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Male chastity story - keyholder wife stories: Succesful Chastity
...Keeping us sexually satisfied is the gentleman's job; anywhere and anytime I say by any means that I demand. Because he cannot and does not experience the pleasure of an orgasm only means that you experience many more than ever before...


Keyholder wife story - male chastity stories: Sissy weekend
...My sissy saw to my every need this weekend: cooking, cleaning, serving Me. I love the sound of his high heels click-clacking on the kitchen floor as he scurries about. Yesterday I laced him into a corset for the entire afternoon and evening...


Male chastity story - keyholder wife stories: Consuela
..."An aroused husband is an obedient husband, and I think I've found a way to keep you continually horny"...At last she reached underneath me, gave the key a twist and pulled off the harness.... I was then ordered to lick the floor clean. For the first time I experienced the taste of my own come ...


Keyholder wife story - male chastity stories: Chastity for Richard
...I got to put my puny cock inside my beautiful Mistress. I had been introduced to the chastity belt about 3 months before...I hope you enjoy being locked up because I have decided to make this a permanent part of our lives. I really have enjoyed having you locked up...


Male chastity story - keyholder wife stories: The Groove
...She made me wait 24 days (I counted them) before the first release. She knew she was driving me crazy and seemed to relish it...After more teasing of this sort, Alexis unlocked the lock and slowly removed chastity device...I was never, ever allowed to touch my cock...


Keyholder - male chastity movies


Chastity keyholder

To me the qualities for a good key-holder would be a caring, loving, self confident heterosexual woman able to plan ahead & improvise when necessary, since, The best planed lays, seem to happen even less often than, The best laid plans. She'd be very strict & demanding. While being fairly even handed about enforcement of her rules, she'd enjoy enforcing them. She'd enjoy my sexual frustration as much or more than her sexual pleasure.


Firm, loving, playfully sadistic...confident...


Playful, a big tease, and strict.


Caring, strict but reasonable, imaginative.


The most important thing about a keyholder is finding someone who will enjoy holding the keys as much as you enjoy wearing the device.


Sense of fun along with desire to forced chastity at her whim. My keyholder is sort of ambivalent about it, and doesn't force me to wear it. When she unlocks me for sex, she does not insist that I re-install it. I think I desire for her to really enforce my chastity, letting me out "when I've been good" and after attending to her sexually. I fantasize about being locked up in a heavy-duty belt with her the only source of my sexual pleasure, and with her teasing me unmercifully constantly.


Strict & teasing but caring enough to release when painful.


Able to judge the mood for fun or pain. Confident and strict at times, fun and loving at times. I get more fun when my partner is strict and does not unlock me. I enjoy her to be caring and unlock me at night. In return for her caring nature I lock myself back up first thing in the morning so trust is important too.

Caring, loving, reasonable (as to long term wearing, not just fulfilling fantasies).


Firm & demanding while enjoying the control.


Caring but yet teasing. Tugs and hugs do wonders, and most important always be loving.  Listen to wearer needs, but don't give into all of their wants.


A good keyholder does not succumb to the pressure of allowing release. The best part of being chastized is to be denied over and over. Also, a good keyholder is an incredible tease, pushing every button that makes you hot while denying what you so much want. They should also be the best at reminding you of the power and control they have over you.


My Wife is loving and firm in Her choice. She decides when and where I'm released.


Firm, strict (has to be when the begging starts!)



Tease and denial are crucial. She/he must be strict but with a sense of reality when the shit hits the fan and real troubles occurs.


Teasing, constant teasing without orgasm. It raises and prolongs sexual levels and feelings unbelievably


Understanding the needs of the wearer. Some wearers need to keep pure thoughts and not think on sex; others want to be horny and teased all the time.


Enforcing the terms of the contract. If the wearer agreed to a certain period and there is no physical reason for release, then there should be no release.

Strict mistress with out qualms and immune to pleading


My Mistress Wife is firm and my sole purpose in life is her pleasure. My rewards are always at Her discretion.


Above all the most important thing about my lovely keyholder is that she is both playful and caring