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Chastity for Richard

Submitted by: RJ




I had been introduced to the chastity belt about 3 months before. I did not wear it full time while we made some adjustments but had been wearing it at this point for about 3 weeks. I will try to incorporate both the conversation that went on and how I was feeling.


The story begins with me standing in the bedroom naked except for my belt being inspected by my Mistress..........


"Well my sweet husband it looks like everything is OK now. Does it feel good?"



"I wouldn't say it feels good but I can tolerate it. How much longer do I have to be locked up?"

"Not to much longer- please assume the position on the bed please."


I did and in a few moments Mistress had me tied spread eagle to the bed. She then straddled my face and had me worship her until she was satisfied all the while rubbing her hands on my locked cock which could not even get hard. I found this to be incredibly arousing and the pain associated with trying to get hard only increased my arousal.


After being satisfied my Mistress unlocked my belt and freed my cock. Once it had risen to its full erection Mistress picked up a ruler from the nitestand and measured it. She then said:


"5 inches- not hardly a man-sized cock now is it. I hope you can make up for your shortcomings with stamina."


She then proceeded to straddle me and ride me hard and fast. I was so excited already that it was just a brief few minutes before I let loose. The look on my Mistress's face was one of disappointment and disgust. She said to me: "That was pathetic. I will not put up with this. First your worthless dick might just as well be referred to as a clit it is so small and then you shoot off after 2 minutes. Well you can forget about having that happen again."


While saying this she was locking my cock back up. After she was done she sat down next to my head and stared intently at me while she said: "I hope you enjoy being locked up because I have decided to make this a permanent part of our lives. I really have enjoyed having you locked up and have decided that I can make a commitment to having you locked up on a permanent lifetime basis. I also hope you enjoyed that intercourse session because it is your last. From now on you will cum thru masturbation.


Occasionally if you have behaved properly I may give you a blow job. But I have no use for you inside me and you do so well pleasing me with your tongue that I am quite confident that I will be satisfied with that. As far as intercourse goes when I have a need for it you will put on our 9 inch strap on and service me with that. Now do you think you are going to be able to live like this? If you think that you can then we will proceed but if you think that you can't then tell me and we will continue our marriage without the sexual games. What's it going to be?


"Holly, I love you more than life itself and I find what we have been doing to be incredibly exciting and stimulating to me. I would love to continue- of course I am not happy about no more intercourse but I know that you could change your mind and I am more than willing to take that chance."


"I Love you too Richard and now that you have said yes I will let you know that because you got to be inside me today you will not be let out for the next 60 days. And during the next 60 days you must give me at least 75 orgasms. For every one short of 75 an extra week will be added on to the 60 day sentence. Also the household chores have now become yours and I have made up a list of all the work you will be doing. When I find something undone the list will be referred to for how many additional days get added to your sentence. You see how different things add anywhere from 1 to 5 days extra. Lets get you untied so that you can get started."


That first 60 days ended up being 93 days. That day when the belt was taken off I was told it would be off for only 1 hour.


Mistress stroked me to 2 orgasms during that hour. They were 2 of the best that I have ever had. Since this took place about 5 years ago, Mistress has not changed her mind about allowing me inside of her. But that is OK as my love for her continues just as strong as ever, stronger actually. I love our lifestyle and am so grateful that I have found this wonderful woman and I will always do my best to make sure she remains happy with me. And who knows, if I am the best I can be maybe someday I will change that beautiful mind of hers.