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Chastity belt story


Ass chastity


- husband locked in chastity belt while wife has lover -







My wife (Sandy) and I have been living cuckoold lifestyle for most of our lives. She started cucking me when we were in our late teens. We are currently in our late 40s although no one believes us; well at least that she is that old. Most people think she is in her mid 30s at the most.


Sandy is one of the most gorgeous women inside and out that anyone could hope to meet let alone be married to.


Sandy has been seeing her boyfriend (Bill) along with many other men for over 6 years now. At last count over 50 but she truly is in love with Bill and currently they have decided that she will be solely his.


The 3 of us chat allot on IM and he always talks about taking her ass. Bill told me that that was his favorite thing to do with married wives. I told him Sandy did not like anal play and had problems in the past.As a matter of fact almost all the men she has seen always lick her ass until she stops them - including Bill.


One day as we were heading to a party, she let it slip that she was thinking of letting Bill take her ass cherry. Well to say the least I was shocked, jealous but excited. I didn't make a comment back to her knowing all it would do was cause doubt for her.


The very next day I wrote Bill and told him what she said. He laughed and said yes he has been finger fucking her ass for a while now and even though she doesn't like to admit it, that she really cums hard when he does. He said it didn't surprise him that she wanted to take it further.


I was speechless, I could not believe Sandy was actually letting him do that to her and she had not said a thing to me. She likes to tell me how great a lover he is and that no one and she means no one, makes her cum like he does. She doesn't go into great detail about their love making but makes sure that I know that no one is like him.


Bill told me he was going to take her virgin ass and she was going to love it. Then he dropped the bomb on me, he said he felt a little weird saying this but that he had strong feelings for Sandy. I told him that Sandy had more than strong feelings for him but she always has been a 2 man women. She loves the way things are right now, having a faithful husband and a sexy hot boyfriend. He said well this was strange for him but he was going to say it anyway even though I was her husband, he said he has falling in love with her. I felt the deepest tugging in the bottom of my stomach. I was definitely shocked and no not in any way turned on by what he just told me. I really can't explain the feeling all I can say was I felt alone.


Bill said that after he took her virgin ass that he was going to ask her to go solo with him. He said Sandy is by far the hottest and most sexy women he had ever been with. He said at this time he had no intention of leaving his wife but once the kids are grown more he could not guarantee he wouldn't ask Sandy to marry him.


What the hell I am supposed to say to that? All I could say was "really"

He said yes and knew that Sandy would say yes if he asked her today. Talk about putting me in my place.


So last Thursday, Bill IMed me and told me he wanted Sandy on Friday, asked if we were going to be busy. I told him no, he said good because he was going to take her virginity.

I was hard instantly. He asked if there was anything I wanted knowing of course I would want to see the pics, so I told him yes I would love to see pics and if he didn't mind I would send the camcorder with her and he could film it. He said no, he had thought long and hard before telling me and said that it was going to be too intimate and emotional for both of them and didn't want anyone to watch that.

I almost came.


Friday morning arrived and Sandy told me she was going not to be home tonight she was heading out with Bill. She would be home in the Saturday morning and I was to put my chastity cage on as soon as I got out of the shower. She laughed and said no stroking it tonight while I am with my lover. She loves teasing me that way. I asked if Bill was going to play with her ass and she said if I am in the mood, yes he probably will lick and finger it.


I asked if she would take our camera and have him take a few pics she smiled and said sure. Sandy looked at my hard cock and said you better take a cold shower if you're going to get that cage on. Laughed and walked out of the room.


I was in agony all day. I knew Bill was going to take her virginity, I knew Sandy knew he was but wouldn't tell me. It was one hell of a day.


When I got home, I had to drink a few cocktails so I could relax hoping I could fall asleep later.


I woke up more than a few times with pain from the cage. Around 7 am I heard Sandy come home. She came right up to my side of the bed with a big smile and was holding the camera out for me. She said take a look at these. The first 2 shots were her sucking his cock on her knees looking up and him with the look that only meant she loved him. There is no other look than that. You could see in her eyes just how much she really is in love with him.


She said keep going, the next few were him fingering her ass, then it happened the next half dozen was him taking her virgin ass. At first she was on her hands and knees the next couple were her sitting on top of him, I asked how long did he fuck your ass, she said long enough and smiled. He had to keep stopping and switching positions so he wouldn't cum. The last few were her on her back with close ups of his cock in her ass and her pussy so swollen it was amazing. She looked at me with that ?see I told you so' look and said what did I expect? She loves Bill and he wanted it so she let him take it. She said he pounded her ass so hard she just loved it. I asked her if she would do it again and she said if Bill wants it he gets it.


I asked where he came and she smiled and said look. She turned around spread her cheeks and said deep in my ass now start licking. She has never liked me licking her ass before so needless to say I did not hesitate. Instantly I knew she was not lying. She stopped me and got up on the bed and straddled my head, slowly she lowered her ass onto my mouth and just let all her weight fall on me. I know it had been last night when he came but I could still taste his cum.


My cock hurt so bad being caged and licking her now none virgin ass. As I licked she did her usual slapping and pulling on my balls, she loves doing that. While she was grinding on my tongue she said she didn't even bother to wipe his cum off her ass during the night, and that almost as soon as he shot his big hot load in her ass, they just collapsed and fell asleep. She said she woke up a few times during the night and one time she could feel his cum finally leaking out and it felt so hot and sexy she just couldn't bring her self to getting up and wiping it off.


It took her about 5 minutes of me licking her ass before she climaxed. I was amazed how quick that was she said she was so turned on by what happened and what was happening.


Once she rolled off and lay down, I asked how long they had sex not just anal sex and she said it must have been at least an hour and a half. She said he fingered her ass and G spot until she could not cum any more she was too tender then she returned the favor sucking and fingering his ass. "Fucking amazing" was all I could say. She never told me anything like that before as a matter of fact she had always said there was no way she would finger some a guys ass, that that was ing. She understands guys like it since they have prostates it feels good to them. but she was never going to do that. So yet again she shocked the hell out of me.


She truly must be in love with Bill to do all that she did. There is no other explanation.


Just before she fell asleep again she said I love my bitch husband and my boyfriend, kissed me and said I hope you enjoyed it, then fell asleep.