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Real chastity stories - Male Chastity stories







My Wife unlocked me on Sunday night and we made love. She allowed me a night without the CB3000 (so I avoided the 'glory' at least!!!) and then ensured that I re-locked myself first thing on Monday morning.


I must say that, as a masturbation deterrent, the CB3000 is an EXCELLENT device! The only times I have cum since using it on myself is by making love with my Wife. No quickies off the wrist for me any more!


My Wife has also further embraced me using the CB. Although She has yet to lock me in Herself, She inspects me every time I 'dress' myself (after we have made love) to ensure that the 'hamster' is safely tucked away. She has also embraced keyholding! One of the MasterLock keys is in Her direct position and the other has been put in a 'safe' place should it be needed in an emergency.



I feel increasingly proud to be chaste for my Wife! She is also much more comfortable in the knowledge that I am no longer masturbating. My fantasy energy is directed at Her alone! I also feel REALLY fulfilled after we make love! The release is MUCH more pleasurable (and voluminous as well!!). And, in turn, I am being more attentive to my Wife's pleasure. Foreplay is increasingly longer and more pleasurable for both of us and I really do try harder during sex to ensure that my Wife is enjoying herself!


We may be entering a very intersting time ahead though....


My Wife has hurt her heel and I suspect that She has damaged Her Achilles tendon. If this is confirmed by a visit to the doctor on Thursday, one of the possibilities She faces is six (6) months in a cast! I will REALLY have to attend to Her needs then and intercourse may well be off the agenda for a while! So I really might experience extended chastity sooner rather than later!!


However, my upmost concern is for my Wife's health, and I really hope that She will be OK....




Her slut


Male chastity real life








My Mistress Just Left,  and I'm a little bummed.


She just graduated college and moved back home to start her job and I'm still here in Chicago. Now I'm seeking the humilation that I thought I couldn't wait to end. Here's how she kept me cuckolded.


I started first as her sissy that she would keep in panties. She would still have sex with me until I was caught doing several naughty things with her and my other roomates panties. Then she brought home the chastity tube the butt plugs and the strap on.


I was addicted to her so I agreed to be in the tube, plugged and pantied. She would often set up dates and have sex with them while I was forced to watch in my room via webcam unkown to the men. Then the next morning I would be forced to pleasure her orally then if I did well I would get fucked with the strap on. She would remove my tube, would pull my panties to the side, remove my plug then do me until I shot my sissy load in my panties. Then I would have to use the panties as a gag as she spanked me, whipped me, and continued to fuck me until I cried horribly.


Then 3 months into that humilation I was told I was pathetic and a Sissy Baby. I was then forced to wear dispoable diapers and locking plastic panties all the time, she would unlock me three times a day to use the restroom and change my diapers myself. I was often wet. I was still plugged and tubed and still forced to watch her. The only difference was if I was naughty I was forced to wear the diaper all day.


But now shes gone and she took everything with her. I find myself craving my plugs and being humilated. I bought myself diapers and panties and maybe I'll buy myself a plug...I just wish i had someone to cuckold me, tease me, use me, and humilate me. Interested? I'm young 26 and cute. My email is


Sissy baby






i have been a cuck since our wedding night when (after i passed out from over-drinking) my Mistress locked me into a cb2000. It's been hard for me to adjust but i must serve my Queen and so i work hard. my Queen demanded i quit my job and stay home to clean and cook. Now i am being slowly feminized and have sucked my first cock. my Mistress has been screwing my ass with her strap-on and tonight i will be fucked by her black lover. This will be the first time a guy has fucked me and i am scared. If i refuse i will be flogged and denied any sexual release for months.




When mt wide first denied me any sexual contact with her except via my mouth, and had a very young black stud with a huge cock move into our bedroom, she put me in the guest room down the hall. She already had me eating cream pies, wearing panties 24/7, and squatting to pee whenever a black man was in the house. When she moved me into the guest bedroom (with the doors open clearly in hearing range of their lovemaking), she said that since I had a tiny, little boy's penis, was a premature ejaculator, sometimes 9or, according to her, often) had problems even getting or maintaining an erection, and preferred to masturbate to IR/cuckold porn or watching her have sex than to make love to an actual woman (her), that sexually at least, I was an infant. Which was part of why she was denying me any sexual priviledges, saying that to have sex with me was tantamount to pedophilia.


So she decorated the room as a nursery, and at night, when she had black lover over, put me in a crib, in diapers, and warned me against making "number three in my diaper" without her permission while she was busy with her big, grown up men friends. I'd have to lay there. listening to the intense sounds of there lovemaking which went on for hours, without masturbating, at least to orgasm.


Afterwards, she'd come into the room, turn on the light, open my diaper and examineme for soigns of having done "number three." If I had, she'd give me a bare bottomed over the knee spanking, with a hairbrush, often calling her lover(s) in to help and/or watch. I'd have to stand in the corner afterwards, facing the wall, bottom cheeks burning bright red, sobbing, in what used to be our bedroom while she fucked again.


If, on the other hand, she found no evidence of number three, she straddle my head, and let me eat her creampie, vaginally and anally. When I had satisfied her, she'd give me a quick hand job (always wearing the plastic glove). These orgasms were unbelievable.


I can tell you the routine worked effectively and quickly to train me to control my orgasm for her, and I haven't had to wear panties for over seven months.




One of the most powerful humiliations I have performed was making the cuck ask me to seed his wife and then use him as my assistant in the process.


We used to time temperature gadget to predict sluts fertile time so when the wand went green cuck was to call me and say it's time. I have my own small costruction co. so it's easy to break away.


When I arive cuck is to be lying on his back on the bed with my slut doggie style over him , cunt over face. He is to be licking her while waiting for my arrival. I come over to the bed, unhitch my overalls down to my knees and he is to gently pull down my boxers. Erect I move in close to sluts cunt, reach down and pull back the forskin and cuck is to use his tonge to lubricate head and shaft. Cuck then uses two fingers to part sluts cunt and his other hand to hold my cock to sluts cunt.


" Master I respecfully request the honor of having seed my wife"


I then give slut the pounding of her life will cuck attendes to her clit, my shaft and my balls.


Now here is the great part. I'm a strong, high volume cummer, generally 4 to5 good jets with some after dribble. After 3 good jets in slut I pull out and spray the remaining on cuck face, nose and in his open and waiting mouth. Cuck then thanks me for doing his job pulls up my boxers, I snap on the overalls and depart never saying a word to either of them. I finish out sluts monthly cycle getting blow jobs and ass fucking so if she takes we all know when it happened and with shared cum.



Total crusher, cuck became my cock boy after that, voluntarily wore panties and keeps his head and eyes down at all times in my presence.


The feeling of power is unbelieveable !




I like to lick the crotch clean from my wifes panties after she returns from a date ,she usually just tells me to come into the bedroom and pull her panties down and then i look to see how much is in them and start licking .


after doing her panties i begin to lick her pussy clean when she straddles my face , i'm really over joyed when after cleaning out her pussy she informs me that i'm not through yet and slides ahead a bit so i can suck another load out of her sweet little butthole mmmmmm .i can never wait till the next time she goes out on a date ..............








I guess I am still struggling with being cuckold. My wife has only allowed me to see her with other men twice, once I was home when she brought her lover Mark home and proceeded to show me his (in her words) "wonderful thick 8 inch cock". They went into our bedroom and I wasn't allowed in.


The second time was this past New Years Eve, we went to a party where I later found out was a gang bang. All Cassandra's (my wife) friends know I am only 4" erect (actually under 4 inches totally erect). I saw Cassandra with several men that night, and the first time I actually saw (was looking from another room) I saw my wife with a guy that must have had at least a 9 inch cock. I was numb as I saw them from a distance. But during his fucking of my wife I saw his HUGE cock being thrusted deeper and deeper into her (she LOUDLY was encouraging him). 


I KNOW NOW that a 4" erection isn't going to satisfy any woman. And I know that Cas should have someone who can satisfy her as a woman. My wife has told me that I am "officially" sexless. I can masturbate but nothing else.


I am usually humiliated by my wife's friends, esp her girl friends who tell everybody about my little dick. I am regularly called "dickless" when I answer the phone.

I am SLOWLY getting use to being cuckold.





I asked my Mistress what She thinks of what kind of cuckold i am.


First of all i am a sissy cuckold! My Mistress knew that i had crossdressing desires yet before we were married. As soon as i had moved in at Her place She started feminizing me and now it is impossible to consider myself as a man. She really enjoys to show me off to Her lover and makes me serve them being made up as a total sissy.


Secondly i am a chastity cuckold as Mistress has locked me up in a Neosteel chastity belt in the night of our marriage. Of course i knew this would happen as i have been fitted for the belt in advance. Although the belt must be opened frequently for cleaning purposes i am denied of orgasms since i have been locked up the first time. Yes, i had a few "accidents" during night times and i know that my Mistress is considering to put me on hormones so these "accidents" will stop, too.


Mistress would have liked to see me sucking Her lovers huge cock but he says that he isn't keen to let a sissy fag like me so close to his jewels. Just recently he suggest to find another sissy for me to make love to. So far it didn't happen but once an idea has fixed in the mind of my Mistress She will make it for real. At first i was a bit afraid of being forced to suck another sissy's clitty but more and more i feel excited by the thought and right now my useless clitty is getting stiff inside my steel belt.


sissy anne





My Mistress wife has locked me up in a Neosteel chastity belt nearly 24/7. We had the belt fitted in Germany nearly 4 years ago. Although the belt is opened frequently for cleaning purposes i am denied any touching as i am in bondage for the cleanings. i am allowed orgasms but they are very infrequent.


My sex activity consists mainly of internet surfing, touching and licking my wife's body and observing her having sex with younger, harder males and on a more frequent basis women.


During her sessions i am more like a pet dog while in the room--i can do what i wish, but since i am locked in chastity i can only touch my nipples and the sides of my balls. Also since the neosteel has a wire in the back i can anally stimulate myself to my hearts content.

i must serve her male lovers as a maid, but i cannot touch them, or they me--but i do get to service her female lovers.



I am a chastity cuckold. When first started dating my future Wife/Mistress, I agreed to give her complete control of my penis. I still have to ask her permission to pee.


As far as the cuckolding part, I do participate when she takes a lover. We work in the same hospital, and I know some of her lovers on a professional level. However, I am not allowed to make any indication to any of her lovers that I know. It's very humiliating, so I am also a humiliation cuckold.





My Mistress (KH) promised me a relieve by wanking if I would forfill 1 more wish: I had to suck cock of 1 of her friends.

It was the most humiliating experience in my life.

For abt 15 minutes this guy was fucking my mouth, then he released all his cum, and left without giving me a glimpse.

As promised I was released and started wanking, to my surprise I came within 1 minute.



Having a sissy learn to suck cock is a good part of sissy training. I insist that my sissy fluff my lovers and lick them clean afterwards. At first, my sissy balked and complained. I cured such nonsense with severe strappings. Now sissy routinely sucks cock on my command and there is no complaining of any kind.




A good idea for Mistresses is to have her sissy in his little cock cage for a month or so, not allowing him any kind of orgasm.

By that time he is so horny for an orgasm he has to beg to be allowed to suck her lover off about a half hour after a lengthy lovemaking session by them. And of course after he has licked both of them clean of that session.

The sissy would be allowed to jerk off into his hand and lick up his own cum in front of them only if he can get her lover to cum again so soon after their session.

It is funny to watch him give her lover a great blowjob so that he can earn his own orgasm.





It's funny to look back at something that happened over 16 years ago.


Becoming a cockold and eventually sucking her lovers cock took a long time to develope, I can not remember who's idea it really was now.


First off I must say I am not gay, but must say that with my wife watching it was very exciting, along with the fact that whenever I did it I had not cum for days or weeks and was very horny.

Once my wife took on a lover I was no longer allowed to make love to her. I was only able to jerk off, usually with my legs thrown over my head and cuming in my mouth while she massaged my balls and making sure I caught every drop.


Anyway, once I was included in their lovemaking, I learned to enjoy giving her lover blowjobs and loving it when he came in my mouth. He loved it also. Eventually my wife actually became jealous because she caught me giving him a blowjob one time while she was getting ready for their date.

She got pissed at the both of us and told him why don't the both of us just go out, and went off by herself.

After that incident, I was no longer included while they made love.

I only was able, sometimes, to lick her pussy clean after they made love.


I think their affair ended about 6 months later and here I am now still happily married to my wife.