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(and, of course, cum denial)



Males who enjoy the chastity lifestyle with their lovers, or regularly include extended chastity play within their lovestyles,  begin to  relinquish some of their "masculine" power and in so doing discover a wealth of previously untapped strength.  The chaste man pays less attention to his own ego and learns that his pleasure can be found in servitude to his Mistress.  A man in chastity will take pride in surrendering his cock and find joy in giving himself intellectually, physically, spiritually and sexually to his Lady by being attentive to all her needs.



Chastity is unique, alluring and arousing.  It is a special intimacy between a man and his lover.  When a man is locked in his chastity belt he learns through servitude and chivalrous behaviour that sexual gratification is not limited to the pleasure and moment of his orgasm. He will be denied permission to come on many an occasion, and yet expected to serve his Lady with his tongue and lips with skill, devotion and love.  He will become a sensual, playful, confident lover considering only the needs of his Lady.


Chastity relies on the excitement of the mind before arousal of his body. This teaches us that the role of the keyholder is pivotal to the chastity lovestyle.  

As a loving couple begin to experiment with chastity play the bond between them develops as fantasies are shared and enacted.  With this comes enhanced communication, love, support and trust and the Keyholder soon understands that when her man is safely locked in his chastity device he will strive towards better servitude both around the home and in the bedroom.  The promise of release is a most compelling stimulant!


Chastity Training is perfect for: 


  1. Any chaste man in a loving relationship who wishes to better develop his skills of attentiveness and servitude before announcing his chastity desires to his Lady.

  2. Any single man who fantasises about being locked into his chastity device in order to prepare himself for his future Mistress, Lady, Goddess, Master or Lover.

  3. Any chaste man in a loving relationship who has just started to experiment with chastity as part of his lovestyle and is seeking suggestions to better develop his attentiveness, awareness and servitude towards his loving Lady.  



To me, there is something wonderfully fiendish and unfair about using a male's urgent need for orgasm as a torture or as a method of control. You can use it as part of his brain washing/mind control/reconditioning.


The principle behind Cum Denial is simple: the victim wants to cum, but is prevented from doing so. The more desperately he needs to cum, the more effective it is - and this becomes a torture when the Top sets about intentionally increasing the victim's need to cum, while also making very sure that he can't obtain the relief he so urgently needs.


There are as many ways to do this as there are victims, as each individual has his own turn-ons and fetishes - all of which can be used to excellent effect on him to make him progressively more and more desperate to cum. These may include physical things - the bondage itself; being hooded; the feel of leather, or rubber or some other fetish material; breath control; servicing the Top; confinement; pain (if the victim really gets off on it); boot-licking; cock-sucking; sweaty socks or jocks; - whatever really turns the victim on and gets him horny.


It may also include psychological things such as not knowing when he's eventually going to be allowed to cum - or even if; humiliation; seeing the Top; not being able to see the Top; wanting to touch the Top but not being able to - the list is endless. But apart from all of these, there is one other thing that is the most effective of all: genital teasing. No matter what else a victim is into, having his inner thighs, perineum, arse - and especially his balls - worked on for a long period will almost inevitably make him want to cum. And then, of course, there's his cock.


A couple of the useful side-effects of cum control are that it greatly prolongs sexual pleasure, and also it usually makes the victim's eventual orgasm (when it is finally permitted) shatteringly intense.


There is nothing I love more than to torture a victim like this - encouraging him to want to cum; getting him hornier and hornier and building up his need for orgasm to the point where he is out of his mind with the urgent, desperate need to cum - so that it is the only thing he can think about - and then removing all stimulus so that it's impossible for him to get the relief he so urgently needs. And to do it again, and again, and again, and again, and again..........


In this, I am unbelievably sadistic. I will use every single one of his fetishes and turn-on's as weapons against him - along with slow masturbation and genital tickling (at which I'm expert) - and my favourite sight is a helpless victim struggling and writhing as he desperately tries to find some way of bringing himself off as I leave him on the very brink of orgasm for the twentieth time....


(author: thedoghouse)