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Chastity Training Husband



I discovered your web site over five years ago and I've learned a lot about chastity by reading your stories and reviews.. I can tell you that my marriage and my sex life have improved drastically as a result of the male chastity belt. I thought it was finally time to share my true experience with my husband of fifteen years.

First let me say that unlike most of your stories, I'm not a natural dominant woman. My husband Peter is the one who introduced me to the whole concept. He loves to play "slave and mistress" games. When we first married, I would tie Peter up and spank him, then he'd jerk off and go to sleep. In the end, I was the mistress but he was in full control. I was rarely satisfied with the sex and Peter rarely licked my pussy which is the only way I can reach orgasm with him. I was frustrated, masturbating regularly and starting to consider taking on a lover. That all changed when I discovered chastity devices.

Since that time, I've bought a number of chastity belts, but I now stick to the CB2000 mostly because I need Peter locked down even when he's traveling. At first Peter could get out of it, but I've since had him pierced (Prince Albert) and a second padlock through the piercing ring makes it 100% escape proof.

My basic rule is quite simple - Peter would only be let out after he's licked my pussy 75 times. That means he's usually locked up for five weeks to seven weeks, depending on my needs. The more he licks, the quicker he gets out. Peter has to keep a log beside the bed and I sign it at the end of each day.

I have some basic rules that Peter has to follow:

  • He had to ask my permission before touching my pussy. If he just starts licking without permission it doesn't count.
  • If I wasn't satisfied with his performance, it doesn't count.
  • He can't refuse to lick me if I request it. (During my period he never offers.) If he refuses, he loses all his former points and has to start over at zero.

The change in my sexual satisfaction was incredible. My husband was constantly offering to lick me. In the morning / after work / before bed. Peter also has a strap on dildo so I got all the intercourse I needed.

Since our original training I've added some new rules. (If you live this life full time like we do, you always need to be upping the stakes, because a sexually submissive man wants and craves more domination as time goes on.) We now have added a "Weekly Summary". Every week Peter must meet certain weekly goals, or all the pussy licking for the week will be disqualified and won't go toward his total goal of 75. (Peter actually thought up most of these rules himself.) The weekly goals are:


Every night Peter now begs me to give him 10 strokes (7 nights @ 10 each.) before he goes to bed. He can handle the 10 strokes without any real problem. But if I'm angry with him or he's been mean to me, I just say no. That means that he now has fewer days to make up the 70 strokes. Every day I refuse him, the more he knows he'll need to take per day later in the week. If I refuse to spank him Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, and Thursday I'm sure to receive flowers at my office on Friday, because he only has 3 days left to take his 70 strokes. That's an average of 23 strokes per night - a lot more than he wants to take. His limit for comfort is around 15. The beauty of this.he has to be good to get spanked regularly! And if he doesn't want to take the pain, he can forfeit the week. All strokes are logged into his book and I must sign them.

Rules for above:

  • I will only spank him once per day. He must take all his strokes at once. No splitting them up during the day.
  • I give him continuous strokes - no rest between each.
  • If he begs me stop during his spanking, I will but he forfeits the week.
  • I always use the same force - regardless of the number of strokes I give him.


Peter likes the Kali's in short bursts but this is hard for him to take overnight. He doesn't get much sleep with it on. He wears it Saturday night because he's invested so much effort into the whole week and so he's really reluctant to forfeit it. If he needs it removed, I'll take it off but again he forfeits the entire week.


Passive punishment is a punishment where he gets pain but I don't have to participate. The truth is that I simply don't have the time or energy or interest to play "dominant mistress" all the time. This way Peter gets to be dominated but I don't have to do all the work, tie all the knots and administer all the punishment. Besides, the idea that he's so dominated that he must punish himself is a huge turn on for him.

An example of a passive punishment would be ball stretching - Peter has to hang a weight on his balls and cuff his hands behind his back. I might participate by tying his neck collar to the ceiling so he can't sit down, but that's it. I can then return in an hour and let release him. Peter has to do all the work. We have a punishment bag with at least 20 passive punishments on cards. Peter came up with all of them himself. He just draws the card and performs the punishment. Other examples of our cards are:

  • "Anal Stretching - tie your ankles to footboard. Insert stretching dildo. Cuff your hands to headboard." 1 hour.
  • "Nipple Hanging - put on nipple clamps and chain them to ceiling. Cuff your hands behind your back. 1 hour.
  • "Forced Kneeling - tie your ankles. Kneel in front of footboard. Tie balls off to footboard so you can't move. Cuff hands behind back." 30 minutes.
  • "Cruel Shoes - put on high heel pumps. Tie neck collar to ceiling. Cuff wrists behind back. 45 minutes.
  • "Enema - take 2 liters of water and hold. 15 minutes.
  • "Cock Torture" - Put on Kali's. Tie your ankles spread eagle to footboard, Cuff hands to headboard for 2 hours. ( I came up with that one.)

Keep in mind that you can combine some of these - once in awhile I have him draw two punishments that can be done together - for instance, Cruel shoes can be combined with Nipple Hanging, and Cock Torture can be combined with Anal Stretching or Enema. Be sure to use your imagination because the unknown is always a real turn for a sub man.


Since Peter really is naturally submissive, I let him play out his fantasy punishments by adding a new passive punishment to the bag every week. This also keeps the game fresh, something that is important to both of us.

If all of the above conditions have been met by Sunday night, I allow Peter to add his weekly pussy lickings to the total count. I can tell you that Peter is very happy with the whole situation. He's living his fantasy - to be submissive to a woman. He actually enjoys the thought of pain more than the actual pain itself, but he always has the choice to cancel his punishment and forfeit the week. Personally I'm living my fantasy - sex on demand, all the pussy licking I can stand and a generally well behaved husband who works hard to please me. As I said, I'm not naturally dominant, but I sure enjoy the results that this lifestyle has given me.