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The Chastity Belt Training





My name is John. As of this moment, I have been totally chaste for 6 weeks, thats 42 days. My cock, well I guess I should call it my penis, as cock doesn't seem fitting for something that's hardly used, has been locked away in my modified Reinhold belt. My penis is the property of Marsha. She has had control of my orgasms for the past 6 months. Let me tell you, it has been the greatest torment, yet excitement of my life.


I met her on the Internet. We discovered that we shared the same interests. One thing led to another and, here I am at her mercy. I should explain though, that this is exactly the situation I sought. While I am her slave, I am not her prisoner. Except maybe a prisoner of love. We are both into BDSM, I love her, I love her having total control of my sex life, and I love serving her while being denied. I am eagerly awaiting to be released today, as every 7 days I get to play Marsha's favorite game, "Chastity Craps."


I was surfing the ?net on my computer, when I felt a familiar tingling. She was home and had activated the electronics built into my belt. I hurried to open the front door, as I did I heard Marsha giggling and I also heard what sounded like two other women talking. As they came in the room, I knelt and said hello.


Marsha smiled and said "John, this is Renee and this is Nicola and I've told them all about your situation." I started blushing, embarrassed that they knew about my confined manhood. "Fetch us some wine, Dear," Marsha said as her two friends smiled and stared at me.


When I returned with their drinks, Marsha ordered me to undress.


"Now?" I asked.


"Yes Dear! Obey, or we wont roll the dice this week. She said sternly. Knowing the reality of my situation I pulled off my shirt. The two girls stared right at me. Marsha continued, "Oh Renee you don't know what having one of these belts can do for you. John eats my pussy at least three times a day, and begs for more.


I unbuckled my pants, my heart now racing. My pants came down revealing my prison.


"Wow, that's awesome," Renee said. "But what happens if it gets hard?"


"That's the beauty of it Renee, it doesn't! Theres no room for it to grow!".


Now I am completely naked except for my belt.


"Can I touch it?" asked Nicola.


"Sure, be my guest. Slave, present to her."


I went over, stood in front of this little beauty, spread my legs wide, and locked my fingers behind my head. The Present position. This was the first time I'd done this for anyone but my Mistress. I was embarrassed, but excited at the same time. Nicola reached out and caressed, then scratched at the belt front. I swear I could feel the heat of her hand through it. My cock tried to swell up in its tube as she traced her fingers around the edges of the belt.


6 weeks? asked, Nicola.


Yes Marsha looked into my eyes, John has been very unlucky lately.


How did you train him? breathed Renee.


Marsha laughed, Well, practice makes perfect. First you get him locked up so he cant cum. A horny slave is an obedient slave. Then you start teaching. It used to be all whips and chains, but now there are modern, faster, more effective training methods. Both positive, and negative inducements. She went on, Its an electrical stimulation system. We wired up his belt so that when hes pleasing me, I give him pleasure. If he doesnt ..well, he gets pain. Immediate positive or negative reinforcement. Just as with Pavlovs dogs, I can condition him to take sexual pleasure from almost anything. Once that response is imprinted, no matter how humiliating or distastful he might have found it before, hell want it because it gives him sexual pleasure. With time his body will respond automatically. For now we have been working on obedience, and pussy licking. Later well get into.. other things, she drawled.


Where did you get all this?, breathed Nicola


Marsha continued, We combined already existing technology, We wired an Eros remote control box into his belt at the back. Wires run around, and down the tube to a PES corona cap at the tip of his cock. The other contact is a pad behind his balls. I can give him pain or pleasure from some distance away. See! This is the control box, she said, lifting what looked like a elaborate broach off her neck. I can select any of six programs, and the intensity from right here. Watch.


She selected, I think, Climb, and had me gasping in a minute. Or I can turn it up, and take him into pain. She did and I fell to the floor begging, and writhing. After a few seconds, thankfully, she shut it off. Slowly, panting, I got to my feet, and back into the position. Both ladies giggled and stared at me.


All males should be wired up like this, sneered Renee. Is that how you control him?


Partly, but it is more elaborate that that. John gets rated on each of my orgasms. An A is a four, a B three, a C is two, a D is one, and an F is zero. Just like in college. Anything below a C is immediate punishment.


Like what? gasped Renee, squirming.


Let me start at the top, Marsha explained. If he gets five As in a row he gets to throw the dice an extra time that week, and gets to choose which score he wants. If his grade point average for the week is below 3.0, he doesnt get to play at all. Individual grades below a C... Well, a D is fifteen minutes on the Torment setting, and an F is thirty minutes. Then he gets to perform again. He does so much better the second time.


Marsha looked at me, and I had to drop my eyes.


We havent had to do any of that for a while now, have we, slave?


No, Mistress, I whispered.


During formal training, we use the Eros big box, the 312B. It has more programs, 16 to be exact, more power, two separate channels, and more control over the intensity levels. It plugs into the jacks on his belt. Of course everything is fully waterproof.


Marsha smiled, John, move over so Renee can see your belt too, she commanded. Renees cool hands stroking my belt and inner thighs soon had me gasping, and shuddering. Then, suddenly, staring into my eyes, her hand shot between my legs, she reached up and grabbed my ass hard, digging her nails in. Sweat broke out on my face as I trembled. They all laughed.


Whats this pad on the front?, asked Renee.


Marsha smiled lazily. One of the first things we agreed to was that he never gets to put his cock in a pussy again. But sometimes a girl likes to have dicking, not just licking. When I want some screwing, I attach the dildo of my choice to the front of his belt, and we fuck, she laughed.





He gets everything but penile friction. Drives him crazy, but not being able to come makes him last a long time. I usually get about three orgasims before he wears out.


Id take a another male for that, breathed Renee. Make the slave watch. Maybe lick until Im ready, then clean up afterwards! Marsha smiled silently. Twirling a lock of her hair through her fingers, and gazed into my eyes. I knew how the mouse felt when hypnotised by the snake.


Is all this working? asked Nicola.


Absolutely, Marsha assured her. Were subsituting one behavior pattern for another. Transference its called. He now prefers to serve orally or anally rather than to use his cock. He gets excited when I put him on his knees, and he goes panting to paradise!


So, whispered Nicola, No more whips and chains?


Oh no, Marsha frowned, We both still like all of that. Another thing we agreed to was that my ownership marks would always be on his body somewhere. Show them you ass, Honey.


I turned so they could see the cane marks. Both girls were goggle eyed. Those are from a week ago. We refresh these frequently, and move the spot around. Next, I think, well do single tail work to the upper back


Id like to watch that, beamed Renee. A true sadist, I thought.


Marsha continued, During long sessions, I still like to use the crop to urge that tongue along. Everyone chuckled.


"Well John," said Marsha rising, "lets go to the playroom so the fun can begin."


As I entered the dungeon I was ordered to kneel in front of the red chair. This was once called a loving chair, but it now has been modified into a bondage/training device. The high seat, and adjustable back allows Mistress any number of positions in which to be served. Marsha locked my ankles to the bottom front legs while her friends cuffed my wrists to the upper, back seat posts. I was held in a kneeing position, arms extended under the seat, the chair bottom in front of me, slightly below the level of my chin. My excitment was growing already.


Mistress then greased, then inserted the bipolar butt plug. This way she could use two channels, with four contacts on my body. She plugged everything into the box, and made the settings. The belt started throbbing, electically stroking my cock head, balls, prostate, and asshole. I gasped. It was the Intense setting. She knew this one created an incredible urgency in me. I squirmed as my need built rapidly. This is one of the main tenets of my training. She used the electronics to get and keep me right on the edge of a cum, but totally denied while I had to serve her pleasure.


"So, who wants to go first?"


"Me, me!" exclaimed Nicola.


"Very well" replied Marsha. In the corner of my eye I could see Nicola pulling her skirt off and then stepping out of her panties. My heart was pounding in my head, I was overwhelmed with desire to rub my face in this pretty little things muff.


"Let me tell ya girls, I've trained him to be the best damn pussy licker in the West!


"John" Marsha said, "I want you to have a good time, but treat my friends right, after all the bragging Ive done about you."


"Yes Mistress," I replied. The spandex Batman hood, the one with the built in blindfold, was pulled down over my eyes. I then felt someone get on the seat, and little feminine feet sliding down past my head, soft thighs gripping my cheeks, I felt her wiggling down to place her cunt right in my face.


"Now eat that pussy!" Marsha demanded.


I opened my mouth, breathing in the sweet ecstasy. I felt a deep yearning in my encased loins, the electronic stimulatings adding to it and taking me to a state of sexual hysteria. I was panting, my whole body,every cell, wanting, needing to taste her. She was so turned on that her inner lips were almost rigid. I started with just the tip of my tongue, tracing the outer edges. She moaned. Up one side, down the other. Then reversing, and up that side, a tongue swirl around her clit, then down the other side. She was squirming and crying out. After a few minutes, I plunged in. I licked and sucked and devoured her delicious pussy, imagining what it looked like. The blindfolding hood made me zone in on her scent, and her taste. My mind is racing with erotic thoughts, my cock is pulsating in pleasure/torture, my mouth racing in her slipperiness. She came twice.


When she was satisfied, she got up, and said "Thanks.


Marsha came in, wiped my face and gave me a few sips of water. Then patted me on my ass.


A few minutes had passed as I knelt there in chains, my cock still throbbing away, my excitment at a fever pitch. I felt the seat move again.


Part Two "Ready for round two?" Marsha's friend Renee asked. Again soft fragrant thighs gripped my head, but then I leaned forward only to find that she had cupped her hand over her sex.


I want to hear you beg for it,Slave! Tell me how much you want my pussy. The next ten minutes or so, were thoroughly embarrassing. She laughed while I kissed her thighs and pleaded to taste her.


Finally, she granted my wish. I started again licking slowly, sucking , swallowing all of her female nectar. She was shaved, or maybe waxed, with just a little tuft at the top. She was really wet, and had a large clit.


Faster and deeper, Slave. This is for my pleasure not yours!


I dived in, going as hard and as fast as I could. She bucked and moaned, cursed and screamed, until she finally exploded in climax on my now exhausted tongue.


She got out of the chair, slapped my ass hard, "That's better Slave. I'll get Marsha now so we can check out this game she's been telling us about."


I waited patiently on my knees. I heard footsteps coming and my heart really started to pick up.


"Chastity Craps, my favorite game," Marsha giggled. "First lets take off poor John's hood so he knows he's not getting cheated."


"Well girls, here's how it works, there's the dice cup. His reward is based on the number we throw. Just like in Las Vegas, a 7 or an 11 he wins, and I'll jerk him off to an orgasm, while I do his ass with my strapon. She smiled, But I like to make it last as long as possible. Sometimes, like now, I could bring him off with a feather! They all giggled.


A 2, 3, or 12 is a miss, and he stays in the belt and gets punished.


What kind of punishment?, asked Renee, almost drooling.


Marsha explained. A 2 is a spanking or a paddling. A 3 is a full body flogging, and a 12... is Mistresss choice. Two weeks ago was a 12, and I had an inspiration. She smiled at me as I shivered in remembrance.


I cuffed him, wrists to ankles, gagged him, then really tortured him. I got out some single handed reading and my vibrator. He had to keep his head between my knees, staring at my puss. He could look but not touch, while I read and played with myself. Every once in a while Id rub my juicy cunt all over his face. If I caught him looking away, I zapped his balls. Have you ever seen a dog drool while looking at a steak it cant have? They all laughed. Poor John didnt get any puss that day.


Anyway,between 4 and 6, Marsha continued, The belt stays on and I fuck him in the ass with my strap-on, or a vibrator. A score of 8 to 10 and I unlock him and the perform what is called a milking.


Marsha shook the cup a long time, smiling, then spilled the dice out.


"EIGHT!" Nicola called out.


"Good, cause I really wanted to take a look at his cock, I love CBT," added Renee.


I'm still kneeling, chained to the chair. Marsha, first pulls out the butt ball, and the jack, then unlocks me, then leads me over to the kneeling table. This is a small 18 high table, on wheels, with a soft rubber top. I take a doggy style position on it, and am strapped to it by wrists, knees and ankles, held securely for what is to come. She puts a collar around my neck, and adjusts the strap, so my head is down, and I cant move at all. Marsha approaches with the key and a bucket of warm soapy water. She inserts the key and unlocks it. She removes the waistband. Pulling the penis tube away, my cock springs free.


"Wow " said Nicola. "It's so shriveled up."


"It's so cute! Oh, you keep him clean shaven!" exclaimed Renee.


Yes. Every three days we clean, shave and inspect. It keeps him more comfortable in the belt, and makes him a lot more sensitive. Let's wash him up first," said Marsha. The warm rag washes over my dick. Marsha pulls back my foreskin and scrubs it with the rag. "That's better, clean as a whistle."


"Its getting bigger" giggled Renee. I noticed she is holding a video camera with a big grin on her face.


I feel totally embarrassed and incredibly horny. I was enjoying all the attention my cock was getting.


"Okay girls look out its growing. Don't touch it! We don't want to set it off," instructed Marsha. "Its been so long for him that his cock will pop like a champaign bottle!"


My cock grew and grew. The skin felt so tight around it. It felt so great! My cock was free! It was so sensitive. "Please milk me dry Mistress, please", I begged Marsha. "Please help me out of my misery."


Nicola had knelt down looking at my cock. How about a blow job?, she snickered. She pursed her lips and from inches away, blew her warm breath up and down my cock and balls. I could feel every puff of air. I sobbed!


Do it again! Renee chortled from behind her camera. She did!


Thats a nice one, giggled Nicola, Too bad itll never be used again.


How do you think it would look with a big ring in it?asked Marsha.


Really? Youre going to have him pierced?


Im toying with the idea. After all, when the training is complete itll be a useless appendage. Im turned on by the thought of a large gold ring, 2-3 inches in diameter, 10, maybe 8 guage.


A Prince Albert?, breathed Renee


Maybe but, Im thinking more along the lines of a high, deep Ampallang. I get all juicy thinking about using his cock as a single bondage point. You know. when hes eating, Id padlock it to the bottom of the chair, or when Im punishing him Id lock it to a staple in the wall, or floor


I love it! squealed Nicola, Oh, the irony. Held there only by his cock, that hell never use again!


Get his tongue done too, Renee moaned, leaning back, eyes half shut, rubbing her mound, Theres nothing like a studded tongue in your cunt.


My cock was fully erect now, it started throbbing and bouncing on its own. I'm in a doggy-style position my cock is pointing at my face. Marsha spreads a towel under me.


"Well girls," Marsha said, "this is how you do it." She held a tube of K-Y jelly over my asshole and squeezed a big dollop out. She then put on a latex glove and started massaging the lube into my ass hole. "Hey Renee zoom in on this. Notice every time I penetrate his asshole with my middle finger his cock bounces." Marsha rambled as she worked, "God, I just love to tease a cock. Especially cocks loaded with lots of juice. Just remember girls don't touch that cock. It's too dangerous, he might just shoot."


I just knelt there submissively as Marsha forced both of her fingers into my ass. "Also, notice girls how loose his asshole is getting, just keep working it until it opens up and says ahhhhh." Marsha pulls her hand away from my ass. "Slave, Im going to use the vibrator this time so the girls can get a good view."


Marsha gets the tool from the toy chest, and began lubing it up. "You see girls, I'll fuck his cute little butt hole with this, massaging his prostate gland in the process. If you give it a good thorough massage you can make a man release his juices without an orgasm."


I watched in excitement as the curved vibe penetrated my ass. Slowly at first, and then faster with every stroke. "Tell me Johnnie, how does it feel to have a male pussy?" Marsha asked. "Oh, I love to fuck your male pussy. I love to fuck it until it gets all wet and slippery, like a cunt should be."


The other girls were now totally quiet as Marsha took the show over. She pillaged my ass with the machine for a good twenty minutes. I was breathing heavily, moaning, shivering, and begging her not to quit.


Then suddenly Marsha stopped said, "OK precious, all done," and the big vibe was pulled out of my quivering butt hole. My cock was dribbling pre cream onto the towel. She slipped her two fingers into my ass and gave my prostate a firm press.


Girls, glove up and feel this. They did, and I had the humiliation of their fingers up my ass too. See how engorged it is?


She worked her fingers in again, press, release, press, release, while she milked my hard on starting from the base and firmly up to the head.


Nicci, cup your hand under there and catch all of this, she said She continued working. My fluids were pouring out of me. Finally, one hard squeeze. It hurt, but it felt good at the same time. A big wad of fluid squished out onto the waiting hand. She kept pressing, and massaging my prostate until I was dry. Then she had Nicola hold her hand to my face for me to lick clean.


The ladies applauded and they all turned and left the room.


Drop in anytime, girls. I heard Marsha say, Hes addicted to pussy, and I know hed like you to come. They all laughed. I just knelt there gasping.


Eventually Marsha returned to belt me up and then uncuff me. "Okay baby, in another seven days hopefully you'll get lucky." She kissed me and told me how proud she was of me.


Renee gave you a B, and Nicola, an A minus. She smiled. Rene asked if I would flog you the next time you eat her. Doesnt that sound like fun? I shuddered. Dont worry, Ill go slowly. until she starts to cum. And Nicola has never used a strapon with a man. Involuntarily, my anal sphincter tightened, Perhaps while youre eating me.Hmmm?.Do you think you could stand that much pleasure?


I hope you like my friends, youre going to meet or should I say eat more of them


More of them? I asked incredulously.


Oh, yes, Darling She giggled, I might have to start keeping an appointment book for you. Possibly one or two guests everyday. More on Saturdays, they all want to see us roll the dice.


She laughed at the look on my face. Dont worry, slave. They will all be added into your weekly grade. Then, grabbing my face between her hands, looking into my eyes, solemnly, she hissed, Admit it! You loved being displayed. The humiliation, all the pussy, eating anyone I say! 


 I grasped, opening and closing my mouth like a fish out of water. I tried to look away, but she held my head firmly, eyes locked to mine. Then.slowly, turning every color in the rainbow, I nodded, finally able to get the words out,and whispered. Yes Mistress, It. it was very exciting. I liked it very much.


Good, she patted my cheek, Get used it. Until now weve only been training. This is your life from now on! she said.


"Now Slave," Marsha said, smiling, picking up a long crop, slapping it against her palm, and settling into the red chair, "It's my turn. First I have some golden wine to share with you, then I want to enjoy your tongue for at least an hour!