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Virgin husband - chastity belt story 9
...The rules were quite simple. I was to strip naked whenever in her presence. I was allowed to become hard, but never to orgasm without her express permission. All my orgasms were to be supervised by her. If she suspected that I masturbated she told me she would refuse to see me again...


Chastity belt story 10 -  Blackmailed
...Josh now wears a special CB-2000 hybrid that I had custom-made for him. It is constructed out of light weight titanium, and has a locking device attached to the cage instead of a padlock...I demand that Josh lick me to numerous orgasms every night, and I will often wake him up in the morning by sitting on his face before getting ready for work....


Chastity belt story 11 - Why I love chastity
...It makes me treat Her better. I'm more attentive and considerate. I want to help Her with more tasks around the house. I'm more appreciative of what kindness She shows toward me. She looks sexier to me. I want to please Her....


Chastity belt story 12 -  Chastity belt fuck
...Lisa then started fiddling with my chastity belt I instantly got very excited, at least my spirits rose. I slowly realized that she wasn't removing my belt but adding something over it. She finished whatever she was doing and stood up, softly running her hands up my sides...


Dominant wife - chastity belt story 13
....Now though, the pressure of all that semen trapped in my genitals was making me as desperately horny as before, but my penis was out still of reach, locked in the chastity device.....


Chastity belt story 14 - New chastity life
...Mistress was in a rough mood and the sudden thrust forced a scream from his lips. She bent over him "24 lashes for that you noisy little wanker!"....


Chastity belt story 15 - She owns him - dominant wife story
..."If you choose to be my husband you will spend your life keeping me happy. You will wear chastity belt constantly, only being freed when I think it best for you or when I want."...


Chastity belt stories 16 - Chastity and humiliation - dominant wife story
...You will be required to wear a chastity devise locked onto your penis seven days a week, twenty-four hours a day. This is to ensure me of your fidelity. I will hold the key to your devise. If you so much as try to tamper with it I will file for divorce at once. ...


Chastity belt story 17 - Should not I get to come
...Her husband, just a kitchen-boy at his own party. Marguerite ignored him. "Hands behind your back, please." As I obeyed, she reached out and began stroking me."Poor thing..God, it's a horny cock."


Chastity belt story 18 - Husband and CB2000
...I knew he was thinking I was a total bitch,, but he wouldn't dare say it. I loved it. Just for kicks, I rubbed his balls for the next 20 minutes (which are conveniently left open by the CB2000) just to frustrate him....


Dominant wife - chastity belt story 19 - My wife's slave
...When my wife allows me to engage in sexual acts with her, it is only for her pleasure, and she continually reminds me of this. She holds the key to my CB-3000 chastity device, which I am required to wear 24/7, only allowing me to remove it to shower...


Chastity belt story 20 - Strict constrictions - dominant wife story
...I leave him in the chastity device usually, but sometimes I free him to try to dry-hump the air. It's harder to aim and colelct that way, however, so this is very rare....


A threesome with Kali - chastity belt story 21
...We have a rule, that his hands and cock are never free at the same time. I'd be removing his CB3000 and replacing it with Kali, and I didn't want any mishaps while he was loose...


True tease and denial - chastity belt story 22
....I remove his CB and tell him to hold his cock. I sit on the sofa, remove my shoes and dangle my bare feet over and on his face. Then, when I tell him to and not before, he is allowed to wank....I like to have him tease himself sometimes....