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Husband chastity stories - Cuckold husband chastity story



Husband Locked up After his Affair

Cuckold chastity Fiction 






After 5 1/2 years of marriage, I was looking to wonder and try something extra-marital.


It's not that I didn't love my wife, I just wanted something different. I had a one-night stand with my wife's friend from college. My wife Annette found out about it and was furious. She said she wanted a divorce and that she couldn't trust me. I loved her very much and didn't want to lose her. After all, Annette was a smart, beautiful, 30 year old woman with shoulder length brown hair and an excellent body. She has a very pretty face and smiles a lot.


My wife also has an interesting past.


She has a 16 year old son who lives in a different state who she keeps in contact with. Shortly after her 14th birthday, Annette was seduced by her school band teacher and became pregnant. As she was not ready to become a mother at 14, the baby went to be raised by relatives. She finished high school and graduated from college. She got married at 22, but her first husband cheated on her repeatedly, so she divorced him after 3 years of marriage.


After her divorce, she went on a wild streak. She became a dancer at a very upscale nude club and always won the "best legs" or "best body" contest. She even worked for an escort service for a couple of months, in which she went on 5 or 6 "dates" with gentlemen at their hotel rooms. After her wild streak ended, she worked as a lifeguard and did some part time modeling.


When I dated her, she had a successful career with a public relations firm. I fell madly in love with her. Our sex live was good, however I wanted something different, so I went after her college friend Janet, and bedded her in an afternoon of passion. Janet eventually confessed the tryst to my wife, so I had to admit to my indiscretion. I pleaded with my wife not to divorce me. She told her friend Kim what was going on, and Kim recommended a chastity belt. Kim told my wife that her husband had an affair and the chastity belt saved their marriage. As a result, Kim's husband faithfully wears a chastity belt. Annette gave me an ultimatum: wear a chastity belt or not only would she get a divorce, she would reveal evidence which would cause me great problems with bad consequences which I don't want to discuss here.


My wife had blackmail evidence that would for sure end my life as I know it. There was no question that she had me by the balls! There was no way that I was going to be utterly ruined, so I finally agreed to wear the chastity belt, as I had no choice. Annette said this is the only way that she could know for sure that I would not be cheating on her. Kim gave her the information on where to get the best chastity belt on the market.


In no time, Annette was busy making numerous measurement around my crotch and writing them down. To me it was all kind of a joke. I liked having her hands busy around my crotch area. Within a few weeks, the chastity belt arrived in the mail. I couldn't believe my wife spent $2,000 on the thing. It was made out of stainless steel with a high-tech plastic coating.

Annette told me to strip because she was anxious for me to try it on. She put it around me and it seemed to be a perfect fit. It went around my waist and looped around my legs like a steel jock strap. The apparatus had some very small locks which held it firmly on my body. When my steel jock strap was locked into place, Annette took the hollow tube and slid it over my penis. Once it covered my penis, she took the little locks and securely locked the tube onto the steel jock strap. It was a snug fit around the sides of my penis and there was just enough room for my dick head to fit in at the top of the tube. I was amazed at how confined my limp dick felt in it!


Annette said I look great in it and she even whistled as she admired how my bare ass was showing in the back. I started pulling at the chastity belt and was impressed at how secure the thing was on my body. I was unable to remove it or slide out of it. I also took my hands and felt around the cock tube. The tube was like a cage that had numerous square holes in it, including a small hole at the tip, but they were too small to fit your finger through it, however I was able to touch the tip of my penis. I chuckled as I looked at my cock stuffed inside the cage. My wife laughed as well.


I tried to remove the cage but it was securely locked in place. It was also impossible for me to touch my penis below the tip or give it any stimulation. Therefore, it was totally impossible for me to engage in any masturbation or intercourse. In fact, it was also impossible for me to have an erection, as the tube was a tight fit around my flaccid penis and it had 2 rings on it that were firm around the base of my penis, which further ensured against me having an erection.


After I had it on for a few minutes, I asked her to unlock me. She said she wanted me to wear it for awhile and get used to it. I asked her again to unlock me. I was beginning to get impatient. She said that I could either let her control my penis or be subjected of a soon-to-be ruined life if I didn't go long with her program. I finally went off to watch t.v.


After an hour or so, Annette came in wearing a sexy teddy. She danced around to see if she could arouse me. I started to get aroused, but it was a strange feeling not being able to get an erection. I felt the pressure of an erection in my crotch area, but I could not create an erection because of the cock tube. It was starting to drive me a little crazy, so I pleaded with Annette to unlock me. She teased me some more, and said I need to earn my freedom.


As I was anxious to be freed, I began kissing her and massaging her breasts. I began kissing her down her neck and worked my way until I found her nipples. Soon, I worked my tongue down her body until I found her pussy. She responded well to my every lick until I brought her to climax. My wife then said my work was very good, she unlocked me from my chastity belt.


When she removed the cock tube, my cock sprang into a very stiff erection. It was a great relief to be free! I was very aroused and in no time, I was on top of Annette engaging in a very spirited round of intercourse. When we were through, she said she was thrilled over my build up of excitement before being released from the chastity belt.


Over the next month, we had a great time where I was locked up and then freed when she was ready for me. It was very exciting and I was amazed at how kinky Annette was acting. My wife seemed to be taking a lot of cues for Kim on the importance of being dominant sexually, and having control over your husband's penis. I even overheard Kim talking to my wife about how she controls her husband's masturbation schedule.




Annette seemed very interested in all of this and began borrowing books and magazines from Kim that dealt with domination and chastity belt topics. I found this kinky side of my wife to be quite exciting. Even though I always had to wear the chastity belt if I left the house, I was still able to spend most of the time inside the house without it.

One day she caught me in the guest room jerking off while looking at a bikini photograph of Janet, my wife's friend that I had the affair with. Annette was absolutely furious and told me that I would now have to wear the chastity belt around the house. I protested, but she was determined that I would wear it or she would turn over her blackmail evidence and ruin my life. She said that Kim has copies of the blackmail material, and that Kim would not hesitate to ruin me as well.


Knowing I had no choice, I agreed to wear it around the house as well. Annette then locked the belt around me and then she locked the cock tube in place. She then said that she now owns my penis and that she will decide when I might be released.


It seemed to go to her head that had full control over me. She enjoyed having me be much more attentive and responsive to her needs. I became an expert at cunt licking and body massages. She make it clear that I was to satisfy her and then she would decide how to use my body. When I was unlocked, I was always grateful and did everything I could to please her. It certainly turned her on for me to be a love slave that she could control.


In time, she trimmed back the amount of screwing we did and had me spend more time eating her pussy. Annette often told me that my best organ was my tongue and that she didn't have as much use for my penis.


It had been more than a month since we had intercourse, but I did get a couple of blow jobs and a few hand jobs from her. I enjoyed the relief, no matter what form it came from her. When our wedding anniversary arrived, Annette told me that we could have intercourse. I became very excited and very anxious to do it. My wife finally told me to go to the bedroom and strip. I eagerly did what I was told and she came in an unlocked me. When she removed the tube, I had a hard-on in record time!


She told me to lie back on the bed, and when I did, she tied up my hands and legs. Annette then stripped naked and got on top of me. She rode my cock like a dildo. She pumped herself up and down on my cock as she began to moan. It felt incredibly good as I quickly came inside her beautiful pussy.


After we both caught our breath, my wife said that she was going to put me on the same sex schedule as Kim's husband. I would be allowed intercourse with her once every 3 months, and in between those times, would be allowed to cum once a week on Tuesday night.


I protested and then begged her to be more lenient. Annette said it was important that I be on a schedule and that I be appreciative in what I was being given. I pleaded with her more and tried to appeal to her sensitive side.


Annette said no because Kim had warned her about the problem of giving in. Kim had explained to her that a husband's whining should not be tolerated, and that mercy should not be given to him because mercy only leads to more whining and more broken rules.


I knew that I was going to have to live by her schedule as she had my penis was securely locked. Annette said that she has read in Kim's magazine articles that punishment and reward is the key in a system of domination, and that her domination of my penis was the only way our marriage could succeed.


During that following week, I thought I was going to die. I so badly wanted to be out of my belt. I found it frustrating watching Annette out by the pool in her skimpy bikini. My cock was always straining to have an erection, but the tube made any expansion impossible.


Kim started inviting Annette to domination seminars, in which my wife learned that men are volcanos of anger and aggression. The only way to tame then is to tame the penis and allow infrequent orgasms. Annette also learned that having to wait for an orgasm caused men to focus on their wives and how they might please them. The chastity belt would serve as a constant reminder that their sexuality is strictly subject to their wife's pleasure and control. Annette said she loves me and my cock cage is an act of love to preserve our marriage.


I became increasingly excited as Tuesday approached. When Tuesday evening finally arrived, I was so ready to be free! My wife finally asked me if I was ready to cum. I anxiously said yes and she told me to strip. Soon, I was wearing nothing but my chastity belt.


She took off her clothes and stared at my crotch. She ran her fingers around my body until I was out of my mind. After a little more teasing, Annette finally unlocked me. After she pulled the tube off, my cock began to dance. What a great feeling!


Annette smiled and said that I had been good so I would be allowed to cum. She started playing with my cock, and in no time I squirted on her hand. She lifted her hand up and told me to lick it. She said that a real man would lick cum and enjoy it. I refused, but my wife insisted that I do it. When she said that she was going to cut back on my orgasms, I finally gave in as I knew she was serious. I knew that she was the boss concerning my sexuality, so I obeyed and licked my cum off her hand. She told me to lick until her hand was clean.


She smiled and said that we had passed a milestone as she slid the tube back over my penis. It was still a little hard, so she grabbed it harder and shoved it all the way in and locked it to the cuff. She said it would be at least 2 weeks before she could consider letting me have another orgasm. She said she couldn't reward me for being so resistant to licking my cum. Because women have always been forced to service a man orally and receive his cum as he ejaculates into his mouth, it was only fair that men learn to lick cum as well. By having men lick cum, it was the only way to equalize thing out, she said. In addition, Annette told me that she was turned on by my submissive cum licking and that alone was reason enough for me to do it.


I had never gone 2 weeks without cuming. I knew I had to please Annette and be rewarded. I rubbed her back, ate her pussy and serviced her pussy by using her favorite dildo. When she was getting screwed by the dildo, she would sometimes call out the name of her aerobics instructor, Mark. Annette's body has really hardened and firmed up from working out in Mark's advanced aerobics class.


On occasions, Annette has invited Mark to come over and swim in our pool. Mark was a well built 20 year old single male with a smooth, tan body. He was very good looking. The 2 of them seemed to get along well, and when they were out by the pool, I could see Mark always eyeing my wife's body. I was sort of glad that Mark would come over because it always put her in a good mood.


When my 2 weeks were finally up, I was beyond horny! Annette told me to strip and get on my knees on the edge of the bed. She did a slow strip tease and came over and felt my cock tube. The excitement was killing me. Annette said that she was impressed as to the sexual energy that was bottled up inside me. She said it was a real turn on that I was so sexually in tune with her. My complete focus was on her as she unlocked me. My cock sprang out proudly. I finally enjoyed having the first erection in 2 weeks.


Annette seductively wiggled her pussy a couple of inches from my cock. I moved forward so my cock could touch her, but she gently guided me away and reminded me that it was still almost 2 months before the schedule would allow me to have intercourse with her. Instead, Annette cupped her hand and told me to stroke my penis. I gladly did it, and after 3 or 4 strokes, a large stream of white cum went shooting out of my penis and into the palm of her hand. She told me to milk my penis again and see if there was any more. I grabbed my penis firmly and managed to squeeze out a couple more drops. Annette then smiled and put her hand in front of my mouth. I began to lick, as I knew resistance would work against me. She held her hand firmly until I licked up every drop of my cum.


After I was done, Annette quickly locked me back up and my cock was again securely inside the tube. After my wife got dressed, she hugged me and said how pleased she was over the progress we were making. She said that she was glad to be married to a real man who loved her. She said she couldn't wait to tell Kim as to my increasing sexual obedience. All of this kinky behavior fascinated my wife and made her want to become more dominate. In addition, Annette really liked the change in my behavior toward submission and appreciation. She also liked having all of my sexual attention directed toward her.


My wife and Kim even started to be actively involved in a local chapter of women who dominate their husbands and who share stories and techniques with each other. By attending the meetings and talking with the other wives, Annette became ever more confident in our sexual roles. She was also taught that all sexual pleasure was to be oriented for the wife, and that the wife is to be free to enjoy all forms of sexual pleasure that she may choose, even if she chooses to have sexual relations with another man.


She learned from her local chapter that locking up the husband's penis is not slavery, but rather it is the greatest act of kindness given to a man. In addition, it is the only way to equal things sexually. Without a belt, a man will cheat, become aggressive, and destroy the marriage, destroy himself, and then both will become miserable, or worse. With the wife in complete control, both can have a happy stable marriage, however the man's penis and orgasmic activity must be highly restricted, so that a man's negative and self destructive behavior can be modified.


Annette also learned that when the husband's penis is locked, he eventually quits thinking about himself and how to gratify himself, where instead he shifts his attention to the wife, the gatekeeper, and learns to meet her needs and desires. The other wives also told Annette that the husband, if trained over time, will even learn to receive enjoyment from his wife's sexual fulfillment, even if his wife receives intimate pleasure from another man.



The wearing of the chastity belt reminds the man of the system of reward and punishment from the wife. Annette learned that rules for the husband must be clear and followed closely, otherwise not only must the husband not receive any sexual reward, and his chastity time must be increased in order to change the man's undesirable behavior.


My wife also was encouraged by the women's stories of how well the behavior modification process really works. Not only does the man learn how to live a calm, happy life, but the wife will also become very happy with the transformation of her husband, and of the sexual freedom she is able to enjoy. The other wives even shared stories as to how some husbands, including Kim's husband, learns such tolerance and understanding, even to the point of encouraging their wives to engage in sexual activity with another man.


All of this new lifestyle seemed too much for me. But yet, I loved Annette and didn't want a divorce, and I certainly didn't want her to expose me in the thing that she could blackmail me for.


Besides, I was back on the one week masturbation schedule, sometimes even getting some masturbation help from Annette. I learned to appreciate anytime that she would touch my penis and even give it a little suck, let alone stroke it. I lived for those 3 minutes on Tuesday nights when I was allowed to come for her.


Things were going fairly well until my wife said she was horny and needed intercourse, as it had been a month and a half since we did it. She told me that she was very attracted to Mark and wanted to have intercourse with him. I begged her to unlock me and let me satisfy her. She said I knew the rules and that I could not be unlocked until next Tuesday, and even then I could not have intercourse with her until the 3 months were up, which was still a month and a half away.


Still, I promised to be extra good and that I would eat her pussy even better and also I would use the dildo on her as much as she wanted. Annette said her mind is made up and that she learned from her group that a husband needs to learn that his penis is not indispensable to the wife's sexual happiness.


I lodged a very vocal protest and said that it was not fair that she was going to cheat on me.


This did not sit will with her, and Annette reminded me again that sexual behavior must be geared for the wife's gratification and fulfilment. She also said that because I cheated on her with Janet, she has no choice but to control my penis and keep it locked up. She said that she should not be penalized and have to go without intercourse for 3 months because of my need to be locked up.


Therefore, the only way that she could have intercourse is to have it with another man such as Mark. Because of my protests, Annette said that it would be 3 weeks before I could cum again. In the meantime, she was going to go out with Mark on Friday night and probably end up at his apartment.


I pouted for the next couple of days as I knew that my wife going to get laid by this young stud. When Friday evening arrived, Annette was busy getting ready. She had showered and shaved her legs. I watched her nervously as she was getting dressed. I couldn't get over how hot she looked! She was wearing a dark red mini dress with a black panties and bra underneath. She was also wearing black stockings with high heels. I couldn't help feel a tinge of excitement as she walked out the door to meet Mark in the driveway.


As the hours slipped by, I became increasingly anxious. Finally, at about midnight, Annette came back home and had a seductive smile. She said that she had slept with Mark and that he is a excellent lover. I was going out of my mind at the thought that another man just fucked my wife! Annette said, however, that she was going to give me complete honesty. She said that honesty was something I didn't give her about Janet, because I "confessed" my affair only after I was confronted about it. She also said that she loved me and that she was only interested in Mark for sex, not a relationship.


I burned with jealousy as Annette told me that Mark has a big cock which gave her several orgasms. I became hot and bothered and I started grabbing at my cock tube. My wife said that she even has proof of his big cock. She reached in her purse and pulled out a Polaroid photo of Mark. It showed him nude from the waist down. He had a big erection that was bigger than mine! Annette showed me another photo in which she was on her knees touching his cock and smiling.


By this time, I was so worked up that I had taken off all my clothes and now I was trying to rip off my chastity belt. My wife showed me another photo in which Mark's cock was stuffed in her mouth. I was still yanking in vain at my chastity belt, because of my excitement and rage. When I stopped for a second, she showed 2 more photos. The first one showed Annette totally naked with Mark standing behind her. He had one hand on her stomach and the other hand is stroking her pussy hairs.


The second photo showed that Mark's cock was partially inside my wife's pussy. This was more than I could take! Annette asked if I liked the pictures, I made a grunt noise and laid face down on the bed grinding my crotch against the bed in order to try and stimulate my cock. While I was engaging in a simulated fucking motion against the bed, Annette asked me if I wanted her and Mark to make some more pictures! It made me try to fuck the bed harder.


Over the next two weeks, Annette got together with Mark for more intimate secessions. Each time she returned home, my wife would give me a very frank description of what she and Mark did in bed. I was also given more pictures. The pictures would show Annette sucking his penis and even a close up which showed her licking his cum off the head of his cock.

There were also photos of them in different positions, including Annette getting screwed doggie style. All of these pictures were being kept in a photo album, in which my wife wanted me to look at daily. She seemed pleased at how excited I would get after looking at the photos.


Finally, my 3 weeks of lock up were completed. My attitude had changed because I learned that my prior attitude toward Annette's sexual relations with Mark resulted in not being able to cum for 3 long weeks. On that Tuesday night, Annette asked me if it was OK that she was having sex with Mark. Knowing what I needed to say, I told her yes, and that I was glad that she had fun with Mark. With that, Annette unlocked me and pulled off the cock tube. As I started to stroke my erection, she asked me if I liked Mark's cock.


As I gave her my answer, I marveled at how 3 weeks of no orgasm and no erection had changed my viewpoint. As I pulled on my penis, I told my wife that Mark has a beautiful cock with nice dangling balls. I also said that I liked seeing pictures of them together. Annette smiled and said "cum if you want him to keep balling me." I couldn't take it any longer and I squirted a large river of cum into the palm of her hand. I squeezed my cock a second time until I was done. As usual, I licked her hand clean of my ejaculation and then she quickly stuffed my dick back into the tube.


Later that week, Annette said that I was going to get a real treat. She said that if I would hide in the bedroom closet, I could watch her have intercourse with Mark. She said that if I made any noise or tried to interrupt them, I would not be permitted to cum for a month at a time. I quickly agreed to hide and be quiet. The doorbell rang so I hid in the closet.


Soon my wife and Mark came into the bedroom. There was a small opening in the closet door that allowed me to see out but not see in. She told Mark that I was gone for the afternoon so they could do whatever they wanted without being caught. After they made out for a few minutes, they started to undress. Soon they were both in their underwear. As they were embracing, Annette made sure that they stood close to my closet door.


My eyes were only inches away as his hands explored my wife's beautiful body. Soon he had unhooked her bra and her breasts jiggled seductively as he pulled the bra away. After cupping her breasts with his hands, he slid his hands down to her hips. His hand then slid across her crotch area over her skimpy panties. My wife was smiling as if she was enjoying the attention. After he teased her crotch and inner thighs, he slowly pulled down her panties. I could hear him gasp when her pussy came in full view. When her panties were down to her ankles, Annette made sure that she bent her ass in my direction as she kicked her panties away.


With my wife now totally naked, Mark took the tip of his fingers and began stoking her bush. I could hear Annette give out a gentle sigh and she turned slightly so that I would have a better view of her pussy hairs being stroked. I cannot begin the describe the tension I endured by wearing a chastity belt that prevented an erection and seeing your wife's pussy, only inches from your face, being fondled by some handsome young stud!


After he was done feeling her out, Annette felt the bulge in his underwear. She got on her knees and pulled his briefs down until his dick was set free. I stared in disbelief as his large cock sprang to life in front of my wife's face. She lovingly stroked every square inch of his penis and played with his balls. I heard Mark give out a large sigh as she started licking his cock.


Mark was moaning with pleasure as my wife licked the head and down the shaft. My own cock was straining in the tube in attempting to have an erection. My cock strained even harder as I watched Annette take his cock into her mouth. After some more foreplay, the two got on the bed. My wife was on her back and Mark was getting ready to mount her. He got on top of her and began to kiss her neck.


I cringed as I saw his big hard cock disappear into Annette's hot slit. I could hear my wife moan as he slid it in and out of her. I was hypnotized as I watched his creamy white butt cheeks move up and down as he repeatedly plunged his stiff tool in and out of her pussy. As she was getting close to orgasm, she wrapped her legs tightly around him. She was moving her hands across his back as she finally gave out a powerful orgasmic yell. I had never imagined that my beautiful wife would be in bed with another man while I watched! Soon Mark began to moan as he finally shot his load into Annette's throbbing pussy.


After Mark came, Annette said that he needed to get dressed because her husband would be home soon. Mark quickly got dressed, kissed Annette goodbye and headed out the door.


After Mark left, Annette got up and opened the closet door. It was a real rush to see my naked wife standing there with a pussy full of cum! She teasingly grabbed at my cock tube and asked me if I enjoyed watching. I was so excited that I couldn't speak. She rubbed her pussy against my cock tube and described how great his cock felt inside her pussy. I was again trying to tear off my chastity belt, as I was excited and horny. I went over to the bed and started rolling around trying to stimulate my penis as I was desperate for relief.


After I calmed down for a couple of minutes laying on the bed, Annette said how much she likes my tongue. She came over near me and was getting ready to straddle my face. She said it would give her pleasure to have my tongue lick her clean. She said that Kim's husband cleans her regularly after she has sex with one of her male friends.


She said that if I refused, she would have to modify my behavior by limiting my orgasms to one time a month, and administer electric shocks to my penis. I told her that I would comply because her sexual satisfaction was all that mattered. Annette smiled and said that she is so proud of me and as she pushed her pussy onto my face. As she moaned, she said that I was a real man and that she knew that I loved her.


She started to breath heavily as I lapped the cum out of her pussy. Annette said that according to what she has learned from her domination group, this was the highest form of sex a husband and wife could have.


In other words, all of the 3 important elements in a successful marriage were present:

1. I was wearing the chastity belt which symbolized the wife's absolute domination and control of the husband's penis;

2. my wife's pussy was full of another man's cum which symbolized that my penis is not the least bit necessary for the wife's sexual fulfillment; and

3. my licking of her lover's cum out of her pussy symbolized my submissive role to her and it also demonstrates the absolute need to put the erotic pleasure of the wife as the highest priority in a husband and wife relationship.


In hearing of all of this, I carefully licked her pussy clean. She even came as she was describing how good Mark's cock felt inside her. As she climaxed, I was amazed at how hard she pushed her pussy against my face. She also squeezed my head between her legs as I was licking. As soon as her pussy was licked clean, she got dressed and went into the family room.


After talking with Kim and the other wives, Annette came to the conclusion that my weekly masturbations were far too lenient. She told me that from now on, I could masturbate for her once every two weeks, and only on Tuesday night.


Annette said that this would be a more efficient use of my sexual energy. She wanted to see if my sexual energy could be directed through my tongue as she now had no use for my penis.



--- End ---