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Face Sitting POV review  free movies. Facesitting POV free pictures and reviews.





FacesittingPOV review by PornInspector:


If you like to see subservient males forced to lick moist lovely holes and backeyes, then you'll love the vids on this website.


Face Sitting POV features beautiful amateurs with big round asses and shaved pussies who sit on submissive men's faces and force them to lick their sweaty holes. The camera is right up in the action, giving you the same view you'd have if it was your face being smothered by these lovely ladies. You're definitely not worthy of serving them, but luckily they'll let you anyway.
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   review by PornoTribune:


These kinky females love to smother their men with their perfectly round asses that are perfect for facesitting. Watch these evil women sit on the faces of their male slaves and laugh as they deprive them of oxygen. They are using these men like pieces of human furniture and keeping them under their mercy.





"Facesitting Queen." by RomanVideo - Film review by Richy


I'm typing this as I'm watching the film - excuse the typos....


She sits on his face in backward sit - by the way, she's wearing panyhose (UK - tights...but you knew that...) I much prefer lingerie like stockings and suspenders! Let me rephrase that. I much prefer the women to be wearing stockings and suspenders.


But those of you who like pantyhose will LOVE this scene! "well, you're gonna like this" - she tells him, and sits down firmly. Wow, that rubbing back and forth on his face has GOTTA hurt...that nylon must be like sandpaper!


Now she's bouncing on his face - and I think he's attempting to move his head out of the way.


"I like to see you struggling"


BIG gasp for air, when she lets up on him. She gives him about 8 seconds, then grabs his head, puts it back in postion and then down on his skull again....she says about his last stretch of breath holding "that's wasn't good enough for me!"


She changes into a forward sit...."feeling lightheaded?" She grabs his head, and pulls it tighter into her crotch.


SMILE...she's sitting on his face, close up view of her pussy on his face and she starts to rub herself off with her right hand!....tells him "to open his eyes"...when he's a bit slow, she used her thumbs to force his eyelids up!...."you get to see me play with my clit"'s bloody difficult to concentrate on writing this....this film is HOT!!!


Then she grabs his head, and pulls it in, tighter...


She straightens her legs, and puts more weight on him, wiggling from side to side. His nose looks like it's near to breaking, I mean, LITERALLY! I don't know who the guy is, but if he's a member of this board, let us know if it was as painful as it looked...her nipples are ROCK hard, I've just noticed.


WOW, She takes her weight off his face, poses in a sort of 'arch' above his face, says "now you come up to me", and lifts his head off the bed and mashes it into her cunt! First with just the right hand, then she links both hands behind his head, and PULLS! I like a woman who loves her job...


She rotates his head in her pussy, using his nose on her clit, I think?


She sits on his face again, and starts to work herself to a cum, starting with a gentle to and fro rocking motion...she works up to a pretty rapid pace, and god knows what the friction is doing to his face....heh heh heh....


"you're gonna like this one" she says, as she changes position again, and sits side saddle. "Now you got my WHOLE ass on your face, and it's covering you pretty good...". Then she really BOUNCES his head on the bed...she's pretty aggressive!....


she says..."are you getting lightheaded?"


I don't know about him, but I think I am! There are some pretty unique camera angles in this scene.


She eventually rolls off his face - he looks a bit 'wiped out' - and sensually and slowly takes her pantyhose off.


Then she squats on his face in the forward sit position. She holds her pussy open by the lips and sinks his nose DEEP into her. "I'm gonna cover this nose up - real good"


Then she fucks his face and cums on him.


ONLY a quarter of the way into the film, so far!


She changes positions, goes into a reverse sit. She has a TRULY gorgeous ass. I LOVE latino women!


"Do you like it without pantyhose? huh? good...."


She used her right hand to reach back and down under his head and sort of 'vibrates' his head into her ass. She tucks her feet under his head - using the soles to keep his head raised and jammed into her ass crack.


She then tells him it's "time for some ass worship" - she makes him stick his tongue out and into her asshole. She gets pretty vocal at this point.


TOTALLY NEW POSITION! I've never seen this in a film, before! In the reverse facesitting position, she leans forward and lies flat on top of him (her head near his calves). Then she uses her feet (the soles holding the back sides of his head - and using this position rocks his head into her, for her enjoyment) "oh, feels good" Then she breaks into spanish, because she's getting a bit over excited - i only understood one word - that was 'culo' - means asshole, doesn't it? So she probably wasn't talking about politics? or maybe she was? lol


Then she surprises him by leaning back up and sitting heavily on his face again. She REALLY starts to bounce on his face! Starts screaming in pleasure - holding his head right in there.


When she lets him breathe again - well, to be honest, he looks a bit ill, white faced...


Then she has him stick his tongue out and starts to ride it with her pussy, very fast...(MORE Then she's still, and just has him licking her clit. Great shot of her 'full moon', and you realise how nice her ass fills the screen.


I think this guy has had his face in her ass or pussy for all but a minute of the films so far - I mean, literally, his face has been in physical contact with her ass constantly...she's obsessed with it! MY KIND OF WOMAN!


Now she starts to tickle him - still sitting on his face - I gotta be honest, I don't understand the attraction of this kind of action in a facesitting film.


She takes his trousers and pants down and starts to slap his dick, whilst rubbing and grinding herself onto his face. When she starts to really slap his cock, he reaches down to protect himself, so she handcuffs him!


She slaps his cock a bit more, then dismounts and forward sits him, sort of 'stirring' his face with her ass...



REALLY close shot of him eating her pussy....very close as a POV shot. Hard to get pics, though, she's moving too fast.


Then she sort of braces her legs apart, and starts to really work on his face. Then she does that thing with her pussy lips again..."smell that pussy"....ha, he's had it rubbed into his face so hard, so much, he'll be smelling it for a month! lol


"you want to be my slave? How the fuck can you be my slave if you don't eat my pussy right?"


She has her pussy lips covering so much of his nose, they are actually TOUCHING his face! His nose is GONE.

"now it's time for you to lick this ass, and you BETTER fucking make me come" and then more Spanish (I guess as she gets excited, she just switches to her native tongue.)


GOD - I wish you could hear the noises she's making...incredible turn on...



Next, she's lying belly down on the bed, and he's lying between her legs in the same position, trying to cram as much of his tongue into her ass as he can.


"C'mon, move that head in and out, there ya go"


She might be on the bottom, but she's still in control - bouncing his head up and down with her ass...MORE Spanish! Holy fu....I wish you could see how fast she can vibrate that ass into his's incredible


"As my slave, you're never gonna stop eating my ass..."


Thought that the film was ending, but now she's sitting side saddle on his face again, trying to get his nose into her ass. "is that good for you?" (when she finds a positions she likes)....more



Some INCREDIBLE angle shots of the guy licking her pussy, whilst she holds it open for him. Her pussy lips are huge! "c'mon, move your fucking head into it" She's almost near another orgasm, because she's getting impatient with him, grabbing his head and trying to guide him to do a better job. (some GREAT screenshots I took, of this...they'll appear further in the message thread)


She reclines back on him, still with his face in her ass, and using his bent legs as a back support, starts to relax. I thought the film was drawing to a close, but then she gets up, and goes to get a strap on face dildo! Which she straps to his chin!!!! WOWWW, WHAT a film!


NOW I'm REALLY jealous of this guy! What a FRIGGIN VIEW he's getting!!! God, you should see the way her pussy lips GRIP the dildo as she rides it slowly up and down... She gets him to lick her pussy as she fucks his chin. Forward and reverse face fucking/sitting. She comes REALLY strongly, then takes the dildo off him. Then they do more forward facesitting, with him licking her ashole again, in close up. She starts to lick, suck and deepthroat the the used dildo...! The film finishes.


What an incredible woman!


(I had to rewind the film, because i got so mesmerised, i forgot to take any screen capture pics!)


The guy must be cross eyed, right now, trying to take it all in! LOL


Guys, there is literally no frills in this films, it's female domination facesitting for 58 and a half minutes out of 60 minutes.... No messing around - just straight ino the action, which NEVER ceases or slows down. I wish it had been me in this film - it's a classic!
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"Smothered Silent"......incredible film! Has ZERO script or acting just slow, dominant facesitting/smothering...


It is a GREAT film!


My favourite film company, however is, as you might have guessed, Roman Video..... I just prefer the style of facesitting that they usually use....


I LOVE the actresses they are using lately - young dominant Latinas - but they had one film with a woman called Mason Storm, and she was so INTO dominant facesitting, that she was LEAKING pussy juice....


I mean LITERALY leaking juice! I saw the footage on their computers when I visited LA recently!


They decided not to release the footage in the film - which I thought and still think was a mistake.... (E.Rotique - what do you think they shoulf have done?)


I think she was the hotest and most dominant woman that they'v ever used....


I think that I prefer raven haired women - with one notable exception.... Mistress Crystal, because she is so 'damn hot'!




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