using my finger and make him lick my finger clean. Then, finally, I put a small teacup on the floor, and I told him he could cum, if he wanted to, but he would have to masturbate himself and make sure every drop went into the teacup. Again, I relished in the conflicted look on his face. The disappointment in knowing that I was only going to let him masturbate (he must have through I was going to give him head or perhaps he was even going to have me sexually. haha!). The humiliation of him knowing that I would be watching him masturbate, and that he would have to spurt his mess into a teacup was priceless. Of course, he agreed. I unlocked his right hand and he proceeded to stroke himself. In less than a minute, he started spurting. I laughed out loud as he leaned forward over the teacup with one hand still cuffed to his collar, while his other hand continued to stroke his pulsating cock in an effort to make sure his mess landed in the teacup in the floor underneath him. Amazingly, about half of his mess made it into the teacup, but the other half landed on the floor.

He had an unmistakable look of disappointment as I deftly fit the CB2000 over his semi-soft cock, before he could even recover from his release. It seemed to come as no surprise to him when I ordered him to lick the cup clean. "As far as the mess on the floor, you'll be punished for that later", I told him as he licked his own mess from the cup.

As the days and weeks went on, I continued to learn new ways to leverage my newfound power, and Rich's servitude became more and more pronounced. His desire to please me was now an integral part of our marriage.

For example, I used to notice that he would check out women that happened to be walking by whenever we were out. This was no longer the case. He knew that these women (no matter how hot they were) could not satisfy him. Only I could satisfy him, as only I had the key to the behavior modification device locked onto his cock.

Now, 3 years later, I continue to I kept him in chastity most of the time. I use positive reinforcement (letting him cum about once every 1-3 weeks) to reward him for 'good behavior', and negative reinforcement (punishment, making him wait longer periods of time to cum) when he misbehaves. In some case, when he earns the right to cum, I simply let him masturbate. Other times, I give him a hand job, and on rare cases, I even give him head. On very special occasions, I give him sex (but I much prefer his 'other cock' that I told you about earlier). I have been gradually increasing the amount of time between his releases, so that he builds a higher level of desire, and hence becomes more submissive and more subservient. I found that I like having him clean me with his tongue after I urinate, so this is now one of his regular duties.

Not only have I modified Rich's behavior to make him a model husband, but I have also made him my plaything. I delight in teasing him, tormenting him, humiliating him and punishing him, and my imagination seems to find no limit to the devious ideas that pop into my head every day for doing all of the above. Sometimes I unlock his cock just to make him hard and tease his cock for an hour or so, then ice down his cock and lock it back in his cage - just for kicks. He never knows when I unlock his cock if I am going to let him cum or not. It's a constant reminder that I control if he cums, when he cums, and how he cums.

I remember one particular time when I was feeling especially nasty. Rich had been locked in his cage for over 3 weeks, so I knew his desire was especially high. He would have done anything a asked at him of this point to earn the privilege of cumming. He was bound and collared (usual position), and I had unlocked his cock and had been toying with his cock for quite a while. I knew he was dying for me to let him release, but of course he had no way to know if I was going to reward him or if I would simply lock him back up again. I gave him an angelic smile, and asked him if he wanted to release. Of course, he emphatically said yes. I told him he could hump the hardwood floor in our bedroom, and if he could get off, he was welcome to. For the next 10 minutes, I watched as he humped the floor like a dog, with his hands still cuffed to his collar. It was quite a site, seeing him trying to get off against the smooth, hard, ungiving floor. He eventually came, spewing his mess on the floor, humiliated. Of course he cleaned his mess from the floor with his tongue promptly, without me even having to ask.