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orgasm denial


Chastity belts and orgasm denial

Real husband's life in submission, chastity belt and orgasm denial





As far as our own lifestyle, Mistress and I met on the Internet 4 years ago and we talked at great length about our sexual interests and the topic of female superiority. Mistress is very, very serious about orgasm denial. Once it was established that we were serious about meeting each other in person and possibly exploring a lifestyle together, mistress insisted that I give up masturbation all together and wear a chastity device for her. If I was serious about being her submissive, I would be honored to be her chaste servant and give her complete authority over my orgasms and sexual release.


Her demand was an incredible turn on and I told her so, but as exciting as this was to think about, I told her I wasn't sure if I had the self discipline to go through with it. She said; "Silly, that is what the chastity device is for!" She had a point, and I agreed to give it a try.


Mistress pointed me to a very secure chastity device she had seen on the web and asked me to purchase it and notify her once it had arrived and I had been wearing it continually for at least 1 week. There was to be no contact between us until this had transpired. If I found that I could not go through with it, she would understand, but it would be the end of our relationship and there would be no more contact between us. I agreed and the rest is history.


I contacted her after a hellish week of wearing the device. Mistress asked me how it fit and if it was comfortable. I said that it was, but that the sexual frustration was unbelievable. Mistress was pleased!


Mistress asked me if I was still willing to go forward with our plans and I told her that I was. Mistress told me to remain in the device and that she would mail me a lock to which she had the key. If I were still serious about being her submissive, I would be honored to do wear her lock. I agreed to this and to make a long story short, I spent a sexually frustrating, but incredibly exciting six months of sexual torment online and over the telephone before she agreed to meet me in person.


When we finally did meet in person it was according to her detailed instructions. She mailed me the directions and a key to her home and instructed me to go there while she was still at work. The instructions said I was to go to the living room where there was a camcorder set up. I was to turn it on and set it to record. Then I was to stay in front of the camera at all times. The instructions said I was to strip completely naked, put a pair of her soiled panties over my mouth and nose and then put on and lock a leather hood (with a mouth opening) onto my head. Then I was to kneel facing the camera and put on a pair of handcuffs behind my back and wait for her. I was to remain on my knees and she would review the video to assure that I did not lower my behind to sit on my legs.


I did exactly as she instructed and the tension and arousal inside my chastity device was incredible. After what seemed like several hours, I heard her come in the house. She came into the room, she said hello and that she was happy to see that I had complied with all of her instructions. She said she was going to test me tonight to see if I were worthy to be a live in submissive and if I did not pass it would be over between us. If I did pass the test, I would be her live in slave and among other things, I would be eating an incredible amount of pussy! I heard her ask me to nod if I would like that. Of course I nodded vigorously.


Well that night, I orally serviced her many times while still wearing the hood. This went on for hours. I also receive golden showers from her in the bathtub. Later that night, she asked me if I was still willing to commit to being her live in submissive and to finally see her for the first time. I nodded that I was and she removed the hood and panties from my face. It took a moment for my eyes to adjust to the light, but once they did, I reveled in her beauty! I was totally enamoured by what I hoped would become my new lifestyle Mistress.


She asked me if I were ready to commit to her and I said that I was. She asked me to sign a line on a contract where I agreed never to orgasm without permission and that I would never ask, hint or imply that I would like sexual attention. I signed another line agreeing never to masturbate for the duration of our relationship. Another signature that I would never orgasm with anyone other than her. Yet another signature agreeing to wear a chastity device when and as she saw fit, including a permanent device if that was her desire. Another signature agreeing that I would make no demands of any kind or have any say over her sex life or love life. I was to be her servant and not her lover. Another signature that I would agreed to serve any and all of her female friends in any way she saw fit. And finally a signature that I agreed to give her exclusive and total authority over my orgasms and sexual release and that I would abide by her rules without question.


After signing, she thanked me for making a commitment to her and then she told me that she was going to explain some of her policies to me on the topic of sex. She explained that since I was a servant, I would never be allowed to penetrate her or anyone else. She also explained that She has never and has no intention of giving hand jobs or blow jobs to servants and that she would not allow anyone else to perform this on me either. That would be totally degrading.


She asked me if I would like to ask any questions. I thought a moment and asked her about all of the restrictions on my sexual and orgasmic activities and how or when would I be allowed to have an orgasm. She said that is a very good point, because between the way we have contracted our relationship and her policies, there really wasn't a way for me to have an orgasm. She then said that since there was no provision for me to have an orgasm, it would probably be best for me to wear a permanent chastity device and have it secured with piercings. I told her I wasn't sure about this, but she said I signed all of the contracts willing and then she said that I had to admit the idea of this was an incredible turn on. I had to agree that it was. She asked me if I would be able to serve her with honor and I said that it would be a deep honor to serve her.


Well, it has been several years since my last orgasm and I am in a constant state of arousal. As frustrating as it is, I must admit that I like it very much and Mistress is always saying how my permanently chaste state ensures that I will always know who is in charge around here. And of course, Mistress is right. Once a month, Mistress gives me a prostate milking to keep me healthy.


So, what is our life like? Well, Mistress brings me to D/s social events and we host them often as well. I am always available to serve her and her friends in any way they desire. I serve Mistress often have even been permitted to orally service a few of her female friends. I must tell you that oral servitude while chaste is an incredible experience. The arousal is so intense that it can not be described. I don't think I will ever completely adjust to the fact that I will never be able to orgasm in any way or fashion, but Mistress does a good job of keeping this interesting and titillating for me.