A genuine cuckold HUSBAND video made by people who love the cuckold lifestyle and

 Starring Mistress Harmony, Frank Towers and Tommie Twist

 This DVD has Full Motion Menu's

Approx. running time: 60 minutes

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Mistress Harmony is gorgeous. Just take one look at her blonde hair, hot body, piercing blue eyes and her dominant bitchy attitude and you will become weak in the knees and become rock hard in seconds.

It is so obvious from the first few minutes of this movie that Harmony enjoys every moment of this video. We've never seen a Mistress get so hot wet and horny and orgasm so many times just by performing in her scenes as Harmony does in this video. Her raw sexuality and dominant personality come through every single frame of this incredible video.

The video begins with Harmony telling her husband how she is going to get fucked by a "REAL MAN" with a big cock, not like the tiny small cock her husband has. She totally degrades and humiliates him and makes him feel totally inadequate for having such a small cock. Her verbal assault continues and she tells him she can't wait to get fucked by a real man and have her pussy stretched by a big cock and make him watch the entire time.

Harmony humiliates him more by having him wear her lingerie dressing him up like a SISSY and then proceeds toSPANK HIM over her knee making him admit he's a "Sissy with a small cock". Hard OTK spanking continue until his ass is bright red. Harmony admits she only married him for the money and promises not to leave him "as long as the money keeps coming in"!



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When Harmony's lover (Frank Towers who is a bodybuilder stud with a huge cock) knocks on the door she adjusts the sissy husband's lingerie preparing him for some SERIOUS HUMILIATION! She brings Frank in and begins telling him how she can't wait to get fucked by him and shows him her husband's small cock in panties, ridiculing him over and over again calling him a pathetic small dick sissy. She rubs Frank's cock between his pants and starts asking her husband "Do you want to see me suck this big cock and get fucked? You want to see your wife happy don't you??"

Harmony is getting extremely sexually excited now as she prepares to suck Frank's big cock, telling her husband how wet she is getting. The nasty way she talks to her husband is soo damn hot! She glances back at her husband while licking Frank's cock through his pants. She controls when her husband can play with his cock and tells him he can only touch it when she's getting fucked!

Harmony begins sucking Frank's cock saying things like "Now THIS is a REAL COCK!" tormenting and teasing her husband looking at him saying things like "Don't you wish you could suck this cock with me??" The camera angle gives you the feeling YOU are the husband as she looks directly into it teasing and taunting you asking YOU if you want to suck it with her as she points it at you and then quickly pulls it back into her mouth and says "NO! Its MY cock!"

Even Frank adds to the humiliation saying things like "Your wife's mouth feels sooo good. She really sucks my cock good"



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While she is sucking his cock she is rubbing her pussy saying how wet she has become thinking about riding this big cock. THE WAY SHE LOOKS INTO THE CAMERA WITH THOSE PIERCING BLUE EYES WHILE SHE IS SUCKING HIS COCK WILL DRIVE YOU INSANE WITH LUST AND YOU WILL BE REWINDING THIS SCENE OVER AND OVER AGAIN!

She makes her husband repeat out loud that he wants her to get fucked by a "real man" while he is on his knees watching his wife suck her lover's cock!

Next she torments her husband as she talks about how she is going to let Frank cum inside her pussy and get her PREGNANT and how he is going to raise the baby like it is his own! TALK ABOUT TOTAL HUMILIATION!

Harmony makes her sissy husband serve them drinks and then commands him to PREPARE THE BED FOR THEM and orders him to run upstairs and get everything ready. She leads Frank up the stairs by holding his cock like a leash and when she reaches the bedroom she asks her hubby if he prepared everything the way she likes.

In the bedroom Harmony lies on the edge of the bed and commands her husband TO PREPARE HER PUSSY FOR HIM BY LICKING IT AND GETTING IT WET! Watch the husband lick and suck her pussy while she talks about "how she can't wait to get fucked hard and deep by her lover". She tells her husband how he needs to get her pussy nice and wet so "it can take her lover's big cock" and "how its going to fill her pussy up with cum and how he's going to suck his cum out of her pussy"!

Next, Harmony makes her sissy husband SPREAD and HOLD OPEN HER PUSSY LIPS FOR FRANK'S COCK and as Frank's big cock slides in and out of her pussy Harmony commands her sissy husband to play with himself on his knees and watch closely as she gets fucked. She commands him to lick and worship her feet while she is getting fucked. She dishes out verbal abuse like we've never heard before.

They change into doggy style position and the slave husband complains why Harmony never fucks him and she yells back "Because you have a useless cock?that's why I never fuck you" and tells him to shut up or she will never let him watch her get fucked again!




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SHE REPEATEDLY SLAPS HER HUSBAND'S COCK WHILE SHE IS GETTING FUCKED CALLING IT USELESS AND WORTHLESS! Meanwhile she is looking directly into the camera calling YOU a worthless small dick sissy with a small cock as she bounces up and down on her lovers cock!

Harmony changes to reverse cowgirl position and really begins to ride Frank's cock and Harmony commands her sissy husband to LICK AND WORSHIP HER PUSSY WHILE SHE IS GETTING FUCKED, lick her feet and suck on her tits. Just before Frank shoots his cum deep inside Harmony, they go to the edge of the bed and Frank pounds her pussy over and over again until he SHOOTS ALL OF HIS CUM DEEP INTO HER PUSSY GIVING HER A CREAM PIE and shoots some of his cum on her pussy lips.

What happens next is incredible. A Point of View camera angle goes right up to Harmony's pussy and you can see her teasing and taunting YOU to LICK AND SUCK THE CUM OUT OF HER FRESHLY FUCKED PUSSY! SHE PLAYS WITH THE CUM AND TALKS REALLY NASTY TELLING YOU TO LICK IT OFF HER FINGERS AND SUCK IT OUT OF HER!!

Then she commands her sissy husband to come over and SUCK HIS CUM OUT OF HER! She shoves his face deep into her pussy making him suck out every drop! THIS IS THE REAL DEAL! NO TRICK CAMERA EDITING, NO FAKE CUM. THIS IS REAL CUM AND REAL CREAM PIE EATING!!!



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After he sucks it all out of her she begins to FACESIT AND SMOTHER HIM, telling him to suck out the remaining cum as she squeezes it out of her pussy! She smothers him forward and reverse, GRINDING HER PUSSY AND ASS ON HIS FACE and making him stroke his pathetic cock until he cums while sucking out the last of the lovers cum!

Finally, Harmony orders him to prepare a shower and bath for her and her lover.

A Note from Romulus
(Founder of Roman Video, Producer, Director and Cameraman):

This is a very special video to me. A lot of thought, planning and preparing went into the making of this video. I've waited over 4 years to make this movie and have wanted to watch a video like this myself for years but there was nothing out there like this. I have envisioned every scene in this video many, many times before writing the script and then re-rewriting it and waiting for the right people to perform in this video. When all the elements of the movie and finances finally came together I decided to go for it and make this video.

I've seen many other cuckold videos and this video is different in so many ways. This video focuses on the psychological aspect of cuckolding and the relationship between husband and wife and his inadequacies to fulfill her and also the great sex between the wife and her lover. In addition, we combined the most popular elements of what most cuckolds fantasize about or experience in real life in this video and put them all together in one great story with beautiful actors.



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There is sissy training and humiliation, forced teased bi-sexual cock sucking (great camera angles put you in the movie as Harmony taunts and teases YOU to suck it with her---then pulls it back into her mouth), a REAL cream pie scene with REAL cum from the lover and the husband REALLY licks her pussy afterwards. There is worshipping of the wife while she gets fucked (foot and breast licking), the pregnancy fantasy where the wife gets pregnant by her lover and tells the husband that he's going to raise it as his own, nude facesitting and ass worship, cock slapping and most importantly HOT INTENSE SEX between the wife and her lover with the husband watching.

In many instance you get to watch her facial expressions as Harmony is getting fucked and listen to her talk into the camera telling you how much bigger and better her lover's cock is and how much she loves getting fucked by it. This is something we have never seen before and made sure to include it in this video.

Everything in this video is genuine. We did not use any trick camera shots or editing.

There are also no interruptions or intrusions of the director either.

I guarantee there is nothing else out there like this.
If there was, I would have bought it and never would have had to create this video.

I sincerely hope you enjoy this video. We surely had a great time making it. I hope with your support we can continue to make more movies of this genre and continue the series with even more intense hot action and different beautiful women.



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This cuckold video features the following action:

  • REAL Cuckolding
  • Hot intense sex
  • Hot Blowjob scene
  • Sissy Training
  • Feminization
  • Over the Knee Spanking
  • Facesitting and Smothering
  • Cock slapping
  • Extreme verbal humiliation
  • Cream Pie
  • Point of View scenes during the blowjob and creampie scenes.

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