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High Tech Home chastity

Tilting her head back so far that her lush amber hair touched her shoulder blades, she drained off the last of her marguerita and carefully pressed a combination of two numbers on the keypad of the little remote controller she kept on the wide arm of the big lazyboy chair. Once the exclusive domain of her husband Rod, she wiggled contentedly in the chair, settling even deeper into it, and muted the volume of the television. She listened for her husband. No wonder Rod liked this silly chair so much she thought, it actually is really comfortable!


A lot of things were different, she mused, as she held the little remote in her hand and ran her thumb appreciatively along the edge, almost caressing the small machine. It's taking Rod too long to come up here from the laundry room in the basement, she thought. He was down there folding clothes hot out of the drier and listening to his beloved jazz cd's, a privilege Muriel allowed him now only when she was out of earshot and intended to stay there for a while. She was about to thumb another combination of numbers on the keypad, her eyes darkening and her thin lips pressed together in a slight smile, when her husband appeared in the doorway, saw her thumb poised over the keys, and said quickly "Muriel, I'm here, wait...what can I do for you?" He raised his hands palms up to her in a gesture she simply adored.


"I need another marguerita, Sweetie, and a little more ice this time," raising the glass to Rod in her extended arm. He took it, nodded, and went off to the kitchen.


Muriel purred. She loved her life now. She was even starting to like her body more as well. Maybe I'm not "too fat" as all the ads and even Rod sometimes suggested, she thought as she looked down to her gently folded torso and rounded tummy, which would be hardly noticeable if she were standing straight and not slouching in the chair. Her breasts had grown from perky, firm, 34B's in her younger days to softer, rounder, more pendulous 36C's since she had passed her fortieth birthday. Still she saw plenty of men looking at them at the store or in the office, especially when she left her bra at home. And her legs and arms, she reflected, these are muscular, a bit bigger than she desired, but firm and toned thanks to her hours of exercise, now a fixed ritual of her everyday routine.


And now her husband Rod, whom she now liked to teasingly call "Rodless," literally worshiped her body, which certainly didn't hurt her self image.


He handed her the fresh marguerita, icy, sweet and glistening and waited expectantly."That's all, get back to your work," she said indifferently. He scowled briefly, catching a disapproving look from her which dampened it immediately, and left her. Muriel sipped her drink, turned on the television volume and settled back in the chair.


For the last three weeks Muriel had her husband Rod encased in the Neosteel Permanent Chastity Brief and she was delighted with it. It looked like a pliant gleaming chrome panty that completely covered his cock and balls, went around his waist, but was wide open in the rear, for "easy access, if desired" as they advertised. The technology of it was unbelievable (as was the cost). It was somewhat soft, easy and non-irritating to wear, but at a touch, anyone's, including Rod's, it became hard and completely impenetrable, like actual chrome metal, and stayed that way for about ten minutes. Amazingly, it allowed water to pass around it, and urine, making cleaning and relieving himself possible without ever removing it. A few minutes with a blow drier and Rod was dry again as well as the panty.


It also had an amazing muffling and blanking effect on any casual contact with clothing or any other object, which made it completely impossible for the wearer to fell much through it or stimulate himself. Rod often complained he couldn't touch or even feel himself his own cock and balls in it. The only thing he ever felt were the sensations induced my Muriel when she used the Master Controller. And she quickly learned to use it well.


That itself was a marvel as well. It looked a tiny TV remote, small enough to carry in a pocket, a purse, even around her wrist on a small strap. If Rod touched it, he was given a sharp electric-like pain in his groin, that had him gasping and doubling over, wanting it only to stop. That was from the merest touch of his fingers, which he only tried twice in the three weeks he had now worn the panty..


He couldn't even imagine what it would do to him if he actually held it for a few seconds. Muriel assured him from what the product literature stated, he would never ever want to find out. She could also set it on a radius, so that if he strayed more than the set distance from it, he was doubled over in pain. And she could use it to give "spot" sensations to Rod anywhere he might be, thanks to wireless Internet transmission, from a warning tingle that promised worse to come if he didn't comply with her wishes, to escalating jolts of any intensity and frequency. Muriel loved it and never had any more problems with Rod doing things around the house on demand or wanting to go out and leave her when she wanted him at home taking care of her needs.


Similarly, she could use it to give pleasurable sensations to Rod at will, which could duplicate every stage of sexual stimulation, teasing, arousal, and foreplay, as well as bringing Rod to long, slow, exquisite orgasms, driving mindless thrashing climaxes, or anything in between. She could even set it for automatic climax when Rod had finished pleasing her to her total satisfaction, where it would slowly bring him up to the brink, then make him come in the manner she programmed into the device. She could leave him on the bed, moaning and dry humping the sheets when he came or, as was her favorite manner, to make him kneel on the bed on all fours and moan "Thank you, thank you, thank you, Mistress Muriel!" the whole time he was coming.


How it worked exactly she didn't know, or really care. Did she have a clue how a DVD player or her computer worked? Of course not. It was described as some technical interaction of physical sensations and "neuronal stimulations locally and targeting the pleasure and response centers in the central nervous system itself" the manual said. Whatever, it was definitely more than good enough for Muriel!


Since she got the device and could literally get Rod to do anything she wanted sexually to her (and totally avoid anything she didn't want to do), for the first time in her life, Muriel had come to grips with exactly what she liked and didn't like. She admitted it to herself.


She knew she differed from many women, but she no longer cared, at least for now. She was doing what she wanted with Rod and only what she wanted.


Her tastes? Very specific. She disliked anything inserted into her vagina, be it a hard cock, a vibrator, anything. And, to be completely honest, she vehemently disliked having to deal with the messy, sticky and disgusting byproducts of man's orgasm, whether it be on her hand, in her vagina, or (this one will NEVER happen again, she vowed!) In her mouth. All those boys, then young men, she played with growing up, and then Rod, there was so much she actually disliked that she kept doing for them, over and over again.


Well not anymore. It was not a problem (rather it was a blessing, she mused happily) if she never had to touch a man's penis again. They held no fascination or attraction for Muriel. She had her share and now found them repulsive, loutish, uninteresting. She no longer cared that anyone would consider her tastes weird or fussy. It was a wonderful time for her, as a woman, and as the ruler of her household at last!


Exploring her whims, her awakened desires emboldened her to try new things. She found she loved making Rod lie on his back, spread his legs and run her fingers over his thighs, his tummy and the wonderful asexual smoothness where she used to have to feel his filthy balls and cock. She practically purred as she did this. Rod had sometimes cried out at first when she did this, agonizing for the sensations he would now forever miss. She happily kissed his tears away and told him "There, there, Honey, it will be all right," and she turned up the pleasure-pulse settings on her controller and Rod would begin to gasp.


Make no mistake, Muriel had her hot sensual side, though, and she loved sex, but only the exact way she wanted it. Which was the long, gentle flicking of a tongue tip or a vibrator on her clitoris only, nowhere else, slowly increasing in intensity until she began the series of orgasms she always had if it was don't just right. No rough fingers there at all, please, she also demanded. Then, when her wonderful orgasms finally subsided, she disliked being touched anymore at all. She never really liked her nipples and breasts touched either. Rod's former fascination and insistence on fondling and sucking them repulsed her. Of course, he never was allowed that anymore.


And Muriel finally could have all the sex she wanted from Rod, exactly as she wanted it, any time she wanted it, thanks to the Chrome Panty and the wonderful Controller!


Rod finally had quit asking "When will you let me out of this?" Muriel knew if she really had her way the answer was "Never," but she didn't think he was anywhere near ready to hear that. He knew and believed that any attempt to hack, cut or saw the thing off himself would leave him quickly lying on the floor in excruciating pain and the Panty still solidly intact. It had its own built-in protective mechanisms.


He would still get so agitated at times, she had to immediately activate a program giving him a thirty minute building arousal and climax session to calm him down. Invariably five or ten minutes into it he would forget whatever he was begging for, whining about or demanding and roll over moaning "Yes...yes, yessssssssss..." until it subsided and he was exhausted and satiated, for a while.


Other times her patience was thin and she gave him horrible jolts of pain to simply shut him up, immediately. Both ways were completely effective. In time she found the best way to get him to be good was to give him a specific day in the future he would be allowed to come and letting him work up to that, get his reward if he was a good boy, then start all over and make him work hard for the next scheduled day. There were many other ways she kept his obedience and devotion. Every time he saw her she made sure he felt pleasure sensations and when he went to work oh her clit she made sure he felt pleasure too. That is unless his attention or technique faltered.


He found that immediately painful. Rod became an expert back-rubber and delivered ever-improving massages all over Muriel's body. She knew it was very frustrating for him, but a thrill nonetheless to be able to touch her body all over on those occasions, so arousing for Rod that she knew he loved these opportunities to worship her body. She had already enrolled him in a massage class and a gourmet cooking class and was on the lookout for other chances to increase his service to her. Rod would go, and learn, or else!


It was such a good life, she concluded. Rod was just like a big, intelligent, devoted dog now, she loved to tell her friend Rose, the only one who knew about the Chastity Panty and the new, kinky arrangement Muriel and Rod lived out.


"There's always something new to discover!" she told Rose, over dinner. Rose was her best friend, had been for years, and they had dinner out together at least once a week. Muriel had to tell someone, so over the last few weeks she had given Rose the blow by blow details of her new fun with Rod. Rose was always all ears for Muriel's incredible stories.


"Yesterday he worked so hard I decided to let Rod have a really good, hard orgasm on the laundry room floor in the basement. I started it and I left because I had some things to do upstairs. Then I forgot all about him for about an hour when I wondered where the hell he was: he was going to be in some trouble when I found him for not reporting to me as soon as he was done coming in his pants. I went down and he was there on the floor, thrashing and moaning, covered in sweat, completely exhausted and pumping his hips like a dog in heat.


He saw me and gasped "PLEASE MURIEL PLEASE PLEASE STOP IT!!!!!!!!" Then I noticed I had accidently set the thing for continuous repeat hard had him coming every 10 minutes or so, non-stop. I turned it off and he was so exhausted he couldn't even walk. I gave him some water and helped him up, and this is a riot, he literally crawled up the stairs, then slept for six hours straight!"


Rose was fascinated. They had lingered over dinner and the cocktails kept coming. Rose decided to push on and tell her friend what she really wanted.

"Muriel, you have told me so much about this thing, and Rod in it. Darling, I think it's time you let me see it!" Rose grinned as she saw Muriel's face light up with mischief.


"Rod would die," she laughed, imagining it. She was just drunk enough to do it tonight and to enjoy it immensely. Rod had admitted to her he was frankly turned on by Rose. He even fantasized about her. He loved her long naturally red curly hair, her full figure and creamy light skin. She was such a contrast to his trim, muscular wife. He admitted to Muriel, before life in the Chastity Panty, that he would be in heaven if they could invite her to their bed for a hot threesome.


Muriel would have none of that, although she knew Rose had done that and a lot of other kinky, wild things with her ex-husband. Threesomes, wife swapping, even bondage and domination, and Muriel had tittered as Rose told her all the details over the years. She had been invited to their bed several times, as well as invited to have a "hot foursome" with Rod along too. Rose had always liked Rod, and Muriel was tempted but too prudish to do it.


However, it thrilled her to have a few drinks with Rose and hear all about her sexual adventures. Poor Rose, since the divorce two years ago she hadn't found anyone who could truly satisfy her and she was sick and tired of looking. Rod was also more than a little bit jealous of her relationship with Muriel. He hadn't seen her since he became his wife's captive slave.


"Let's finish these drinks and go home and let you see Rod in his new...state... and what I can do to him...and make him do. You are going to laugh your ass off, Rosie!"


The ladies had settled into armchairs in the living room, a pitcher of cosmopolitans and two elegant martini glasses on the table between them, freshly prepared and now poured into their glasses by Rod, who looked them over nervously. They sipped the drinks. They were up to something, he knew, as he took in Muriel's cat-like grin and saw Rose looking him up and down openly and hungrily.


He blushed. So this is what it felt like to be undressed by someone's eyes and looked at like a piece of meat. It's not that sexy, he concluded, especially in his subservient and secretly vulnerable state; it's actually a bit intimidating. He felt he now knew what the women complained about when they walked by a construction site. He was wearing his work jeans, old work boots and a dusty t-shirt.


He had been slowly cleaning out the junk room in the basement that evening as instructed by Muriel when she left for dinner with Rose, reluctantly and resentfully, and he was angry now that his wife called him up to wait on her and her friend. And they both looked so damn sexy, dressed to go out and looking horny and on the prowl. Damn, damn, damn he thought, I haven't fucked a woman in weeks, nor can I even if I had one that was willing, and they have to come home looking like this. As Muriel took the remote controller out of her purse and held it up for Rose to see it dawned on him: Oh my God, Rose knows all about it! His mind swam and he felt humiliated and weak.


"Quit sulking and smile for us, Baby," Muriel told him a bit drunkenly as she fingered the remote then hit him with a sharp little jolt of shock to the balls which made him cry out and bend forward, then he was quickly trying to smile as he caught his breath and silently prayed she wouldn't do that again.


"I'm sorry, Honey, I'm so glad to see you and Rose too, especially when you both look so good," he said evenly and lowered his eyes.


Rose stared at him, licked her lips and said "My God, Murie, I thought you were making this up. You did that to him? Show me more!"


"You are so insincere! You think you can just sweet talk and bullshit us like that?" Muriel railed at him, showing off for her girlfriend. "Watch this, Rosie." She hit him with a very hard jolt and he fell to his knees clutching his groin and choking back tears that immediately filled his eyes. "No, please.... God... please no," he croaked.

Muriel held the remote out as if to finger another shock to him and he cringed. "Who is your owner now, you worm?"

"You are, you are," he whispered quickly.


"What? I can't hear you," she said sharply and made as if to give him another shock. "Who's your owner and who do you obey?"




Muriel laughed and Rose stared, then she erupted in laughter. "I do love it when he begs," Muriel said with satisfaction, "it's just so right."


Rose agreed, adding she just couldn't believe Rod could ever be made into such a good boy. She wanted to see the panty and Muriel told Rod to do a strip-tease for them. She put on some music and had Rod "dance sexy" while he did it, as the ladies roared with laughter and refilled their glasses.


He was finally naked except for his panty and Rose told him to come closer. She was fascinated with it. She kept fingering the hardening chrome panty, running her fingernails up and down it and rod's thighs and stomach, tapping his prison with her fingernails and watching Rod's mortified expression all the while. He moaned in frustration and looked as if someone had slapped both his cheeks to a bright red and he was about to burst into tears. Such a far cry from the arrogant, argumentative Rod she knew, and, she concluded, a definite improvement.


She cupped his groin area in her hand. Rod's cock was trying desperately to get hard in the panty but had nowhere to go. The effect of Rose exercising such easy, casual dominion over him was arousing him to no end, to his surprise and further embarrassment. "Show me how you can make him excited, show me how much," she finally asked Muriel in a sultry voice, grinning maliciously up at Rod, refusing to release his crotch.


"Stand there, Rod, don't move," Muriel told him and leaned forward in her chair. Rose held his hardened crotch area and with the other gripped his ass tightly. She was clearly enjoying this spectacle. Rod moaned and looked helplessly at Rose, then Muriel, as she aroused him quickly with the device. His body stiffened and he pressed his groin into Rose's hand and as he lost control he began to thrust.


"My God, such power!" Rose remarked, gripping him tighter and moving with his thrusts, "Muriel, let him get off, I want to see that." He wanted Rose more than anything in the world at that moment and wanted to come in wild heaving thrusts inside her plump wet pussy, to mount her like a man and ram it in her until he had mastered her, possessed her, filled her and was drained of his juices, but he knew better than to disobey his wife and he stood there, lost in heat and lust.

"Do it," Rose urged, "Come, Baby, come for me!" and Muriel induced a hard long climax in Rod, making him cry out and soak the inside of the chrome panty with his juices in spurt after spurt of hot come.


As his climax subsided, Rose released him and stared in awe and fascination. Rod was panting heavily. Muriel hit him with a sharp shock between his legs that made him cry "Nooooooo!" and tears well in his eyes. She told him "Don't have too much fun there, Rodless Wonder, now get over there, " she gestured to the other side of the living room, "and kneel until I tell you to get up." Rod obeyed. It was killing him to leave Rose's side.


"Show me that thing... this is marvelous!" Rose said sincerely as she got up and moved to Muriel's side. Rose leaned in closely as Muriel explained the controller's settings and commands. Rose was very close now and Muriel looked up. Rose leaned in and kissed her deeply on the lips. To Muriel's surprise, it felt very good and she didn't pull away. The pitcher of cosmos had loosened her inhibitions.


As Rose's tongue gently played between her lips she felt herself getting warm, then warmer still as Rose reached down and caressed her breasts through her tight knit sweater, still holding the long wet kiss. Rod knelt across the room looking on in wonder and mounting desire. He couldn't believe his wife was letting herself be touched, kissed, and by another woman! Rose gently pulled Muriel to her feet and ran her hands up and down her body, kissing her repeatedly now. "Should I continue?" Rose asked heavily. Muriel was melting in her arms and sighed "Yes...yes."


Rose was undressing her now, Rod saw in amazement. And Rose was unbuttoning her own blouse. "I've wanted this for so long, Muriel, I've wanted you. I know it will be incredible between us..."

Muriel nodded and said in a loving, lusting voice Rod had not heard for years "Let's go to the bedroom, Rosie, now and please spend the night!"


Rose murmured in pleasure then added "What about Rod?" Muriel looked over, remembering him. She picked up the remote and pointed it at him. Rod was shaking his head no. "Get up and go to your room. Now."

"Muriel, wait, let me join you, it would be so good, the three of us..." Rod got up and stammered. He was approaching them slowly, looking quite pathetic in his overwhelming desire for them both. Muriel hit him with a hard painful shock that had him reeling and gasping and stopped him in his tracks. "You're not listening," she said sternly. "Go. We don't want you. We don't need you." He looked pleadingly at Rose.


"She's right, Roddie. We don't. She's all mine tonight," Rose told him, "Get rid of him, Murie, and let's go upstairs."

Muriel marched him to his room as Rose followed her closely, his new room actually a small suite on the first floor designed by some previous owner for a now unknown mother-in-law.


She ordered him in and set the perimeter control of the remote for twenty feet from where Rod stood in the center of the room. He would not be leaving the suite until she undid the command, although he could use the bathroom and get to the small kitchenette and everything else inside.


She closed the door and just to be sure slid the heavy outside bolt lock she had Rod install just last week, locking him in the suite.


He was still whispering "no, please" as he heard the bolt slide home.