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I have always felt the need for firm discipline and the secure structure that only a dominant woman can give. I am glad that early in our marriage, I had the courage to openly and honestly explain my needs to my wife. Consuela is five years older than me, a petite beauty with long black hair and a fiery Latin temperament. She has always been opinionated and sure of herself; once I had explained my needs, she eagerly agreed to enter into an active dominant role.


Consuela stated from the first that the key to feminine dominance was sexual control; the next weekend, at her direction, she and I went to an adult shop where there was every type of "sexual aid" imaginable. To my embarrassment, she told the clerk that she was interested in a chastity harness that would fit me. With a knowing smirk, he displayed several types.


Consuela then asked me if I would be willing to wear one at all times so that I would always be reminded of my place. With the clerk looking on, I could only stammer an agreement.


The leather-and-metal device she selected encircles my balls, rings my cock and locks with a miniature padlock. It is sized for some cock expansion, but nothing approaching a full hard-on. Once we were home and she had me fitted and locked, I had a feeling of almost total subjugation--a feeling I was to find increasingly enjoyable. Any thoughts or sights which aroused my sexual feelings resulted in a strange sensation of titillation and bondage.


My horniness began to build immediately but, that night, when I begged Consuela to remove the harness, she refused. Instead she coolly told me that I would have to wait until the next Saturday night - a full week away! To my pleas for relief she said, "An aroused husband is an obedient husband, and I think I've found a way to keep you continually horny. Any more whining will only lengthen your sentence."


The following days were a strange mixture of agony and pleasure. My straining harness served as a constant reminder of just who was in charge. Being submissive, I have always been attentive to Consuela's needs, but now it seemed that I was aware of her every nuance, her every thought, sometimes even before she expressed it! By Friday, she said I had become almost telepathic.


Finally, on Saturday, Consuela ordered me into the den, where she seated herself in an armless chair and slowly pulled up the hem of her dress. She spread her sleek, well-shaped legs to reveal a glistening pussy. My cock began to swell and strain against its harness. "Lick," she commanded sharply. I hastened to comply.


Under my oral attention, her leg muscles stiffened, and in time her hips began to quiver in the throes of orgasm. My confined cock was now throbbing in exquisite pain and dripping pre-come. Consuela gave a cry, grasped my hair and squeezed my head tightly to her crotch. I eagerly lapped up her oozing juices as she climaxed. Then she pushed me away and ordered me onto my hands and knees. The time of my sexual release was at hand!




"Now beg your mistress," she said coldly. "I want you to convince me that you'll do anything for me if I let you come. Anything!"


I immediately assured her that I would be her total slave forever if only I could have relief. Satisfied, Consuela ordered me to put my hands behind my back. I soon heard a distinctive metallic click and experienced the feel of cold steel handcuffs.


Consuela then inserted the key in the harness lock, but did not open it. Then, through the harness, she began to slowly and delicately stroke my aching cock and swollen balls. I groaned and pleaded for relief; Consuela just shushed me.


"Now, relax, darling. We don't want to delay this, do we?" she cooed.


I struggled to remain silent; it was almost unbearable with my throbbing cock still confined in its harness. The more she gently and playfully stroked, the more my cock strained in a vain attempt to burst its bonds.


Finally I could stand it no longer. "Please, Mistress! Please!" I screamed. At last she reached underneath me, gave the key a twist and pulled off the harness. In an instant my erect cock sprang free and began to spurt streams of pearly white come on to the floor. Consuela squeezed my balls repeatedly to milk out every drop. I was then ordered to lick the floor clean. For the first time I experienced the taste of my own come as I lapped it up as quickly as I could.


On that fateful Saturday, Consuela stated that from then on intimate contact between she and I would consist exclusively of my servicing her orally on a daily basis, except that, at her sole discretion, my cock may enter her pussy on special occasions. Every evening, I am privileged to be allowed to approach, kneel between her thighs and bury my face in her beautiful crotch, licking, sucking, or sometimes just breathing her sex for hours.


Since then, almost ten months have passed. I have become conditioned to promptly and completely obey Consuela's every command. She has introduced me to her bathing and dressing rituals and I have learned to love the caress of satin and nylon. Under my business suit at work, I must now wear her panties.


All this keeps me in a state of constant sexual arousal. My panties are continually damp with pre-come as my cock swells in its harness. This ecstasy rises to an almost unbearable peak by Saturday night, which is when Consuela, after her daily climaxing, has decided is the optimum time for my once-a-week relief. She varies her method of doing this to suit her mood. Usually, she simply unlocks the harness and gives my cock a few strokes with a feather or commands me to jack off. As soon as I come, I must lick up and swallow every drop of my sperm. The harness is then promptly locked back on.


I adore my wife as my dominant mistress; my whole life now revolves around striving to please her in every way.