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Dominant wife and CB2000 - Dominant wife story - CB2000 story




Submitted by: Mrs. Bruno

I had just about enough of my husband Josh. We've been married fifteen years, and our relationship has spiraled downhill in the last five. He was self-centered, inconsiderate, sloppy, and overweight. He also drank too much. I could have handled all of the above, if it wasn't for the fact that he was also a terrible lover. Josh was rarely interested in sex, at least with me as I later found out. When we did do it, it was wham bam thank you ma'm, and then off to sleep. I couldn't count the number of nights that I lay awake sexually frustrated, my crotch leaking his spunk onto my nightgown and bed sheets. He wouldn't acknowledge any of my concerns, and he refused to go to counseling. I was seriously considering divorce, when I discovered something that would ultimately make life wonderful again - at least for me.

Six months ago, I happened to throw away the "his and her" clothes hampers we had been using for as long as I can recall, replacing them with one larger one that I could easily move from our walk-in closet to the laundry room. After getting home from work one evening, I went upstairs to retrieve the laundry. My husband is somewhat of a successful writer, so he works out of the house for the most part. But he never does the wash during the day, so it was always left for me to do at night. It was then that I noticed my panties from the day before sitting atop the pile in the hamper, under Josh's and my other clothes.

I thought about the night before: stripping, taking a bath, and going to bed, and I distinctly remembered putting my clothes in the hamper. Josh was at one of his weekly nights out with his buddies. The next morning, I remembered seeing Josh's clothes scattered about the closet floor, as usual, and recalled placing them in the hamper, covering my clothes. He must have, at some point during the day, taken my panties out of the bottom of the hamper and placed them on top. Josh knows that I run three miles before going to bed every evening. I had worn these panties all day at work, and while running, so they were extremely worn.

Then it hit me right between the eyes. My husband had a panty fetish. I always had a suspicion that he masturbated, but I was now convinced that he was doing it with my worn panties. Josh's novels were always about macho men saving the world. Imagine what his readership would think if they knew about his secret kink. I was betting that he would do anything to make sure they didn't find out. So I began to devise a scheme to blackmail my husband. I had to have evidence, and then I had to figure out what I was going to do with it once I had it.

I began doing internet searches on the word "masturbate" and was quite surprised at the number of chastity sites that the links brought me to. I had never heard of such a thing. A device that locked up my husband's cock and gave control of his release to me. Getting him to do anything I wanted just by limiting his orgasms. No more worrying about a possible affair with one of his fans. This was exactly what I was looking for. But the more stories and testimonies I read, the more turned on I got. I don't know if it was a revenge factor or not, but the idea of teasing, frustrating, and denying my husband while using him for as much pleasure as I desired made me extremely horny. It seemed only right after the frustration he has caused me for so long. I couldn't wait to get started.

Our bedroom has bookshelves directly across from the master bed, holding a number of books and other large items. I waited until Josh's next boys' night out before hiding the movie camera on the bookshelf. By testing it earlier in the week, I knew the proper placement and zoom setting to get a good picture of Josh on our bed. I was hoping that my husband's rendezvous with my panties occurred in the early morning after I left for work, since I only had two hours of battery life. The last thing I did before leaving the next morning was to hit the camera's on button while listening to the sounds of Josh's snoring. That evening I found the camera right where I left it, hoping that my first attempt at blackmail was successful.

Josh did not disappoint me; he put on a show that was too kinky to be true. My husband was sniffing away at my panties that he had pulled over his head while stroking his cock with a slip that he took out of my lingerie drawer. The picture was very clear, and it was quite obvious that Josh was adjusting the crotch of my panties over his nose so that he was alternating between the scents of my pussy and my ass. At one point, he even began holding the toes of a used pair of stockings over his face and slowly let them drop over his nose. He was moaning throughout all of this, and it finally resulted in a loud grunt as he pumped his load into my slip. And then came the grand finale! After a few minutes of calming down, Josh unwrapped his cock, brought the slip up to his face, and began licking his cum from my lingerie. I couldn't believe I had all this on tape, and it was perfect for what I wanted to do.

Within twenty-four hours I had made several copies of the tape and deposited them in well-thought out places. The following evening, I suggested to Josh that we watch a video that I thought he would enjoy. Josh sat on the couch with a shocked look on his face as the movie played out in front of him. I added some smart-ass narration throughout the course of the video, and even stood up and applauded at the end. I then explained to him that I was sick and tired of the way he treated me. Unless he wanted copies of this video on the internet, he was going to do everything I said in order to change his attitude. He sat quietly and listened to my every word.

Josh now wears a special CB-2000 hybrid that I had custom-made for him. It is constructed out of light weight titanium, and has a locking device attached to the cage instead of a padlock. No part of this CB can be cut with a hacksaw. The only breakable part is a small chain bracelet that I use to prevent him from pulling out of the cage. I wrap the chain around Josh's cock head, loop it through the front of the cage, and attach it back to the loop on the underside of his penis using the bracelet clasp. This was my grandmother's bracelet, so Josh knows that I am extremely fond of it. If he was to cut and ruin it, I told him I would ruin his career. If he somehow managed to unclasp it, which would be pretty difficult while the cage was locked on, there was no way he could re-clasp it, so I would eventually find out what he had done.

My husband's masturbation habit was more extreme than I imagined. Within three days of being locked up for the first time, he was begging for release, confessing to getting himself off daily. He explained that it helped him avoid porn sites while he was trying to write. My immediate reaction was to install internet monitoring software on his computer, so that I could tell if he had been wasting time instead of writing. He is now forbidden to look at computer porn. I no longer need to use the threat of exposing the video. I just add extra days before his next orgasm if he does anything he is not supposed to. It's amazing how obedient this makes him.

What is also amazing is how much he has changed since being locked up. He no longer goes out with his buddies on a weekly basis (not my idea) and he only drinks when I do, which is an occasional glass of wine. He is always polite to me. He cleans up after both of us, makes the bed, cleans the dishes, vacuums and does the wash, all without being asked. I even signed him up at a health club, where he exercises daily. Sometimes I start feeling sorry for him after everything that he does for me now. But then I remember the five years of frustration that he put me through, and continue with my plan for at least five years of selfish behavior on my part.

And I can be extremely selfish when it comes to sex. I demand that Josh lick me to numerous orgasms every night, and I will often wake him up in the morning by sitting on his face before getting ready for work. As I now know how much he enjoys both of my holes, I often order him to tongue my ass. I constantly remind him that he can no longer cum without me unlocking him, and I continually frustrate him by squeezing his nipples, flashing him bare tit and pussy, and kissing him passionately whenever I have the opportunity.

I get especially turned on by using his fetishes to get him even more frustrated. On special nights after my three mile run, I will peel off my panties in his full view while he is lying on our bed, and remind him how he used to sniff them while jerking off. Then I'll hold them over his nose and comment on how the different sections of the crotch have different aromas, asking him which one he likes best. I'll even tell him that he is welcome to sniff my worn panties any time he desires, now that he cannot jerk off while doing it. His cock is always straining against the cage at this point. Then I'll ride his face with my sweaty ass and crotch and cum over and over again, only to dismount him, kiss him passionately, and remind him that he is not to wash off my scent until morning. It takes a while for him to settle down after one of these treatments.

If Josh has been a good boy, I will usually let him cum once every two weeks. After securing him to the bedposts, I make sure that he has been teased thoroughly for at least an hour before sliding his cock into me. It doesn't take him long to orgasm, and after the long wait, it's always a huge load. I immediately hover my pussy over his face, flex my crotch muscles, and let his cum drip out. Reminding him how much he loves to eat it, I tell him that he is too catch every drop in his mouth or it will be another three weeks before he gets another orgasm. He never disappoints me.

Other times, Josh will be naked and handcuffed on the floor, lying on his back parallel to the couch, as I use his body as a footrest while watching television. I wear a special pair of stockings that I had been running in for several days (under my sweat socks) that are extremely pungent by this time. I continually caress his body with my feet, alternating for longer periods between his face and his penis. I put enough friction on the tender bud on the underside of his cock to keep him on edge, but not enough to push him over. After several hours of this, my husband will be so pent up in sexual frustration, that it takes very little solid footing on his cock to make him cum. His orgasm always shoots a hefty load that I try to have land on my feet. Of course he is required to lick it all off once he is reminded again of what he did on the video.

Unfortunately like most men, Josh's attitude changes after orgasm. He is always secured so I can easily lock him back up afterward. I usually let him alone for a day or two, but he's usually horny again after that time. And then the process begins again. If I had known how great my life would have been, my husband's cock would have been locked up a long time ago. I highly recommend it for all women who want to be treated like a queen.