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From Shelley K:


My husband and I set out on our controlled chastity journey as we like to call it almost 3 years ago.  It all came about when we were giggling away in a sex toy store we visited while on vacation.


There we came across a "penis cage" which we both laughed at.  Then an assistant came over to ask if he could help. I asked him if these things were popular. He was very straight about it and said that it was mostly the women who were interested and a lot of men were horrified at the prospect that their crown jewels might be locked up! However he said that it was popular toy with some people. I said I thought we should get one for fun. Jim was less sure so we didn't go ahead with a purchase.


Later on that night though I thought about it more. We have always had a great sexual relationship and care very much for each other. We are not jealous of each other, far from it. Jim is a very good lover though there are occasions when I have felt he had had his fun and then lost interest leaving me unfulfilled.


Another issue for me was that he was always jerking off secretly. I caught him a few times and he insisted that he hardly ever did. I always had that feeling he did it much more than he said. A wife knows.


So I thought this cage could be a way to take just a little control and also have some fun. Next day I went onto the internet to check it out and to my astonishment, discovered a world of information about cages, chastity belts and chastity. I had always assumed chastity belts were for women but no, it seems it is actually now more about men. I read testimonials from many men and women some saying how it had revitalized their lives, and several saying that it had been used to control jerking off. That decided me.


So I snuck off telling Jim I was out to buy clothes - that is a certain way to be sure he would not accompany me - and I went back to the store. I bought my little present and took it back for a real good look. I read the instructions, all about how you needed to introduce the cage over a period of time to get the correct combination of rings and spacers. It also pointed out the problems associated with early morning rises, but that these generally settled down.


That night in bed Jim asked me what I had bought. I guess he was curious as usually I show him all my prizes and as I hadn't he probably assumed I had bought some new item of lingerie for a special occasion. I took my chance and produced the cage. He was clearly a bit startled, but I immediately reassured him that this would lead to some real interesting fun. I said we should try it on right now.


I took the biggest ring, placed it round Jim's balls and then put the cage on his dick and snapped the padlock shut. I had already hidden the keys so I was in control! The excitement soon began to show and he was soon straining in the cage. "Right," I said, "I'll release you when you have given me your full attention". Jim was real attentive, spending so much time pleasuring me. Not being able to hold his dick was a slight downside for me but I was able to lie there and being pleasured and given so much attention. It was also exciting holding the cage feeling his hard straining balls but mostly I lay back and let it all happen.


Eventually I had a huge orgasm. After I'd recovered I took pity on him, released him. He was soon inside me and came with a rush!


We talked about it next day and he admitted it had felt real good. We might have some fun with that, I told him. I suggested he should try it out and get used to it. I gave him the instructions to read and a spare key so he could release himself if needs be.


Then I didn't push it for a while. About a week after returning home, after we had intercourse, I casually said he should wear the cage overnight to see how he got on. He was reluctant at first but eventually he put it on as he could see I was keen. That night he was restless and early in the morning I heard him get up and go to the bathroom and he came back without it on. Next morning he said he didn't think it would work. I pointed out that the instructions said it was important to get used to it, and that night I made him try again. He succeeded in keeping it on all night and I released him in the morning. Over the next few days things settled down and he was able to sleep through eventually. At this stage he was only wearing it at nights but then I decided he should wear it daytime as well. Again he was reluctant but went along with me.


I think what helped was that our sex life was better than ever. I don't think I had ever enjoyed myself so much and Jim was also very happy - he had he admitted never had so much sex in his life. No longer did he let me go to bed by myself ever. He was up there with me each night. But I knew this was likely to be a phase and things would need to be shaken up now and then to avoid routine and staleness. I was really enjoying things but I had got a taste and wanted greater control. So I experimented with keeping him locked for a couple of days at a time.


Then after about six weeks I called for a review. I said that our sex life had gotten even better and he agreed. Now I wanted to make the cage a more permanent force and this was really something I wanted to do. I think I was a bit surprised that he didn't put up much of a fight but he asked a lot of questions about how long it might be and when he would get relief. That depended on him I said but I would make sure I looked after him. I told him we would hold a review after 3 months and even entered it on the schedule!


So that weekend I gave him the night of his life. I dressed in his favorite outfit, cooked him his favorite food, treated him like a King, my King. Every little pleasure he particularly liked I gave him ending with a huge bj. Then I locked him and handed him the spare key sealed in a package which I signed

across the seal. He asked how long he was to be locked for but I declined to tell him - actually I had no idea. Eventually, it was about 10 days before I got the key out and released him. I told him I was his to use how he pleased and he didn't need a second invitation. He was rampant, demanding intercourse at all times of the day and the night. Boy, did we both have a good time!


But one week later I was taking the laundry to the store, when I heard him moaning through the open door of the bedroom. I glanced through the crack and could see him on the bed jerking off. I went downstairs, took out the cage and placed it on the table. He came down a little later. I just looked at him, pointed to the cage and told him to put it on. He asked if I meant now and I told him "Right now!" He could see I was serious and I stood and watched as he put the cage on. I came across and snapped the lock shut. I told him he had been jerking off and this was his reward. He started to say something but I cut in and told him not to lie as I had watched him through the door.


I kept him locked for almost a month. It would have been longer but I took pity on him as it was his birthday. But the next day I locked him again. After two weeks one morning I got my key out and waited for him to come downstairs. I unlocked him and told him he could jerk off but to be back in half an hour. I didn't intrude on him but he was back and soon locked again.


At the 3 month review, I asked for his reaction first. He said that it was very frustrating not being able to ejaculate whenever he wanted but that it was also exciting being deprived. He said he enjoyed pleasuring me and not having to worry about himself and if he might cum too soon. I laughed at that and told him in the past he often came first and then lost interest. He protested but I think he knew I was correct. I asked him if he would continue with things the way they now were and he agreed he would do it for me. I pointed out that it meant him submitting to me and he agreed to that. Then I said we would mark the occasion the next week.


For that I wrote a little ceremony with questions and responses - I had gotten it from the internet and adapted it for us. I also found a certificate which I printed out affirming my control. We were both naked and as a final act I jerked him off, before affixing the cage and we both signed up.


Now we are 2 years on and we continue with our wonderful sex life. At times I release him for a period, maybe just a night, at others just to jerk him off or for him to jerk himself off. I do enjoy penetration and release him for that at times, locking him up immediately after. Sometimes I insist that he does not cum but inevitably most times there are accidents and anyway I enjoy him bursting with ejaculation. Of course sometimes I use it as an excuse to lock him for failing but that is just an excuse. I also purchased a harness and dildo which is designed to fit over the cage and with straps around the cage so he can penetrate me. That works real well.


During that time a few people have come to learn of our little secret. The first was my sister-in-law, Lauren, whom I share most things with. It took a while for me to broach the subject but she was amazed. I did it when Jim was unlocked so that I could show it to her. She loved it and was all for getting one for Jim's brother Randy. But she did not think he would agree - she is still working on it! The next thing was she wanted to see it in place - that was easy and I locked Jim up in front of her. He was very embarrassed, poor Hun, but took it very well. From then on when she was alone with us she would grab him and joke ?Well I see you are locked' and laugh. One time though, he was unlocked and she went bright red as she discovered! She apologized to me immediately but we all laughed about it.


Next to discover was a dear friend who came over one day to help me clean after I had sprained my wrist. Jim has left the cage on the side by his sink, something he never normally did. He had been in a rush that morning and was concerned about me, so I guess he made a mistake.  Anyway Anne-Marie had been in the bathroom and must have found it. She came down with an amused smile on her face and I asked her what that was for. She wouldn't tell me, but when I went upstairs, there was the cage sitting beside Jim's side of the bed perched on the side table. The bed light had been turned on and was directed towards the cage like a spotlight!


I went down and said to Anne-Marie "so you found it!' She laughed and wanted to know everything. So I told her, showing her the certificate, explaining how things worked. She was fascinated and she too wanted one! She got real enthusiastic and she said that the ceremony we had held wasn't really ?official' and we should re-affirm in front of witnesses such as her and Lauren. Then she added that there should be at least one man present! It's a good idea and I'm working on that one though I am not sure how Jim would react!


There have been others I have told out secret to but they have been strangers on holiday and such. But in every case the women have thought what a great idea it is and how much they'd like to do the same!


Like everything there can be downsides. I do love to be penetrated and sometimes have to resist my own urges and not unlock him. But I will do should I so wish. I have many toys which help and his strap-on really does the business! When I think back to before, I realize that a high proportion of our sex was non-penetrative anyway. Maybe I am trying to justify it to myself but the benefits far out weigh any loss in this matter.


Another benefit from restricting him is his reaction when I do release him! Sometimes I tell him that he will be unlocked for say just 3 days, and does he go for it! Boy. it's like it's the last time in his life! I have never enjoyed his pleasure as much.


And we have solved the jerking off! That is strictly controlled. All things considered, I wouldn't have it any other way.