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Dominant Wife and husband in chastity belt

Real Femdom Marriage





I introduced Female Domination to my wife and now I fear that it has gone too far. I want to get our relationship back to where it was but my wife will not hear of it. She says that she loves being a dominant and liberated wife and that she will never agree to go back. I don't know what to do because I can tell that she is happy with our current arrangement and she is serious about never going back.


I have no one to blame but myself. She knew nothing about Female Domination but I was the one who introduced her to it and encouraged her to embrace her dominant side. She was hesitant and refused at first. I should have dropped it at that point but I couldn't let well enough alone. I have had submissive desires since I was a boy and I wanted to experience a real FemDom marriage. I had visited Pro Dommes both before we were married and on a couple of occasions since we were married. I tried to put these desires behind me and become a traditional husband to my wife. I was able to do this the first couple of years we were married but my desire to be dominated by my wife kept creeping back into my life.


I didn't know about your site so I was not as subtle in my approach to tell my wife about Female Domination. I would tell her during sex. When I became excited, I would tell her that I would like to be her slave. She usually just ignored such comments but one day she asked me why I kept saying that I wanted to be her slave during sex. I told her about Female Domination and my submissive desires and she flat out rejected the idea. She said that men needed to be strong and the leader in a marriage and that is what she needed out of me.


I tried to be her dream husband but I slipped and yielded to my submissive temptations. When she told me that she would never agree to being a dominant wife, I started to see Pro Dommes again. My wife eventually found out because she keeps tabs on our money and she asked about a couple of 300 dollar withdrawals from our savings account. I was able to make up a good excuse the first time she asked but the next time, she caught me in a lie, so I confessed to her what I had done.


My wife threatened to leave me and I broke down and cried, confessing that I was a weak man and that I needed her. My show of genuine emotion touched my wife so she was willing to talk to me about why I needed to be dominated by women. She asked me to make her understand. I did not know how to go about this so I suggested that we visit my Dominatrix together. I was impressed by this woman's intelligence and I thought she might be able to relate to my wife. My wife agreed so I scheduled a joint session with the Dominatrix.


My wife was scared about meeting this woman. My wife was expecting a Satanist or a Witch. She did not understand what a Dominatrix was, even though I explained it to her. Once my wife met this woman and saw how beautiful and intelligent she was, my wife was impressed. This woman set my wife at ease and offered to demonstrate how to dominate a man. My wife agreed and the Pro Domme dominated me in front of my wife, taking the time to explain it to her and making plenty of humorous remarks to my wife to keep it light. This woman ended up spending the entire afternoon with us but only charged us for a 90 minute session.


That day changed my wife's opinion of Female Domination. The Dominatrix told my wife to think of Female Domination in the terms of the benefits to the woman. She suggested that my wife use my desire to be her slave to get me to do the housework and to be more accountable to her. This is what sealed my fate. My wife loved the notion of me doing the housework and having to give an account of all my comings and goings, while she could come and go as she pleased.


My wife no longer saw FemDom as being perverted or strange. She bought a leather outfit and a riding crop and she began to dominate me. My wife searched the Internet and found sites such as yours. My wife learned and she even took me back to see the Dominatrix again so she could get more hands on experience in how to dominate me. That first year was the best of my life. All of my fantasies had come true. My wife made me into her slave, she spanked and whipped me, and began to incorporate D&S into our sex life. It was a blast and I was never happier.


However, it didn't stop there. My wife surpassed me in how deep she wanted to go with Female Domination. She became almost obsessed with it. She bought books and her nightstand was filled with D&S and FemDom books and publications. Any time someone would visit our house, I had to make sure there were no FemDom materials lying around. My wife wanted to take me into deeper submission to her. She loved being a dominant woman.


I did all the housework and that was fun the first couple of months but she kept adding more chores on me. I work a fairly stressful job but my wife expects me to come home and do housework. If I don't, she punishes me. My wife also started to deny me orgasms. I was Ok with this at first as I liked the concept of me pleasuring her but her not returning the favor. But she kept extending the time between my orgasms. I have always masturbated a little behind her back but now I was doing it more often. My wife would check my balls and she could tell they were not as full as they should be. She knew I was masturbating so she got me a CB2000. Now I wear it most of the time around the house. I don't wear it to work but she knows I will not masturbate at my office. When I come home, I have to put it on, which takes me fifteen minutes. Once I have it on, I have to get started on my chores.


I no longer masturbate and I am aroused and sexually frustrated all of the time. This does help me to stay focused on my wife and makes being her slave bearable. Your advice on that is true. But what was happening was when my wife allowed me an orgasm, she wanted it to be by intercourse. But due to being denied, I would climax in seconds and this upset my wife. There is a story on your site where another woman had the same problem so she cut her husband off from intercourse and began to go out with other men for sex. My wife read that on your site and she decided that is what she needed to do since my quick ejaculations were denying her the pleasure of intercourse with a live cock.


My wife now goes out on the weekends with a couple of her female co-workers. Both of these women are young girls, in their early twenties. My wife is in her late thirties. My wife dresses up sexy and it drives me wild to see her looking so hot. But she goes out with her friends and I am left home to do chores. My wife does not totally ignore me. Some weekends my wife and I might go out to dinner and a movie, but at least one night most weekends my wife goes out with her female friends. They usually go bar hoping and dancing. I don't like it but my wife says she is a liberated wife and I have to submit. I have no choice and no say in the matter.


Two weeks ago, my wife stayed out all night. It was the first time this has ever happened. I asked her about it and she said she would give me the details the next time she dominated me in the bedroom. When that night came, my wife tied me to the bed, whipped me, and then began to take me with her strap-on. She got the idea for strap-on play from Anne Rice's novel "Exit To Eden" and from WHAP magazine. My wife is a big believer in dominating a husband through strap-on play.


As she was taking me with her strap-on the other night, she got extra forceful and bitchy. Then she dropped on me her revelation that she had sex with another man the night she stayed out all night. She met a young, handsome man at one of the bars she frequents with her female friends. She developed a friendship with this young man and she was attracted to him sexually.


My wife gave me the details of her sexual experience with him and how much she enjoyed having his nice sized cock inside of her. She said this man knew how to use his cock and that he didn't have a problem with premature ejaculations like I did. My wife kept slamming me with the dildo as she humiliated me about her sexual liberation. I will confess that I drifted into subspace and I was enjoying the moment. I even climaxed from the dildo and that was the first time that has ever happened. My wife told me that she would never bring another man into our house but she will on occasion have sex with other men. She enjoyed it more than she thought she would and she felt not the least bit guilty about it.


I enjoyed the moment when she was revealing her secret to me but this past week, I have been having problems dealing with it. I guess my orgasm brought me down off my submissive high and now the thought of my wife screwing other men is not so pleasurable for me. I've tried to let her know my feelings but she gets angry. She tells me that I was the one who encouraged her to develop her dominant side and now that she has, she says that it is not right of me to ask her to go back. I told her that we did not have to go all the way back but I didn't want her to sleep with other men. My wife told me that this is what gives her power over me and although she has only done it this one time so far, she knows that she could never give that power up.


I wonder sometimes if my wife is doing this to get back at me for introducing this lifestyle to her. Maybe she was happier the old way but since I brought her into this lifestyle, perhaps she is trying to get even with me by having an affair and then blaming me for it. On the other hand, perhaps my wife really does love her life the way it is now and I am being selfish by throwing water on her fire with voicing my negative remarks. My wife tells me that I can be a real downer sometimes.


I asked her the other night where all of this was heading and her answer really scared me. She told me that she would love to work me toward permanent denial and even feminize me. I do not desire this but I could see the determination on her face when she said it.


I like being dominated by her, disciplined and taken with her strap-on. I like it when she gets bitchy with me. I like it when she is getting ready to go out with her girlfriends and she dresses so hot. I feel overwhelmed with submission, knowing that she is going to be flirting with other men and I have to stay home and clean her house. The thought of this is exciting but I find the actual living of it is not. Doing chores gets old and now that my wife has crossed over the line and has actually had sex with another man, I find that I am enjoying my plight less and less. Is there any chance we could ever go back to being a more traditional husband and wife?